Ploudalmezeau, Finistere


My passion for archaeological and historical anomalies (AAH) has probably defeated my fear of emptiness. It was absolutely necessary to go to this stone in the form of a head which one sees from the island of Carn, which I call the head in equilibrium. It is located on a small islet 448 meters from the cairn (south). It is reached at low tide by the Porsguen beach.

This incredible structure balances on a thin spot. There are also some basins, a seat and some traces of cutting off (our ancestors did not make their life easier). I also photographed south of the beach of Carn a stack of enigmatic stones. A kind of huge mirror stone as well as gross traces of cutting off on some blocks – they also had to do so to cut granite more than 12,000 years ago.

Is it the debris of an old quarry? The remains of a sunken city? Believe me, chance does not belong here. Exploring the seabed in this area should be very rich in discoveries.


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