The Origin of Harem



Many traditional cultures have long had the practice of the harem for V.I.P.s. The Arabs, first, because the word harem comes from their language. But also traditional African societies, as well as ancient Levantines, Turks, Persians, etc.

Some peoples are keeping this practice.

A harem means both following women who surrounded an important person and where they live. By extension, the term is also used for other civilizations, such as ancient Egypt or Imperial China. In eastern point of view Harem is the equivalent of “forbidden to men.” (source)

The personalities who had a harem of attractive women, scantily dressed, only concerned about their beauty and body treatments, jealously watched over them like a rooster in the henhouse. Never a rooster worthy of the name would leave another rooster approach his hens. Hence cockfights.

In the harems, male servants yet officiated, rendered harmless by castration. The eunuchs. The harem is thus a heat females backyard reserved for princes and lords of this world. Knowing that all our customs, especially the bizarre, are right from customs astronauts gods that made us to serve them, we ask questions.

Let’s try to disgorge to the word itself, harem in the sifting of neo-linguistics was once called the language of Goslings. Harem could be related to the word Hram.




“In Arabic, pyramid is said Hram. This comes from the Bulgarian word meaning Hram Temple. Hram is a Bulgarian word whose ancient origins dating back thousands of years and which means God Mother Temple (Rama).

Ra is the absolute God of the ancient Bulgarians and Ma is the great goddess, mother of matter and energy. In the people of HRAM (Hora is Bulgarian word for people) you can feel the energy of Mother God Rama.”  (source)

In the saga of the gods astronauts that our distant ancestors converted to religion, HA is the creative principle non gendered, matching the Spirit. HA inaugurated the first trinity complement the principles RA male and female AD. Harama, is the ancient word that meant the divine trinity, and by extension its temples and its rules. Note that Harama is not far from Harem …

REM, as ROM, may well be a corruption of RAM, ie the Prince Rama. In the Arabic language, voyellisation varies according to time and place. Secondary, vowels are not written: to transcribe, Arabic adds accents on consonants.

So HAREM would mean: “do as the gods before”; or HAREM, “imitation of Our Lord Rama” “; or even HAREM,” the divine temple par excellence, the sacred pyramid that the astronauts gods have built.”




By what feat a place of debauchery as the harem – divine debauchery is debauchery all right – could become the pyramid, or the temple, sacred places par excellence?

Should we see a draft of Tantra, which opens the gates of heaven through the ritualized sexual ecstasy? Why not?

It is necessary that Tantra was also the imitation of a divine practice. The gods and goddesses have all taught us, even flirting, even seduction, even fuck. A text like the Kama Sutra, considered holy in Hinduism, is actually a precise codification of physical types and practices of mating and erotic pleasure. That text is gnosis of ass. Well I bet that this book also summarizes sex fantasies of the former gods. These guys had no moral, this is a well known fact.

That is why they pleased to Nietzsche, who wanted a life beyond good and evil. How right he was! There are many parallels between an impeccable warrior philosophy and philosophy of the superhuman beyond good and evil. Many similarities between Castaneda’s and Nietzsche’s active thinking.

It was long believed that Nietzsche had sympathy for the Nazis. Wrong, he was anarchist, and Nazis didn’t exist yet. He had nothing but contempt for politics and curse its narrow minded point of view. How bloody right he was!

We girls had all grown pale with shame discovering the dirty tricks that Zeus Almighty plays to the females who please him and had all blushed before Zeus’ infallible stiffness of desire that animates the acumen.




We boys had all wanted, just for a moment, to enjoy the transformist powers of the god of gods. Sometimes he becomes a swan, sometimes a bull, sometimes he screws a goddess, sometimes a nymph, sometimes a human female – sorry, an ephemeral, since Zeus called us so. He referred to the brevity of human life, set at 120 years by an effect of his will.

But the ephemeral word, about a feminine conquest, also refers to the oldest profession in the world: ie prostitution. “I took the hand of an ephemeral / Who followed me in my house / Her eyes were oversea blue / She showed the same unreason” Aragon wrote for Ferré to sing.

Now we get to my point. The world’s oldest profession could not be better named. The terraforming gods created women for their pleasure. For several millennia, the reptilian gods have played the hot hand with an evolved mammal plantigrade – well not too much evolved, next to them – ie the woman.

The man came later. He turned up at just the wrong moment. Now the gods needed a skilled and smart male to cultivate the land, definitely too low for giants. The woman did not want this newcomer. The Bible calls this first woman LILITH.

What connexion between HARAMA and HAREM, at the long last? Easy: the gods were organizing raids on earth to grab the prettiest women. Gods needed more pretty girls than one. In paradise, ie on Hyperborea, women had everything a bitch can dream: luxury, calm and voluptuousness. They were quickly competing to win the gods contest. This custom still exists in the Miss World contest. Hence the image of a populous Islamic paradise houris, pretty good fucking bitches, awaiting the brave warrior of Allah to give him happiness. You will say that the gods thought only that. And I will answer: yes. Yes I do.




The Harem is a sacred temple because it is the exact imitation of a practice of the gods astronauts, so sacred, so great, so good to reproduce. In his way, DSK accomplished a sacred ritual. Over time, all the most stupid fads avant gods through all their foulest were slavishly reproduced, to become the sacred tenets of different religions. Even their way of wiping their ass!

Until we have not understood, within oneself, how our teachers are a bad model, we will be ready to serve when they come back. If humanity is awakening, if we go into the galactic light, if the union of beings and spirits is realized on this plan as it has already done in the astral, the ancient model will lose its binding.

We can finally invent a world that looks like us, the human and humans. The old world must disappear because it is unhealthy imitation gods before.


Very soon I realized that what we were taught in textbooks had a provincial side – unimaginative, lacking air.
Hubert Reeves