Looking For Planet Nibiru

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The planet Nibiru would it just be a dream? And Dr. Sitchin, a crank? We shall see!


According to Zecharia Sitchin, our solar system has an unknown planet, Planet X or Nibiru, whose revolution follows a highly eccentric ellipse that brings it back to the ecliptic plane every three thousand years. Its imminent return could cause serious damage, like it happened in the past.


A god Annuna of Ki, that is to say of EarthThe Anunna regularly visit the planet earth, which they call Ki, and which they consider their property because they terraformed it from time immemorial. That is why those of them who stayed on our ground were called the Anunna of Ki, the Anunnaki. They consider themselves the legitimate owners of all the rest, which we would be only transitional tenants. According to Sitchin, the Anunna came to Earth to find gold. They will come back for gold again. What the hell are they doing with all that gold ?


A Golden Dress For Their Goddess

They must disseminate a large quantity of gold in the atmosphere of their planet to create artificial light and heat. Because their planet stays for thousands of years in a region of space devoid of star, in an eccentric ellipse with two foci, one being our sun, and the other a hypothetical black hole located at a great distance. That is why Nibiru does come back on our side only at very long intervals. The rest of the time, it travels through a dark and cold space.


By dint of astronomical observations, men will learn to distinguish the true from the false. Provided that they look in the right direction.


To remedy this, the Anunna captured light and heat in a sort of ionospheric net consisting of myriads of particles of pure gold, which replace the glow and warmth of a star. That is why their favouyrite goddess i.e. their planet itself is said to wear a golden dress. Each time they go through our system, they capture a large quantity of gold which is vital for them, thanks to its exceptional conductivity. Say they come back with pleasure to reap the benefits of a work undertaken for many years, and enjoy the wonders of a world they have builtterraformed is the science-fiction term with jealous care. In fact they are at home here. 


Dr. Zecharia Sitchin has built a pretty celebrity with what could be just a fairy tale.It looks like a nightmare and the reactions of some astronomers still make it worse. "Planet X is a reality, consistent with what Sitchin describes about the Sumerians. For almost a century, astronomers have shown a keen interest in this phenomenon. They call it "the irruption of an intruder," which seems to come and go from age to age. They deduced its presence of disturbances and of the effects on the orbits of other planets in the solar system.


They therefore know its existence for some time, but they have never made it public. This happened in the early 80s." (Source)Sergeant Major Bob Dean, retired from U.S. Army, and ufologist, in Nexus No. 60, pages 58 ff A slight doubt intrudes. ALL astronomers would know something so huge for thirty years, and ALL astronomers, by mutual agreement, would have kept total silence? We can hardly believe it. Outside the army, the church or espionage, conspiracy can not work.


Apparently, the confirmation of Nibiru's existence exists only in Sitchin's dreams. However new facts gave a push to the case ...