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  • Female King Hatchepsut

    A female pharaoh who changed the world history

  • Dark Forest

    It offers to the visitor a bunch of magical places: Fontaine de Barenton, Miroir aux Fées, Val sans Retour …

  • A Brand New Archangel

    Elo is a young archangel who works for the rating agency of God. He notes the Earth.

  • Macuxi: The Inner World

    Macuxi Indians believe there is a inner world where giants live under our feet

  • The State Of Nature

    I hate traveling and explorers, wrote the great traveler explorer Claude Lévi-Strauss

  • The Language Of Goslings

    The language of goslings -and not birds- is a coded language used by cathedral builders and still going strong today 

  • Wild Europe

    For the Atlanteans coming from America, the new world was our old Europe.

  • The Terraformers Strategy

    After they have created, educated and pampered us, the invaders have returned home, in heaven

  • The Bronze Age

    Time of fighting giants, in the Bronze Age we learned to live without our guardian gods.

  • Body Outing

    The art of dreaming is an incredible practice of Yaqui sorcerers to change the world with their dreams

  • Queen Of Sheba

    The most beautiful love poem in the Bible, the Song of Songs, is the prologue of an incredible story.

  • Orphan Civilizations

    On the threshold of our history, orphan civilizations seem to have felt from the sky

  • Practising Castaneda

    A non-daily diary, a non-ordinary reality, an unconventional mind

  • Rama the Conqueror

    Hyperborean Rama went into exile with his clan through the East to India

  • The Hundred Faces Of Rama

    He shaped the world, and the world has forgotten.

  • Archaeological Singularities

    A certain science of the past uses to ignore embarassing evidences

  • Ram The Aries

    Ra for the Egyptians, Ram for the Celts, Rama for the Hindus, he was also Bel or Belenos for the Gauls and Belial for the Persians

  • Correspondences

    A sonnet of Charles Baudelaire summarizes both his poetic art, his lifestyle, his prophetic depth and his modernity.

  • Ice Age

    When a thick ice sheet covered the half of Europe, Asia and North America

  • Sons of the Sun

    Lugh the Tuatha is named Son of the Sun. Apollo the Greek bears the same title, so does the Inca ...

  • planete-babe-oies-sk-68po

    Planet Babel

    The origin of all languages can be found in ancient German and in all modern languages

  • Atlas' Mistake

    Atlas failed to take off a gigantic spaceship : its fall in the Atlantic ocean causes the flood

  • Oera Linda Boek

    The flood according to the mysterious Oera Linda Boek: too perfect to be true ?

  • Healing Hands

    Vital energy, Prana, Ki, Vril energy, whatever the name, our hands heal

  • The Serpent People

    Vulture Snake, Feathered Snake, the Beast, the primordial Serpent has more than one name

  • Many Ends Of The World

    Emergence of a new way of living, thinking and acting

  • Lilith And The Reptilians

    Lilith was the first human and she was taught by wise snakes

  • Magical Mythologies

    Myths are the magical chronicles of a past definitely too great for history

  • Slaves Or Gods

    Designed to be used, programmed to work, at least we have a seed of light. Let it grow.

  • Disturbing Similarities

    A saying goes that we all have look-alikes. What do you say about these?

  • Jesus of Avignon

    How the composite figure of Christ was made in the late Middle Ages

  • The Golden Age

    Golden Age men worship Mother Earth, Gaïa, Dana, Tiamata the great Goddess

  • Who's Afraid of Aliens?

    The story of Nibiru is pure bullshit as many hoaxes and fakes blocking the web

  • Three-Wise-Men-Kupelwieser-sk-688po

    Black Sorcerer, White Mage

    There is no such thing as black or white magic. Magic is one, it depends where you sit.

  • Bael Bec aka Baalbek

    Baalbek was the spaceport of astronaut gods. Now Baalbek means the door to the angels in Breton language.

  • Earth On Fire

    A massive spark flew out when a comet approached our planet: on Earth, everything blazed up.

  • Olmec Heads

    The Olmec civilization has produced astonishing sculptures, giant heads of Negroid type

  • The Origin Of Myths

    Ancient myths and legends are not the work of humans.

  • Wedjat The Eye Of Horus

    The Egyptian symbol Eye Of Horus reproduces the Third Eye in the human brain

  • A Short History of Spirit: the Trials

    Second part: from Jesus to Rudolph Steiner

  • Rejuvenating Sound

    Scientists proved that DNA can be reprogrammed using words and sound frequencies

  • Vimana And Other Ancient Aircrafts

    Two kinds of Vimana: planes and UFOs