Survival In Questions


“Dear Jocelyne, we are at the end of Kali Yuga, all the values ​​are reversed, the beggars are the true gods, the elites are absolutely useless, the famous people have no particular merit, the stars live like pigs, but the everyday heroes, you and I, are treated as dog shit, and we must be proud of it.”

This is what I replied to a reader who rebelled against I do not know what flagrant injustice, dirty trick or characterized abuse of power. How could it be otherwise? We drag ourselves, bloodless, in the twilight of this implacable iron age. It is difficult to survive, even more difficult to keep some values ​​of honesty, righteousness, fairness, sharing, frankness, respect, love … Many disconcert, but the vast majority, crushed by the bad pressure, manages to keep his head up despite the bullying. It’s up to them, I want to talk to you here.

Kali Yuga is a sad time. The gods knew it well. A Hindu legend says that in anticipation of Kali Yuga, Shiva decided to mitigate some of the suffering of humans. What did he do for that? He invented music. He donated it to the Terrans. Thank you Baba Shiva!

Kali Yuga is the darkest age. What about the end of Kali Yuga? It concentrates all the vices, all the stupidity, all the frenzy of injustices and crimes that characterize Kali Yuga. But, one asks me, is it soon over? When will we go into a new golden age? I’m afraid it’s not on the program. Not for now. Open your eyes.

The most beautiful cities in the world are open sewers. Bruges stinks. Venice stinks. Paris smells of dog poop. New York is called wild dump. Hong Kong is called jungle. Lagos is called murder. Manila does not smell vanilla. Dehli tells lies. London long down game of shadows, filthy round. Rotten is common, corruption in action.

The most beautiful girls in the world are paper idols. They make their cinema on social networks, they call it life. Their coffers are well filled, their heads full of tricks and calculations, but emptiness is in their eyes. Emptiness is in their hearts. These most beautiful girls are but ugly. Absolutely, definitely ugly. Sorry. I mean it.

The essential is invisible for the eyes. One sees properly with the heart only. (source)Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince

Six out of ten people take care of survival. With the rising waters inexorable, it will not work out. A tiny handful of super predators share almost all the planetary resources. Climate disorder will enrich them again. Injustice is visible, screaming, ignoble, criminal. Yet all states, all multinationals, all religions let it happen.

They even add it. By hiding the vices. By blurring the tracks. By discrediting the plot informers, these droppings who invent, these nits who lie to you. Who do you think is the worst liar? Whoever denounces the plot or who maintains ignorance? Here is the plot. Keep the world in ignorance and discredit those who believe in the plot. No need to believe, it is obvious.



The list of sadnesses of this soulless and heartless world could continue on pages, but it would be too depressing. I stop, you see the painting. I sent this text as a group email to all members of the scalar group. Here is a summary of the answers.

On your side, are you ready to answer those 12 questions? If you have not received this email, you do not belong to the scalar group. Sign up, it’s free, totally voluntary. But you can answer the questionnaire without being a full member. Do not zap, it’s important. You can participate in a debate that will result, that one. Who will serve. I believe it.

1 In front of this sad portrait of a fucked-off world and us with, what can we do?
Acting. Nothing is over. Many encouraging things are emerging. Let’s help them help us.

2 At the individual level?
Yes. We can do a lot of things about our immediate surroundings. By changing attitude. By adopting positive thinking. By learning to smile. By ceasing to judge, condemn, criticize, denigrate, belittle. Always choosing what elevates.

3 Or collectively?
Yes. In the same way. This is the example that is incentive, not the beautiful words. Let us behave impeccably, as a warrior. Let’s take action on the path that has heart. Let’s be in public the person we are in private.

4 Is there still time?
Of course ! Nothing is over. We do not have the right to give up. The struggle is engaged, it is conducted first against itself. This is the true meaning of jihad: the only holy war is the war against the ego and its mirages. It is about purifying oneself while respecting others.

5 Are you ready to engage in the work of the last hope?
This is not the last hope. Hope is useless. Only you will help your will. Yes, we will commit ourselves, we are already engaged.

6 One day the Iron Age will be replaced by the golden age unless we are all dead. Can we avoid the extinction of the species?
The human species has existed for millions of years, if not billions. We were there before the dinos, before the stars. It is a human being who pressed the button of the Big Bang. The human species will not disappear even if the universe were to disappear, humans will tell it bye.

7 How?

8 What are the things that shock you the most?

9 What immediate changes do you think are desirable?

10 Did your experience of the scalar meditation bring you anything?

11 Do you think this type of meditation can be of interest?

12 Would you like to participate in a planetary scalar meditation?

I did not give the answers to the last six questions. In order to avoid influencing your own answers. Answer the twelve, or whatever you want. It’s not a poll, it’s a revolutionary action.

Your answers, anonymous, will be used to write a new article on scalar waves. Thank you for taking a little time to answer with honesty and generosity. May the Spirit of Love be with you and remain there forever.

Cheer up ! We Can Work It Out !



Utopia is simply what has not yet been tried.
Théodore Monod