The Founding Of Rome

Rome was born from the Celts


We know that Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus – twins suckled by an Etruscan she-wolf. If you don’t know, just ask. These curious twins a dual origin – as dual like they were. First an Etruscan origin, but there is another. Which one? The investigation begins.


Seek what their names mean, these wild children. First Remus – says good old GaffiotFrench-Latin dictionary by Felix Gaffiot that cradled my distant humanities?


Statuary, Basilica of St. Remi of Reims, France


Remi, orum: The Reims people, tribe of Belgian Gaul.
Remi: capital of Reims people, Reims today.
Remus the Reims, a Gaul from north, coming straight from the holy city of Reims, which would become the city of the coronation of the Kings of France. Which would become … or which will return? Remus the Reims did not found Rome, he was only there to anoint his brother Romulus by the traditional sacrament of his Gallic ancestors, i.e. the chrism of Reims, which has always been concocted by druids. Everything becomes clear.


RomulusLet’s have a look at his brother Romulus : the suffix -ulus is recognized, a diminutive which means little. Romulus, Little Rom. Or Little Ram? Really good old Rama left living traces of his passage everywhere – traces still visible today in our lexicons. Romulus is son of the god Rama, his name is quite simply Little Rama. Later, when Romulus has founded Rome, the Etruscan tribe Ramnes or Ramnensès became his army. Ram Nes, those of Ram. Note also that Rome – or rather Roma – is the city of Rama.


Rejected from every country, Roms however are genuine heirs of god Rama Similarly Rom people, or Roms, are descendants of Rama and his clan. Throughout his progress towards far east, Ram founded cities where he left his faithful people – heirs of his blood and manners. They founded ramaïques lines, most of which are still recognizable today.
Whether Romulus was the son of Ram in the flesh or in the spirit, is hard to decide. Certainly many millennia have passed since the birth of Ram when Roma was founded.

Could he live so long?


Nothing is impossible with former gods. In The Life of Romulus, Plutarch gave another version: the twins would be the children of a slave and the god Mars. Here this queer story. In the cubiculumbedroom of the vestal Rhea Silvia, as she was talking with her maid, a turgid male sex comes down the chimney as a porn Santa Claus. It is the god Mars’ sex. The divine craft balance in the air but Rhea Silvia refused outright to accede to the wishes of the god.


The two sources of Rome were false twin ssters Her maid takes the place of Rhea Silvia and the twins are fertilized. This surreal porn fiction can be decoded this way: the first version described a flying machine, a UFO if you will – and not a phallus – swinging in the air before the vestal. She rides with her maid in the vehicle of the god Mars. But this slut vestal refuses to do it! Advances of God become urgent, hence the maid. Romulus and Remus were born of a humble servant, fiancee of shepherd Faustulus. But they are also the son of the god Mars or rather Rama the Inseminator.


Mars, near anagram of Ram is the avatar of Rama under his conqueror appearance. One can also imagine that the flying sex of Mars symbolizes artificial insemination using the gametes of the god. Anyway, the double origin of Rome I was looking for in the beginning changed into three sources: Etruscan with Romulus, Gallic with Remus, Hyperborean with Rama. But this triple origin comes down to one only: Atlantis.


We know another song with the same words, or almost: Jesus was born of a humble servant, fiancée of Joseph the carpenter. But Jesus is the son of Gabriel, the archangel inseminator. When we take a good story, it should be reused, is not it? If she has, she will appeal again. And the historian said learnedly “Actuallly history is repeating …”


Not as much as your stupidity, I’m afraid.


Rama in alpha


Le Soleil a rendez-vous avec la lune Mais la Lune ne vient pas et le Soleil l’attend. —— The Sun has a rendezvous with the moon But the moon does not come and the Sun awaits.
Charles Trenet