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  • Another Side of Virgin Mary

    The Virgin Mary would be Isis, Joseph would be Osiris, and the baby Jesus would be the little Horus

  • Albert Slosman

    The Great Hypothesis of Slosman : under various names, Jahveh, Zeus, Ptah, Enki are one and only God

  • Slaves Or Gods

    Designed to be used, programmed to work, at least we have a seed of light. Let it grow.

  • Atlantis Heritage

    Atlantis was the first Garden of Eden or Paradise, with its garden of the Hesperides. Sumer draws its inspiration from there to rewrite the history of Edin or Eden.

  • Xavier Speaking

    Two or three things you will know about me

  • The Fifth Sun Of The Maya

    The fifth and last Sun of the Aztecs and Mayans is definitely setting ...

  • What Middle Ages?

    I fear that we should set the record straight and in a drastic way: the Middle Ages never existed.

  • Olmec Heads

    The Olmec civilization has produced astonishing sculptures, giant heads of Negroid type

  • Lightning Catcher

    The large stones, dolmens or pyramids, are not tombs at all. On the opposite, they are giving life.

  • Rene Guenon

    Rene Guenon, a French philosopher who crisscrossed Shivaism and Islam

  • The Snake and the Vulture

    Feathered Serpent in America, Vulture Snake in Sumer, Vulture and Uraeus in Egypt : are they one?

  • Atlantis in Europe

    12000 years ago Atlantis disappeared. Next millenia have seen the raise of a new empire

  • Poles' Shift

    We learned that the Earth's axis has shifted from a few centimeters

  • montagne-sacree-akapana-pro-543po

    The Pyramid Of Tihuanaco

    Akapana, the pyramid of Tiahuanaco was a lightning trap where the giants of the Andes collected precious rainwater.

  • Prometheus Unchained

    Chained by Zeus, his uncle, the Titan Prometheus is released by a human, Hercules

  • Tarot, Arcana XVII to XVIIII

    These arcana are under the sign of stars. I mean heavenly stars.

  • Aliens Catalog

    Pleiadians, Vegans, Centaurians, Greys, Anunna, Elohim, all they are here

  • The Vajra Of Indra

    Lightning brightens your spirit and makes it as clear as diamond

  • Celtic Drugs

    Britons once fetched in the Auvergne fly agaric mushrooms for vision quests

  • Killing Machine

    Automatic life, no effort needed. "The machine is killing you Step by step you Got nothing to do"

  • Parallels Calendars

    Whatever the calendar, time triumphes at the end

  • The Law Of Decline

    Progressing is an illusion. We are neither the first, nor the more advanced.

  • The Hollow Moon

    Imagine the moon is hollow? Imagine it is an artifact? Imagine it is inhabited?

  • Sacred Streams

    Geo-energy, also called Wyvern or Vrill, flows along the sacred streams where cathedrals are concentrated.

  • The Ninth Wave

    A phenomenon is engaged which concerns not only our planet: time is accelerating

  • Idries Shah and Sufism

    The Sufi teaching rejects systems that apply the same exercises to all students

  • Chen, The Arousing Thunder

    I-ching hexagram called Chen is a door to inner light

  • Patriarch Henoch

    Henoch walked with the Elohim, and then he disappeared because the Elohim kidnapped him

  • King Of The World

    In 1947, the King of the World came in France. Was he a god or a crook?

  • Astral Travel: User's Manual

    It is a question of vertigo and mastering it. Don't be afraid, but caution: take care

  • Healing Hands

    Vital energy, Prana, Ki, Vril energy, whatever the name, our hands heal

  • Temples Of Light

    Tons of polarized stone to create the magnet that attracts the fire from heaven

  • Brittany Fairies

    Margot Hood and Morgan of the Coast are the two types of Britanny fairies

  • The End Of Time

    Hurry up, eat on the grass, some day the grass will eat on you.

  • Entering Roche Aux Fées

    So I stop just before your gap, which is an entrance to the Sidh.

  • Are we civilized?

    According to prominent scientists, we are not yet a Type I civilization

  • A Short History of Spirit: Prospects

    Third part: from the Age of Aquarius to the New Paradigm

  • Son Of A Pig

    Some imagine that the ancestor of man could be the pig ... rewarding idea.

  • Cyclic Destructions

    This is perhaps the normal process of a civilization: evolving towards its destruction.

  • Stone Giants

    Giants are carved in rocks and mountains worldwide. Maybe you know a giant rock I don't show here?

  • Perpetual Lamps

    Puzzling lamps were lighting since antiquity when discovered

  • mer-du-diable-sirenien-bermudes-543po

    Devil's Sea, Japan

    Japan got its own Bermuda's triangle. It is called the Devil's Sea.