Earth On Fire



“3,500 years ago, the Earth knew one of the greatest cataclysms in the history. A celestial body (a new comet) came very close to the Earth. The surface of the Earth became red, under the influence of a thin rust-colored dust. The Popol Wuh of the Mayas Quiches told us that the water of rivers turned into blood.

An obscure Egyptian scribe related the event using the same terms as the biblical Book of Exodus: “All the water from the river will turn into blood.” From across the Mediterranean Sea, in Greece, some witnesses lived the same atrocity: Apollodorus of Sicily evoked “the torrent of blood on the mountain”.


Beyond Memory Barreer

In the Babylonian myth, the world was reddened by the blood of Tiamat, slain celestial monster. The Finnish epic, the Kalevala, describes how, at the time of the cosmic upheaval, the world was sprinkled with red milk.” (source)Immanuel Velikovsky, Worlds on Collision

His visionary description makes Velikovsky a key figure. The only point of disagreement with him is on the date. These events took place, not 3,500 years ago, but 7,000 years sooner, ie around 10,500 BC. Some people may think that such long periods of time exceed the capacity of the human memory.  We may have another opinion. If there is a memory barrier, let us bet that it is much more distant.  Velikovsky continued his amazing description: “An extremely important phenomenon occured. The head of the comet did not penetrate the Earth, but they exchanged very high electric shocks. 

The waters erected at the surface of the globe were reaching their greatest height; then they fell down, followed by a rain of debris coming from head and tail of the comet.” (source)Immanuel Velikovsky, Worlds on Collision 

The attraction of the comet caused on Earth a gigantic tide 4,000 yards high! It is at least Velikovky’s analysis.


The Waters Formed A Wall

“And the angel of God who headed the army of Israelites changed of place and went behind; the column of clouds that preceeded them went behind them, between the Egyptian camp and that of Israel.

It was dark and illuminated the night. A wave of extreme violence, accompanied with lightnings, tore the cloud. In the morning, the waters formed a wall, and splitted off.” (source)The Holy Bible

These facts could correspond to the attraction of a comet or a wandering planet, or that of a moon very close. “And the children of Israel went down on dry feet in the middle of the sea, while the waters were forming a wall on their right and on their left. The army of Egyptians pursued them. At dawn, the Lord, from the top of the column of fire and clouds, glanced at the Egyptian camp and threw there a panic; he falsified the wheels of their chariots … The waters fell down, covering the chariots, the horsemen and the entire army of Pharaoh, who were descended into the sea following the Israelites. Not a single one remained.” (source)The Bible




Velikovsky continued his interpretation of the biblical text: “… These huge tides were caused by the proximity of a celestial body. They fell down when an electrical shock occured between the Earth and the other body… When the Earth passed through the gas, dust and meteorites from the tail of the comet, it was hindered in its rotation and its orbite got distorted.” (source)Immanuel Velikovsky, Worlds on Collision 

That’s at that time that the axis of rotation of the Earth, rectified by the Atlanteans, bent to form the angle of approximately 23° that it still has today.

“The comet had just passed near the sun and was in a state of incandescence. It left its orbit and followed that of the Earth for a while. The big globe of the comet moved away, and approached the Earth again, wrapped in dark gas that resembled a cloud of smoke by day, and of fire by night…




… And the Earth, once again, crossed the comet’s atmosphere. This phase was accompanied by violent and incessant electrical shocks between the atmosphere of the tail and that of the Earth. There was an interval of about six days between the two connections. Emerging from the gas of the comet, the Earth seemed to have changed its rotation direction, and the column of smoke moved to the opposite horizon.

The column looked like a giant snake in motion.” (source)Velikovsky, Worlds On Collision


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