The Truth About Freemasons


The Freemasons are scary. Frankly there is no what. But it is so. Crisis or not, the Freemasons make recipe in the crappy press. Doesn’t the news offer any juicy scandal? Crac, we bring out this good old chestnut tree, The terrible secret of the Freemasons, or The Freemasons rule the world. Boom, sales are skyrocketing again. Ugh, the editor is partying with his whore.


The subject sells paper, which is normal for the newspapers to replace it all year round. They use it and abuse it as long as I suspect them of being the main recruiters of this strange sect. Yes, strange. It possesses no key, practices no esotericism, holds no secrets, foments no conspiracy, and its political influence is hardly more notable than that of any other club. From Rotary to the Kiwanis to the Lions Clubs, local leaders are investing in service clubs for charitable causes, meeting and networking. Initially, one of the goals was to bring together the best in each profession. We could add Linkedin, since the internet and the remote tend to replace the face-to-face.

So why does the F.·. M.·. receive so much honor or so much indignity? If we tried to de-dramatize a little, it wouldn’t hurt. Freemasons are a human enterprise, therefore imperfect. There are no doubt perverts, bandits, uncleans and idiots, but no more than in the rest of society. Is this reassuring? The majority of Freemasons are good people, sometimes smart, sometimes stupid, who prick themselves with symbolism and fine arts and only hurt the legs of their agapes.

They have the taste of disguise, as grotesque under their parade aprons as the Knights of Tastevin. They share the same values: expensive food, fine alcohol, great fun. And to take oneself seriously, contrary to tastevins. But mystery, nuts! Neither revelation. Conspiracy even less. They are the most conformist and least exciting citizens in the world. So that everyone can get a good sense of it, this is the welcome speech in the lodge, as it was delivered by an illustrious 18th-century Freemason — very shortly after the foundation of the Masonic Order.


The noble eagerness you showthis of the upstarts eager for useful relationships to enter the ancientnot ancient at all : the order had just been made and very illustrious!!! such a rude lie order of freemasons is a sure proof that you already possess all the qualitiesself-advancement, appetite for social ascension, taste for flattery, etc. necessary to become its members. These qualities are philanthropy, the inviolable secretfalse secret that is hidden to make people believe it is real and the taste of fine arts.??? the art of eating greadily I suppose …


We also have our mysteries:well known codes to recognize themselves all over the world they are figurative signs of our science, very ancient hieroglyphics,all Egyptologists have the same words drawn from our art, and which compose a language sometimes mute and sometimes very eloquent to communicate at the greatest distance,by telegraph? and to recognize our confreresthis is the only secret that is no longer a secret for a long time of whatever language or country they may be. We only discover the literal meaning to those we first receive. It is only to the followersThere is no more revelation in the high ranks than for the apprentices that we reveal the sublime and symbolic meaning of our mysteries.


Thus the Orientals, the Egyptians, the Greeks and the sages of all nations hid their dogmas under figures, symbols and hieroglyphics. The letter of our laws, our rites and our secrets often presents to the mind only a confused heap of unintelligible words: but the initiates see in it an exquisite food that nourishes, elevates and reminds the mind of the most sublime truths.Expensive food, fine alcohols, great fun


It is through our artExpensive food, fine alcohols, great fun –see above that mortals have found the secret of building houses and citiesThese masons are not. They have not built anything at all, they are adorning themselves with the feathers of the peacock ie the skill of real builders of medieval cathedrals and churches to gather the great societies, to travel the seas to communicate from one hemisphere to the other the riches of the earth and the waves, and finally to form ramparts and machines?? they would be sought in vain … against an enemy more formidable than the elements and the animals, I mean against man himself who is but a ferocious beast, unless his nature is softened by the mild, peaceful and philanthropic maximsfor example: we do not philosophize with a hollow stomach, bonum vinum laetificat cor hominis and other joys that reign in our society.”



This speech by M. le Chevalier de Ramsaythe ancestor of the well-known cook: “Expensive food” … see above was delivered at the Saint-Jean lodge on December 27, 1736. In the middle of the Enlightenment. Yes, so-so … There is in these noble – and naive – words really nothing to talk in the rest of Freemasonry. When we look at them, we see only the vanity and the fatuity of these great fools who think they are bishops. All they need is the feathers up their ass. And that is the great secret of the Freemasons: everything that we imagine about them, everything that the crappy press lends them, all the gossip that circulates on their account gives them an importance and an aura of mystery that quickly dissipates in their contact.

Many the pitfalls of complacency. (Carlos Castaneda)


I know many masons.·. They are innocent and would not hurt a fly. But the human being is so made that he loves to cultivate the mystery. I disembowel it. I have been tracking the forgotten secrets of our past for more than half a century. My findings attest to the successes I have been able to achieve. Discoveries that very few Masons can boast of having already made, or having learned in masonic lodge.

Yet not a month goes by that I do not receive from one of them a letter full of connivance and innuendo, forgive my frankness, which I consider highly derogatory. No, gentlemen, once and for all, I do not belong to your sect. Not from near or far. I would be remiss if I did. Yet my loved ones are among them, whom I respect and love dearly. Everyone has a hobby. These dear friends have absolutely nothing of Machiavellian character, rest assured. But this coterie is not mine.

And for good reason. I have no taste for disguise, nor the means to pay for these inappropriate aprons or these shockingly expensive agapes. In addition, the subjects that I am passionate about would scare away most F:. M:. who are only a drop in the way. So I cultivate loneliness based on the principle that it is better to be alone than poorly accompanied. Even less by those who are neither frank nor masons.

I also receive invitations to hermetic lodges, Rosicrucian clubs, initiatory circles, Gnostics, Illuminatis, and fucking so on. So many idiots who will not read me — could they even understand ? I doubt …

I belong to another world. I hate secrecy — chiefly false secrecy. That’s why I sow in all winds, I plant around and give all fruit. I reveal what I know. I cannot stand these secrecy of nothingness. All these shit dealers suck my air. They have only the power they give themselves — say none.

How do they manage to trap so many troops?!

The warrior of light will ever belong to himself only — and will never join any clan, club, union, lodge, brotherhood, sect, society, coterie, assembly, friendly, religion, doctrine, movement, order, party, congregation, government, army, troop, gang, mafia, or any other fly trap. No gag, no flag. The warrior of light must keep in mind the strong doctrine of Master Geoges Brassens: “When we are more than four, we are but a bunch of idiots“. 

I would never want to be part of a club that would accept me as a member (Groucho Marx)





A little impatience ruins a great project.