Facebook Fired

Eden Saga retires with dignity from the social site which has made my life a misery for too long.

Some of you will be sad to be deprived of the ray of sunshine that has warmed them every day for 10 years. I’m sorry for them. But too much is too much. Time to leave. For several years, boobook pisses me off. The robots of the sad mountain-of-butter teased me, harassed me, blocked me for no apparent reason. Probably because I disturb the narrow-minded. Too bad for them. They are followers of a leveling down, I do not.

I’m mainly talking to the awake, and I doubt that many of them still hang out on this social site. Antisocial you lose your cool, sang the Telephone of my youth. Awake from all countries, unite. The time is coming when the idiots will be nothing. So, given their current numbers, we will feel good alone, right?

Ten years of hard working to maintain a presence in this chasm that pumped my energy and end up undermining my beautiful joie de vivre. All alone to make live Eden Saga and animate my page on boobook, I am sick and tired to enrich those who already do not know how to use their montain of money. I enter rebellion. You will not find me in the oven and the mill.

Far from me the idea of ​​blocking the crossroads of the web, or to make snail operations on the information highways. Besides, I’m not a hacker and I do not know how to do it. No, I will devote myself first and foremost to this wonderful site that brings me so much happiness, such beautiful encounters and never disappointments. Eden Saga is not finished if fidebouc stops. On the contrary. She takes a new flight, and you will support it, I’m sure.

Sites like mine are extremely rare. Instead of taking it into account and facilitating my work, idiotic robots have accumulated annoyances and bullying. My departure will not prevent Boubouc from living in opulence, nor Eden Saga to spread tirelessly his message of love, tolerance, intelligence and demand. That’s why you love him, that’s why I work tirelessly.

Your friend Xavier Seguin persists and signs.

There si only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.
Aldous Huxley