Enlightened Moses

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L'arche faisait partie de la haute terchnologie atlante, et Moïse l'Egyptien a voulu l'emporter avec 



We have seen that the Ark of the Covenant was a machine, an electric capacitor capable of emitting radiation at a certain frequency, which had the effect of transforming man into god.


Moïse recevant les tables de la Loi au sommet du Sinaï"However it happened, when Moses came down from Mount Sinai, the two tablets of the Testimony were in Moses' hand, and Moses did not know that the skin of his face emitted rays, because he had spoken with God. When Aaron and every son of Israel saw Moses, well, behold the skin of his face emitted rays and they were afraid to approach him." (source)Bible, Exodus 34: 29-30 This eerie glow that diffuses Moses is Shekinah, the manifestation of the divine glory.


Shekinah, in Hebrew, means the cloud, a flash of white light that accompanies Yahveh, as in the episode of the burning bush. But this Shekinah, this glorious light from God, can occur outside his presence. Through the Holy of Holies, in fact. So this is a pact, an alliance between a man of power and a band of fugitives. For Slosman, Moses was an Egyptian of high rank, initiated into the mysteries of Isis, as powerful as a Pharaoh.


Moïse ouvre les eaux de   la Mer Rouge (auteur inconnu)Having access to all the mysteries of ancient Atlantis, piously preserved by the son of Osiris, Moses fled with the most precious good of the Egyptian collections: the machine to make gods. The Holy from the Holies. It is understood that the Pharaoh cheated and stole has launched in the pursuit of the sacrilege and his band. It was reckoning without the ability of Moses to handle divine powers. Stored in the bottom of a secret gallery for millennia, the Holy of Holies had accumulated considerable energy.


Velikowsky corrige les   épreuves d'un de 

ses livres à succèsEnough anyway to create a gravitational field which made recede the waters of the Red Sea. Velikowsky sees another cause to the sudden reflux of water. Between the two, the player will choose... or not. The miracles of Moses may well come from the Shekinah which shines on the Mercy Seat. If the object is valuable enough so that an insider like Moses wants to flee with, it is not about venal value, but divine powers that the device provides.

Moïse avait le visage rayonnant après sa rencontre avec Yahveh


"The Glory of the Shekinah was the visible presence of God, considered as feminine in esoteric Judaism. So Moses said to have been married to the Shekinah. In the Phoenician theology, the divinity was often called the face or manifestation of God, and the Hebrews speak of the Shekinah in exactly the same way. This abstract term tends to supplant all older names, more anthropomorphic, for the Holy Spirit." Note the feminization of the Spirit, which in the earlier tradition was Woman. And for a simple reason!


Le buisson   ardent, mosaïque de Chypre © Photoway.comShekinah could very well come from the Akkadian Shek, gift and Inah or Inanna, the Sumerian goddess of enlightenment, Isis for Egyptians. Shekinah could be translated by "gift of Isis." Isis, our divine mother, to whom we owe our immortal soul. Isis, in the form of lightning, gave the ancients a "perfect mind". No surprise in this context if the Spirit was female. Enlightenment, gift of Isis. It is the soul within us that is embodied, the light that descends, and in French the soul and the light, too, are feminine.

"An apocryphal document cites Jesus of Nazareth referring to the Holy Spirit as "My Mother". And the Manicheans call the Mother of Christ "the Virgin of Light".This Glory of the Shekinah, this light that signals the presence of God, is always feminine for the former clairvoyant. She is Eurydice of Orphism. She is the queen of the Ocean of Light of Enoch. She is Isis the Egyptian. She is Ishtar of the Stars, the Bride, the Light with which the Unknowable married at the dawn of creation. And from the joy of this union was born the spiritual universe. Shekinah and God are one and indissoluble." (source)


Akashic Field, 

les   annales akashiques sont le lieu de la connaissance immédiate où nous met   l'action électro-magnétique de l'arche, la Gloire de Shékinah


The author is not far from the naked truth, he approaches it, what a pity, through allegory and symbolism. But the symbolism is what remains when one has forgotten everything. In the radiation of the Ark like in many other devices, there is a dirty trend of present time and researchers: to evade reality considering only the symbolic aspect. The ark issued a wave of transmutation. How ignoring the electromagnetic aspect of this device? Why taking refuge in mental-mental taradiddles, as symbolism, spirituality, faith, but certainly not plum pudding. Why rabbining, why put out the eyes a hundred times not to see what it is?