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  • The Little People

    Goblins, korrigans, leprechauns, fairies, gnomes, hobbits, orcs and elves, they are the spirits of the elements

  • The Origin of Harem

    Harem first meant sacred temple. Quite far from the fucking room we know today ...

  • Electric Enlightenment

    In 2005, in Canada, Alain Laurendeau received a 14.400 volts electric shock and was enlightened

  • Antarctic 2016

    The melting of Antarctic ice revealed the remains of an impressive civilization (fiction)

  • Wandering Planet Nibiru

    Planet X, Hercolubus was not seen in 2012. Will it come? Investigation.

  • Wild People

    Primitive people remember the golden age. How long will they stay the last free people on earth?

  • The Amazon Queen

    The truth about the island without men has not finished astonishing

  • Angels Of Sex

    The angels did not disdain to slum among humans

  • Astral Travel: User's Manual

    It is a question of vertigo and mastering it. Don't be afraid, but caution: take care

  • Göbekli Tepe

    A 12,000 year old temple shatters the taboos of protohistory

  • Orpheus Christ

    Orpheus was a third-generation savior, god of the gods after Dionysos and Zeus

  • The Land of Punt

    Where is this mysterious land gone, with its marvels and precious herbs and rare beasts?

  • The Sphinx Riddle

    Robert Bauval, Graham Hancock, Robert Schoch, Anthony West and Colin Reader vs Zahi Hawass, the first round.

  • Tantra: Enlightenment Through Sex

    Tantra and sacred sex are true ways to enlightenment

  • The Labyrinth Of Tintagel

    Path to Jerusalem, initiatory mazes can modify you and your mind.

  • The Missiles of Rama

    Rockets, missiles and bombs, such is the modern and terrifying weaponry of Rama

  • Other Reality Levels

    They are called allies, djinns or loas, they come from another plan out of our world.

  • The Thrace of Rama

    How can Hram mean Temple in so many languages? Hram, ie Ha Ra Ma.

  • Jung vs Freud

    A regular fight opposed the two founders of psychoanalysis

  • Doggerland, The Middle Earth

    The Second Atlantis was found at bottom of North Sea

  • The Seventh Sky

    The Seventh Sky is not mystic, but sexual. It is a place for the body, for pleasure and fun in the company of sexy gods and goddesses.

  • The Murderers Of The Atlantic

    Madre de Diosd, a poem by Léo Ferré against the conquista and the slave trade

  • The Druids

    Magicians, enchanters, teachers, healers, Gallic Druids are still in our dreams

  • King Menelik Of Ethiopia

    The Queen of Sheba gave King Solomon a son called Menelik

  • Our Creators

    Our creators made a short-lived race, they called the ephemerals.

  • The Labyrinth Of Solomon

    Why has labyrinth always been fascinating?

  • Akashic Records

    The whole universe library is wide open, we often visit it

  • The Alpha Wave

    There is no difference in kind between God and man. Just a difference of degree.

  • A Crystal's Dream

    In the land of Atlantis, the preparation of crystal, the terribly powerful crystal ...

  • The Nuke Bomb Of Shiva

    Serious evidences suggested that the ancient gods mastered nuclear fission.

  • Stone Giants

    Giants are carved in rocks and mountains worldwide. Maybe you know a giant rock I don't show here?

  • Phaeton Son Of The Sun

    The day when Phaeton set the Earth on fire

  • Shaman

    Our ancestors have maintained a magical mentality, like the current primitive peoples.

  • Carnac and Karnak

    Carnac, Brittany and Karnak, Egypt: same name, same function, same origin.

  • Remember Atlantis

    The extent of their knoledge and mastery made them giants compared to dwarfs we are.

  • The Triple Use Of Lightning

    Crops fertilizer, machine energizer and human awakener, such was the triple use of lightning

  • The Anunnaki

    These superior beings described as reptilian possessed advanced technology

  • A Short History of Spirit: Prospects

    Third part: from the Age of Aquarius to the New Paradigm

  • Noah's Rainbow

    God gave Noah the rainbow sign: no more water but fire next time.

  • The Art of Line

    C'est l'art de dessiner les charpentes, mais c'est bien plus encore

  • Wedjat The Eye Of Horus

    The Egyptian symbol Eye Of Horus reproduces the Third Eye in the human brain

  • The Four Castes

    The Caste system in India or elsewhere could be an Atlantean heritage