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“Some believe in fairies, others in God, others nothing. Some lend credence to ghost stories. Others do not care. Some see apparitions. Others see nothing. Some tell their return journeys in the afterlife, but the scientists explain that these are neurochemical phenomena. Here we talk about miracles and there sound events can look at the world in a crystal ball or through the eyepiece of the microscope. There is only one truth (or it would be called otherwise) but nobody tells the truth when he claims to possess.” (source)Sylvain Tesson, Géographie de l’instant

“This website contains a lot of data that insiders did not disclose because they thought it was too sacred to share with anyone. The wise men who still live, however, say that as we approach the end of a cycle, when men are everywhere unable to understand the truths that were originally revealed to them, it is then permissible, and even desirable, to reveal them in broad daylight.” (source)Hehaka Sapa, The secret rites of the Sioux


My Dear Friends,

Ten years ago when I started in the writing and implementation of the website Eden Saga, I thought to work as a historian, and bring my stone to the building of the new archeology. This stone was a megalith.


xavier-et-stef-200poThose who read me from the beginning have opened their eyes, they began research in turn, some even -more and more numerous- have created their own new history and new archeology website, I’m thrilled beyond my expectations. Ten years later, many international scholars maintain an exciting match: they can not support me openly because their hierarchy objects. But under the cloak, they encourage me to continue the demystification of human sciences, increasingly inhumane. You are hundreds to write me each month, some for years, and I look forward to seeing you on the path of awakening.


Many of you have integrated basic principles I have set out: to believe without believing in it, to rise beyond religions that separate, to pass awakening above all, to doubt all assertions without proof, to trust this irresistible force that sleeps in you, coiled in the last vertebra, and only waiting for a signal to go up through you with light and peace.

The object is achieved, I could stop, but your support and affection have become my daily bread, and I can not imagine depriving me of this happiness to participate, however little it may be, your progress towards the top of yourself.

The international situation is not pleasing, the meteoric rise of selfishness is a great concern, that is why the people of Eden must maintain its course: research, openness, reflection, decision, intention, awakening.

It is the wish that I make with all my soul for each of you. Thank you all, what I give you, you will give in your turn, the fruits are already there.


When someone is dreaming alone, it is only dreaming. When many people are dreaming together, it is the beginning of a new reality. (Friedensreich Hundertwasser)


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 The mouse won’t give up as long as it compares like with like. Just follow the mighty mouse. Get in the fortress of yourself. A treasure is hidden inside.



There’s another world inside of this one, the borderline is inner and time stops here.
Stef Kervor