Like the Bible, Greek mythology tells us that the first men, those of the Golden Race, were giants. Their lives were like them: endless. Titans lived thousands of years and measured 11 meters, the height of a Parisian building.

The golden men were androgynous; they were practising all sorts of sexual games, but did not reproduce ‘through natural’, as doctors say.

The golden race was born from genetic manipulations, with help of clay, a particular matter, which served as a catalist. The golden race came to the world under adult form, through cloning.Effectively, for Hesiode, they sprang from the earth. Many authors wanted to see a metaphor in it, but what if it was face value? Or rather clay value?

At the end of golden age, while he expelled Adam and Eve from Eden, God said to Eve: “You will give birth in pain”.

Cronos is the master of time. To put it plainly, it means that in those blessed days, time took its time. Life stretched like a saga, love affairs were linked together, the youth lasted ages. Because the golden race enjoyed unique longevity.

The Bible, the legend of Merlin, the cycle of Rama, the Kalevala, the Mahabharata and the Gilgamesh saga tell us about these men who lived several centuries.

For example Methusalah have lived almost a millenium long.

We civilized and well educated persons, we sensible scientists, we did not believe to that, like we did not believe to giants. And in both cases, we wise guys were wrong. Giants are omnipresent in legends, traditions and mythologies, throughout the world.

They are represented in frescoes, vases, mosaics and paintings in all ancient cultures. They are very popular in China, in India, in Europe and Middle East, in Africa, in Groenland, in Oceania and in America. We found stories of giants, pictures of giants, footprints, skulls and skeletons of giants almost everywhere. There is no smoke without fire.




Golden men had multiple powers. Living among the Gods, they saw out the power of spirit, and they used it. The Cyclops, builders of the megaliths, knew how to cancel gravity, like Titan Atlas and his sons the Atlanteans.

The Cyclops, says Hesiode, lived in “the flash of lightning, the shock of lightning, and the roar of thunder.” They had domesticated the energy of lightning, and they harnessed lightnings to make their machines run and their planes fly.

They also controlled the magic, which is the normal use of our brain’s right hemisphere. Our modernity wrongly opposes science to magic. They are the two poles of the mind, developed by our brain’s two hemispheres.

While the left hemisphere handles the rational world, the right brain is the field of creativity, of magic, of nagual. Alas, this right hemisphere, key to magic and psychic powers, is being atrophied by dint of inaction. Help! Without our fairy brain, how can we become gods again?

The reign of Kronos marks the end of cosmic harmony. After Kronos, what remains of Time?




The true wisdom of life is to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. (Pearl Buck)