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  • The Hundred Names of Venus

    Venus is another name for Sita, lover of Prince Charming Rama

  • Carnac and Karnak

    Carnac, Brittany and Karnak, Egypt: same name, same function, same origin.

  • Neanderthalian Heritage

    Many Europeans have a better immune protection than Africans, say biologists.

  • From Blood And Clay

    Clay is the blood of earth, said Rudolph Steiner

  • Did Venus Bang The Earth?

    Electro-magnet, the Earth began to attract many celestial bodies: Venus, Ceres, Nibiru. Worlds collided.

  • Another Side of Virgin Mary

    The Virgin Mary would be Isis, Joseph would be Osiris, and the baby Jesus would be the little Horus

  • Tarot, The Tower

    The Arcana XVI of the Tarot de Marseille is a key moment in the light path

  • What Middle Ages?

    I fear that we should set the record straight and in a drastic way: the Middle Ages never existed.

  • The Odyssey of Rama

    The true odyssey was not that of Ulysses, invention of Homer, but of Ram or Rama, the Atlantean ram

  • Secret History Of Ancient Aircrafts

    From the flying carpets of the Arabian Nights to the ardent wheels of the prophet Ezekiel, our past loves air travel

  • Mesopotamia

    The official History begins with Sumer in Mesopotamia, where so many kingdoms have followed

  • The Lost Book Of Enki

    The Lost Book Of Enki tells the Great Flood about 12.500 years ago

  • Planet Under Water

    After the Flood, water was everywhere. All animals had to survive in a Waterworld. What about us ?

  • Neanderthal And Us

    We have Neanderthal genes. Was he created before or after us?

  • Giants Of Sumer

    Giants have created for us to relieve them.

  • Neanderthal Is Back

    An American geneticist wants to clone a prehistoric man. So did former gods long ago ...

  • From Atlantis To Hyperborea

    Atlantis is an island spaceship, while Hyperborea is a mother spaceship

  • Teotihuacan Mercury

    A good amount of liquid mercury found under a pyramid in Teotihuacan, Mexico. Wonder why?

  • Avebury Avenues

    Continuing the description and functions of a neolithic power plant

  • Titans

    The first humans, those of the Golden Race, were giants

  • Homo Sapiens Sapiens

    Science calls modern man the man who knows he knows. It would be rather the man who forgot he forgot.

  • Rene Guenon

    Rene Guenon, a French philosopher who crisscrossed Shivaism and Islam

  • Hybrid Humanoid

    Imagine that all animals can become men, ie rational beings.

  • The Sons Of Cyclops

    These 50 meters high giants were the first landlords of this planet. The first human race. The Golden Race.

  • Life On Mars?

    David Martines found an artefact implying life on Mars

  • The Rama Bridge

    An isthmus once connected the southern tip of India to the island of Sri Lanka.

  • Revolt And Conditioning

    How to defuse legitimate rage and revolt

  • Uneasy Dating

    Any sorcerer can see past and future but no one can date what he sees

  • Yggdrasil And The Cosmic Chaos

    In Scandinavian mythology, when the wolf Fenrir shook the world's axis Yggdrasil, this was the end of the cosmic order

  • Stones Memory

    The stone has many secrets to share with us. This is not book knowledge, this is intimate knowledge.

  • The Ancient Giants

    A race of giants preceded us on this planet, here are some amazing evidences

  • Angelology

    Angelology is the study and attendance of Angels.

  • Angels Of Love

    Were the angels and the former gods hermaphrodite?

  • The Roaring Sword of Lugh

    Lugh the Son of the Sun was sparkling, his luminescent skin could take an unbearable brilliance

  • The Coming Human

    Our descendants will be forever free, or eternal robots

  • The Age Of Man

    Man with dinosaurs? Why not? Learn the truth about our age.

  • Geobiological Networks

    The geobiological networks Hartmann and Curry are cosmo- telluric residues

  • Fear Dealers

    Revolutions, flu, climate, crisis, pollutions, depressions... It is more and more touchy to resist fear. Don't be afraid...

  • Red Goddess Astarte

    Devil or goddess Astarte Ishtar Inanna presides pleasures of love

  • The Giants of Lachish

    An Assyrian relief displays flying giants

  • prince-de-la-matiere-triple-engeance-543po

    Prince Of Matter

    If a King of the World does exist, he is a bad guy. Don't take my word, open your eyes

  • Isle Of Brehat, Britanny, France

    On Brehat, the rocks seem carved by a great artist. By erosion? Or by giants?