Bosnia: The Ravne Tunnel



I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagic in Barcelona last year. We were both speakers for Historia Occulta de la Humanidad, The Occult History Of Humanity. October 2015, Barcelona makes seductive eyes, while Sam welcomed me with open arms.

I wanted to ask him face to face about the discoveries he has been the author and the instrument for years.

My time is mine, not his. Sam is very busy. He lives in New York, bustling city where he jumped on planes trying to raise the funds for his excavations. Delighted, I listened to him evoking the Ravne tunnel.




What is it exactly? On the site of Visoko where Dr. Osmanagic has discovered three pyramids taller than Giza that, excavations have allowed access to a network of tunnels and underground galleries. In this labyrinthine tunnel, he noted the positive effects on human and animal health. In Visoko, I said to myself, other surprises are waiting undoubtedly.

ravne-haris-delibasic-3-200poHis voice is soft and measured. He carries his discovery – a colossal discovery, full of promise. He also carries the light of a new history of humanity, too long stolen and hidden, until men like him found back, fighting against the current. This is the first time a major archaeological site, with three giant pyramids and a large maze of tunnels, is open to researchers from all sides, all countries, without restrictions, out of the clutches of professional predators. Green with rage, Egyptology cringes while unanimous Egyptologists refuse even the idea of ​​a great pyramid out of Egypt.


Band of tenches. These fellows are round like a knee. Which of them does remember the roller pebble he came from?

Sam had embarked on a series of staggering numbers and figures. Total freedom of study and analysis has enabled huge advances in the network of tunnels under the pyramid of the sun. I didn’t notice everything, but I understand that breathtaking things happen there.




Sam is a doctor, he has seen a rejuvenation of the skin and joints of people who stayed in the Ravne tunnel. He exposes the case of a woman who would not go down there, because of a phobia dating back to childhood. She does not even bear the thought of being trapped in an elevator, then go underground to slip into a dark wet, narrow tunnel … you better forget it.

Citing examples, detailing cases, offering testimony, the doctor was able to convince her, at last. He knew that a stay down there might be a good thing to treat her.  He did so well that she agreed to overcome her claustrophobic trend.




As soon in the tunnel, her embarrassment evaporates. She feels soothed, radiant and has only one desire: to stay in this so beneficent place. She is now cured of her claustrophobia, and a few other sickness.

ravne-haris-delibasic-4-200poWhat goes on in the Ravne tunnel? Some geobiologists have made barely credible statements. Some atomic scientists noted a higher radioactivity than normal, but not dangerous. Some mediums made experiment, some psychics had flashes and present visions, some depressive people have run into higher spirits, some sensory people felt their power increase … Looks like the patter of a charlatan. I must be delirious. I can’t see the diagrams on the screen anymore, I can’t read the numbers, I can’t hear what Sam says, the sound of his distant muffled voice only remain, projecting images in my head.


Very precise images of the tunnel, blooming faces, halo lights, splat-splat of rubber boots, darkness, mud, tunnels supported by timbering, as in the old mines, built by volunteers from Visoko and from the whole world. I do not try to understand, I want to feel what is happening down there. I impregnate me. I sniff, deploying all my subtle antennas.




Suddenly a memory pops up. Sepia coloured. A small stone pyramid resting on a black marble fireplace. The German occupation between 1940 and 1944, the French people lack everything. So, htey do not throw anything, all is recycled. Razor blades were rare too. They keep dull blades, slip them under a small pyramid, a few days later the blade found its edge back.

Under the so-called pyramid of Cheops -although this too recent Pharaoh did not build it- there is an underground room, the Chamber of the Queen, very misnamed. The important thing is the device that it forms with the great pyramid. Located just below the imposing structure. In this chamber, in one night, a wine does improve as ten years of aging.




A childhood friend -a mad scientist nicknamed Mickey the alchemist by Jean-Claude Flornoy- one day had the idea of ​​using this device to perform his great work: Jade Water. This water was done in the pyramids, valuable by-product of lightning energy and fabulous vril provided by these polarized stones machines.

Jade Water alters the perception of time, said Mickey. I could see how true it is. In my communication agency office, Mickey manufactured a pyramidal structure in neon tubes. Suspending the structure at the ceiling, he set atop a golden wire, little longer than pyramide height, after which he hung a cup of the same metal. In this cup, he poured rain water.

Water remained under the bright pyramid during 29 days, a complete lunar cycle. When Mickey was convinced that rain water had turned into Jade Water, he drank two sips, inviting me to do the same. The water had no particular taste, but its consistency seemed different, thicker, a bit viscous. Measurement shows its PH had changed. And its effects, as we could tell, are not trivial. I will tell one day the delirium it made us live.

So why wouldn’t a stay, shorter as it is, in the tunnel Ravne would not produce similar effects? Or even stronger yet? The three pyramids in Visoko will focus vril, as does any pyramid. This is the new improbable physics called Geobiology. This tunnel heals.




While it is impossible to explain the phenomenon, clear are the effects. This tunnel cures. I tend to believe Sam Osmanagic. And I’m looking forward to test myself on the effects of the Ravne tunnel.


If education is expensive, try ignorance.
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