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  • Lightning Control

    The lightning energy was produced in lightning power plants. Some of them still remain all around the world.

  • Henoch And Jesus

    There is a thing in common between Henoch and Jesus: they resemble each other like brothers.

  • Talking With Trees

    Everyone can talk with trees if patient enough

  • Warrior With No Importance

    A warrior treats the world as an infinite mystery, and what people do as an unlimited folly

  • United States Of Earth

    We are the ninety-nine percent. If unite, peace will come.

  • Neanderthal Is Alive

    Genetics could be wrong, Evolutionism too: Neandertal is alive

  • Thundering Cyclops

    The first Cyclops called Flash, Thunder and Lightning were the masters of lightning.

  • The Way Of The Middle

    Way to enlightenment, source of the alpha wave, it belongs to all traditions

  • Caesar's Calendar

    Once in Rome, the year began in March. But Julius Caesar played the smart guy

  • The Smithsonian Case

    The Smithsonian Institute would have destroyed giant skeletons

  • What Is Lightning?

    The lightning produces 60 billion volts per second. A solution to the energy crisis?

  • Future Legends

    How can the historian assess the past without following ideas and comprehension in his/her time?

  • The Trance Of The Caterpillar

    In Chartres was practiced at the summer solstice the trance of the caterpillar

  • Perpetual Lamps

    Puzzling lamps were lighting since antiquity when discovered

  • Flying Egyptians

    In ancient Egypt, meet the Flying Serpents again, and find some puzzling evidences of modern UFOs

  • Tables Of Chartres

    The practice of the Middle Way is central to the daily exercises of the warrior

  • Magical Mythologies

    Myths are the magical chronicles of a past definitely too great for history

  • Three-Wise-Men-Kupelwieser-sk-688po

    Black Sorcerer, White Mage

    There is no such thing as black or white magic. Magic is one, it depends where you sit.

  • The Eagle's Gift

    The power that governs the destiny of all living beings is called the Eagle

  • Orphan Civilizations

    On the threshold of our history, orphan civilizations seem to have felt from the sky

  • The Lost Book Of Enki

    The Lost Book Of Enki tells the Great Flood about 12.500 years ago

  • Science Without Conscience

    Science became a religion by loosing its conscience

  • King Menelik Of Ethiopia

    The Queen of Sheba gave King Solomon a son called Menelik

  • Last Days In Atlantis

    But the Atlantean empire did not disappear

  • jason-manteau-statue-688po

    Jason On No Man's Island

    Jason and the Argonauts approach a strange island, which contains more than one secret

  • Cathedrals On Strike

    The tragedy of the execution of dignitaries of the Temple on March 18, 1314 had two consequences that King Philip Le Bel certainly did not envisage.

  • Ram and the Druidesses

    Ramayana means : the race of Rama, who travelled from Hyperborea to India and beyond

  • Tipon, Eden of the Andes

    Very ancient garden-city in Peru, Tipon is the paradise on earth of god Enki Tiki, and the Eden of the Andes

  • pythagore-buste-constellations-543po

    Pythagoras' Theorem

    Pythagoras' theorem was known thousand years before him

  • Different Types Of Lightning

    Lightning causes other less known phenomena such as blue jets, elves, goblins, red sprites and fire balls.

  • In A Garden Of Eden

    The sudden food abundance is the source of the myth of the Garden of Eden

  • Geobiological Networks

    The geobiological networks Hartmann and Curry are cosmo- telluric residues

  • The Olmecs Were Astronauts

    Were the Olmecs astronauts? U.S. Astronaut Gordon Cooper is convinced.

  • Fairy Tales

    Fairy tales are a great initiatory teaching suitable for children.

  • Children Of The Beast

    The Serpent created us, protected us, instructed us and now he has became the bad Beast

  • Percival Of Wales

    Percival was a young peasant when he discovered chivalry

  • The Vajra Of Indra

    Lightning brightens your spirit and makes it as clear as diamond

  • Other Reality Levels

    They are called allies, djinns or loas, they come from another plan out of our world.

  • Immanuel Kant

    Kant said : Logic has come achieved and accomplished from the mind of Aristotle.

  • No Invokation!

    Please invoke nobody, the spirits are dangerous, the angels are too.

  • The Former Gods

    The celestial androgynes created the human race

  • Avebury Avenues

    Continuing the description and functions of a neolithic power plant