Planet Under Water



How far, in the mythical memory of mankind, have swept the waves of the great flood? Very far indeed.

Formerly, more than 12,000 years ago, came the mother of all floods. If we believe the myths, it was global, it was called the global Flood. And the waters rose to the sky to fall on all lands. We know the myth of Noah, but do we know that this story is found in most mythologies of the world? Besides Waterworld or other modern fictional stories, more than five hundred ancient legends speaking of the flood have been recorded across the five continents. And these stories are not copied and pasted.

By focusing his analysis on eighty-six stories of floods (including twenty in Asia, and three in Europe) the anthropologist Richard Andree was able to conclude that  80% of them were completely independent from the Hebrew and Mesopotamian stories. (source)Allgemeiner Handatlas by Richard Andree For example, Marco Polo has been told several Chinese versions of a universal deluge, and he reported them in his memoirs. (source)The Book of Wonders by Marco Polo The first Jesuits who visited China in the 17th century, were also admitted in the Imperial Library. 

They read a large corpus of four thousand three hundred and twenty rolls of parchment which, they say, would have been made  “in ancient times” and would contain “all the knowledge of the world”. Imagine the excitement of these men of faith and knowledge, and how voracious they plunged into its study. This big book included many stories of origins, recounting the difficult relationships between gods and men. It also explained how the major floods occurred.

In these very distant times, after that “humanity had rebelled against the gods and that the universe had been plunged into chaos, the path of the planets was altered. The skies fell lowest to the north. The sun, moon and stars changed their trajectories. The Earth broke into pieces and the waters burst from the depths to invade everything.” (source)

There are some familiar themes, like the notion of divine punishment, which seems universal.

The Flood was made by the gods to punish men. That is what the ancient gods wanted their servants to believe to make them more docile. And men, these naive men, have believed it immediately. Some Amerindian and African legends say that men turned into fish: could this be the origin of Aquablue? Another version of the same story come from Laos with this crystal-clear legend: Very long time ago, creatures called Thens lived in the superior kingdom, men in the inferior kingdom.

The Thens were cruel masters.  

They were becoming increasingly demanding and the men were exhausted. One day, the Thens said to the men that they should give them a part of their food as a sign of respect. The men refused and the Thens, very angry, unleashed a flood that ravaged the entire Earth.

Three men were rescued, they had built a large raft with a house and a garden, they had embarked women, children, plants and animals. Thus humanity was saved, and life preserved its rights. 

We recognize here almost word for word the flood of the Bible, Noah’s ark, but also the myth of Deucalion and Pyrrha, the myth of Prometheus and that of Pandora as we have been narrated by Hesiod and other authors of the Greco-Roman antiquity. How to imagine that one of the two sources has influenced the other? Logic would suggest that Greece and Laos have drawn to one and only source, the civilization that had developed over the Earth before the flood.

If there are so many myths that tell of deluges and floods, it may be because, as Plato said, there were several floods. But for the universal deluge, forget it!




So many times the waters rose, the memory let them merge to make only one, a large one, which summarizes all of them. And if it is our pleasure to imagine the father of all floods, if it amuses us? Rather than a hundred smaller ones? Tinier ones? This memorial mechanism is common, in terms of myths. Each found stone, each inscription, each unknown gloom, each ancient rumor, it has to be Atlantis. Since the 19th century, Atlantis became so universal you can’t see the forest for the trees.

Poisoned gift of Plato, the island-continent which cannot be found is a hypnotic focal point. It is impossible to look away. Yet there are not only the Atlanteans, Eden Saga tells enough evidence of it. Other peoples are sunk, the pre-flood civilization was global. Just as ours. Its different nations were the Elohim, the Titans, the Olympians, the Rama, the Quetzalcoatl, the Viracocha, the Tuatha, the Annuna, the Mù, and the Taks

There were certainly many others.

Edgar Jacobs said that Atlantis still exists, a bubble engulfed on the seabed. The Sumerian legends tell the same story: the Abzu is the underground field of prince Enki, our creator, who ruled Sumer over twelve thousand years ago. Tradition says that Enki would have survived the flood. Through the underground, he crossed the Atlantic Ocean to civilize the Andes. This is how Enki-Ea is still worshiped under the name of Tiki Viracocha. Enki became Tiki, the-one-from-inside-the-Ki became The-one-from-Ki


It’s always the same old story


Homer deserved to be driven from the contests with a stick, and similarly Archilochus.