Erquy Encounters

The Ninth Erquy Encounters, twice postponed, began yesterday Thursday September 17, 2020. They will continue until Sunday September 20. In view of the health situation, the number of participants was reduced to three people. But I’m not going to run out of activity these days.

Do not count on me to post a new page in this interval: priority to direct contacts! The publications will resume in the following days. Take the opportunity to discover old pages that have something to amaze you. I have been writing for this site for twelve years. And on my desk for a good fifty years. Enough time to make a bunch of discoveries, believe me.

Erquy Meetings happen in my place. But they are only available in French, sorry for all English readers. Instead I can offer them the possibility of individual courses.

I receive individual trainees all year round. Four days immersed in my sea garden. Good vibrations, sacred shocks. On the (non-exhaustive) program: reiki of Erquy, Flornoy method tarot with introspection, places of power, conscious astral and / or self-recognition.

Use the CONTACT form to get more information.

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