Finally 2023!


Happy New Year to all! Not mad that 2022 is finally over. I wish you all a fabulous 2023, full of pleasant surprises, sweet hugs and kisses. Each of you will receive a full wheelbarrow by the astral route next night so you can have a full tank of hugs and kisses for the whole year. Yes, that’s the way we use here at Eden Saga.


And above all, a magical year is about to begin for my beloved Wolf and Flying Wolves. Don’t miss the next article to be published in three days, on the morning of Wednesday, January 4. He will give you the last indications, the last tips to better prepare for the flight that will take off the following night, that of Wednesday to Thursday.

I would also like to wish a happy and fruitful new year to our new graphic designer, UFG, who follows the late Stef Kervor. UFG, I’m sure, will delight our eyes and hearts throughout the Saga of Eden. Head of studio for Kervor, UFG already ensures continuity in the master’s work, before evolving towards his own horizons. Best wishes for success and wonder, as you can admire in front of this post.

UFG wants to erase itself in order to give space to the students of the studio he runs. It is to his credit and I thank him for it. In this spirit, he asks me that their works now appear under the signature SKES, Studio Kervor Eden Saga.   Beautiful tribute to the master, really! Of course, I wholeheartedly subscribe to it.




Many such Cockney travellers roam, Who Chelsea take for ancient Rome : They speak of all they have not seen, As if upon the spot they’d been.
Jean de La Fontaine