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  • The Law Of Decline

    Progressing is an illusion. We are neither the first, nor the more advanced.

  • The Labyrinth Of Tintagel

    Path to Jerusalem, initiatory mazes can modify you and your mind.

  • Tarot, Arcana XIII

    The Sleeping Beauty syndrome is the pleasant nickname of the arcanum XIII of the Tarot of Marseilles

  • The Golden Fleece

    A bunch of 50 heroes crossing half of the known world to free God Prometheus

  • montagne-sacree-akapana-pro-543po

    The Pyramid Of Tihuanaco

    Akapana, the pyramid of Tiahuanaco was a lightning trap where the giants of the Andes collected precious rainwater.

  • The Silver Age

    Hard time of fierce half-gods fighting monsters and men, the Silver Age lasted 16,000 years and ended with the Flood.

  • The Origin Of Myths

    Ancient myths and legends are not the work of humans.

  • Other Reality Levels

    They are called allies, djinns or loas, they come from another plan out of our world.

  • When The Year Got Longer

    The astral shock led to a change in the Earth's ellipse and year lasted five days.

  • The Twelve Labours Of Hercules

    Why had Hercules to do twelve labours?

  • Tarana Black America

    Tarana is the name of an African continent - today called America

  • Sun Of Ice

    There was a time when the sun was eating the sky. But the big sun was cold.

  • Subtle Powers

    Telekinesy, ubiquity, teleportation, healing, telepathy, levitation, 3rd eye, 3rd ear, all are yours.

  • The Four Yuga

    Four yuga, four ages separate and multiply mankind. Four races, four bridges between heaven and earth

  • Carnac and Karnak

    Carnac, Brittany and Karnak, Egypt: same name, same function, same origin.

  • Wandering Planet Nibiru

    Planet X, Hercolubus was not seen in 2012. Will it come? Investigation.

  • The Age of Heroes

    Ancient Greeks say Age Of Heroes. Anceint Hebrews say Age Of Patriarchs

  • The Shape of Time

    Since we conceive the time as a wave, what does it look like?

  • Tables Of Chartres

    The practice of the Middle Way is central to the daily exercises of the warrior

  • The Hundred Names of Venus

    Venus is another name for Sita, lover of Prince Charming Rama

  • The Art of Line

    C'est l'art de dessiner les charpentes, mais c'est bien plus encore

  • Bosnia: Visoko Pyramids

    While old-style scientists still doubt, unearthing continues under the guidance of Doc Osmanagic

  • Flying Egyptians

    In ancient Egypt, meet the Flying Serpents again, and find some puzzling evidences of modern UFOs

  • Farming Fever

    Our ancestors were hunter-gatherers and with no obvious reason, suddenly they became farmers

  • Stop The World

    Before seeing energy, the warrior must stop the world, said Carlos Castaneda

  • Angels Of War

    The Bible describes angels as overpowered invincible warriors

  • Feathered Serpent Quetzalcoatl

    Quetzalcoatl, Enki, Manu: three Flying Snakes in three different continents

  • The Law Of Oblivion

    We believe we are the first ones on Earth, but we forgot our past, like our descendants will forget us

  • Beloved Ninhursag

    Egyptians called her Isis, Greeks called her Athena. She is the Great Goddess

  • Caesar's Calendar

    Once in Rome, the year began in March. But Julius Caesar played the smart guy

  • Shamans Of Painted Caves

    In what mysterious activities were indulging those who painted those Sixtine chapels of prehistory, Altamira, Lascaux, Niaux?

  • Temples Of Light

    Tons of polarized stone to create the magnet that attracts the fire from heaven

  • Body Outing

    The art of dreaming is an incredible practice of Yaqui sorcerers to change the world with their dreams

  • Celtic Drugs

    Britons once fetched in the Auvergne fly agaric mushrooms for vision quests

  • Hindu Noah Manu

    In India, Noah is called Manu: he grounds his ark on the North Mountain ...

  • A Brand New Archangel

    Elo is a young archangel who works for the rating agency of God. He notes the Earth.

  • The Changing Of The Gods

    The sudden gravity forced the giants to leave Earth and create a smaller race

  • From Atlantis To Sumer

    Orphan civilizations have been developping at the dawn of history. Were they started by aliens?

  • Red Goddess Astarte

    Devil or goddess Astarte Ishtar Inanna presides pleasures of love

  • Unknown Egypt

    Far prior to Cheops, the Great Pyramid was erected twelve millenia ago

  • The Labyrinth of Chartres

    Feng Shui and geobiology are dealing with subtle energy coming from space and earth.

  • The Principle of Uncertainty

    Eden Saga does not want to expose a coherent doctrine