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  • The Way Of The Middle

    Way to enlightenment, source of the alpha wave, it belongs to all traditions

  • Electric Enlightenment

    In 2005, in Canada, Alain Laurendeau received a 14.400 volts electric shock and was enlightened

  • Antigravity

    Jean-Pierre Petit explains antigrav and MHD. These are ancient atlantean techniques.

  • No Invokation!

    Please invoke nobody, the spirits are dangerous, the angels are too.

  • Thirteen Crystal Skulls

    According to the legend, there are thirteen crystal skulls which talk or sing

  • Romulus and Remus

    Twin brothers Romulus and Remus compete to found Rome. Who were they?

  • Tarot, arcana VIII to XV

    From VIII The Justice to XV The Devil

  • Flying Stones

    The lost art of softening the stones and removing their weight

  • Subtle Powers

    Telekinesy, ubiquity, teleportation, healing, telepathy, levitation, 3rd eye, 3rd ear, all are yours.

  • Back To Yoruba Country

    From the ancient Atlantic Empire, only a few survived: Yoruba, Etruscans, Tuatha, to start a new world.

  • Free Graviton

    Australian engineer Ted Roach invents gravitational lenses and diffuses his idea

  • Atlas' Achievement

    The god who carried the Earth at its best level

  • Another Side of Jesus

    Beyond the dogma, the Roman history and the Jewish tradition reveal the hidden face of Jesus.

  • The Belly Power

    The real will comes from your belly. Even you ignore it, this is a fact

  • Jade Water and Brazen Sea

    The Brazen sea of King Solomon was full of Jade water: ie water vibrated by lightning

  • Dinosaurs And Humans

    Presently no one can say that humans did not know dinosaurs

  • Red Goddess Astarte

    Devil or goddess Astarte Ishtar Inanna presides pleasures of love

  • Poles' Shift

    We learned that the Earth's axis has shifted from a few centimeters

  • Evolution? What Evolution?

    Darwinism has became a religion. Now the Neo-Darwinians are a sect. Beware!

  • The Spaceship Of Babel

    The famous tower of Babel was a spaceship launch pad

  • The Earth Sings In F Sharp

    Particular note emitted by each planet gives its dominant tune.

  • Different Types Of Lightning

    Lightning causes other less known phenomena such as blue jets, elves, goblins, red sprites and fire balls.

  • America Was Often Discovered

    The Templars had given Columbus a map of America and the ocean road of Alizees

  • The Coming Of The Seasons

    Precession appeared with the Flood, and the Stars Watchmen had to redone all astronomical calculations

  • West Kennet, Avebury

    West Kennet Long Barrow, like other dolmens or barrows, was a lodge to receive enlightenment

  • Pyramids And Megaliths

    Different types of megaliths and different civilizations which erected them

  • The Will of Baltimore

    The Baltimore Prayer is one of the nicest blessing we could ever receive … and even more!

  • Isis, Osiris, Horus

    Isi, Osiris and Horus made the pattern of Christian Holy Trinity

  • Atlantis For Edgar Cayce

    13,000 years ago, UFOs already crisscrossed the sky from outer space

  • Jung And The Soul

    Your soul doesn't belong to you, it's you who belong to your soul

  • Sons of the Sun

    Lugh the Tuatha is named Son of the Sun. Apollo the Greek bears the same title, so does the Inca ...

  • Sacred Streams

    Geo-energy, also called Wyvern or Vrill, flows along the sacred streams where cathedrals are concentrated.

  • ravne-haris-delibasic-6-688po

    Bosnia: The Ravne Tunnel

    What goes on in Ravne tunnel, Visoko, Bosnia ? I asked Dr Osmanagic

  • Gods' Legacy

    Every myth is a Rosette's Stone waiting for Champollion.

  • Ramifications

    Rama track never ceases to ramify. All is ramming the point home to Rama.

  • Jesus of Avignon

    How the composite figure of Christ was made in the late Middle Ages

  • UFOs In The Bible

    UFOs seem to be every page in the Bible

  • Ramman God Of Thunder

    Ramman was worshipped throughout the Middle East and beyond

  • Lightning Control

    The lightning energy was produced in lightning power plants. Some of them still remain all around the world.

  • Killing Machine

    Automatic life, no effort needed. "The machine is killing you Step by step you Got nothing to do"

  • The Law Of Decline

    Progressing is an illusion. We are neither the first, nor the more advanced.

  • Roche Aux Fées

    One of the most famous and most powerful long barrow in Britanny