The Last Words Of Krishnamurti


“Actually, religion has now become a huge business. Some churches gather huge amounts of money – to say nothing of their political power. Blindly believe in anything and want to impose that belief on others is something quite terrible!

There is no need to dwell on religions such as Islam or Christianity, which proselytizing activities are well known. But this phenomenon is spreading now in Hinduism. Imagine that these people began to build temples abroad, in cities like New York, Philadelphia or Milwaukee.” wrote Jiddu Krishnamurti.(source)Jiddu Krishnamurti «Ultimes paroles », entretiens avec Lakshmi Prasad (entre 1981 et 1985) publié chez Albin Michel, dans la collection « Espaces Libres »

Although Indian himself, Krishnamurti did not have a high esteem for Hinduism. Here is what he says: “Do we really need to export all the absurdities and other nonsense that are running under the label of Hinduism? Should we really transmit these junk superstitions to others countries? What do we really hope by showing all this pompous gibberish all over the world?” (source)Jiddu Krishnamurti «Ultimes paroles », entretiens avec Lakshmi Prasad (entre 1981 et 1985) publié chez Albin Michel, dans la collection « Espaces Libres »

Absurdities, nonsense,gibberish, lies … All religions count plenty of them, but according to Krishnamurti, Hinduism deserves the palm … A reader gives me this comment I liked, and I submit to your appreciation:  “The problem with Hinduism is that cosmic knowledge has been bastardized, to be used to manage the herd of humans in a patriarchal and monarchical society.
The original texts of Hinduism describe knowledge that was not rediscovered by science until later centuries. The Vishnu-Brahma-Shiva “trinity” describes the magnetic field: positive pole / attraction force (Vishnu), negative pole / repulsive force (Shiva), and resulting equilibrium (Brahma), which constitute the universe. The “dance” of Shiva Nataraja represents the circle of electrons around the nucleus of the atom.
But these very ancient traditions, which conveyed a real knowledge, were replaced, under the same name, by puerile legends. This has also happened to Buddhism (originally a liberation of religions, the Awakened being a human who has freed himself from all illusion), become a religion.
For Judaic and Christian monotheism, the initiatory basis recognizes wave / vibration as the organizer of the universe and the only reality: “in the beginning was the Word”.
The so-called “holy books” are only compilations of sagas and patriarchal laws, with, in the case of Christianity, the addition of the New Testament, which is only a screen of smoke because never applied. But at least this betrayed tradition announces color in Genesis: the Serpent / Satan offers humans to free their minds to determine what is good or evil, and thus direct their actions in consciousness: the gift that He makes Is the only reasonable choice -“Satan” being understood as the potential contained in our mind, and not as a mythological character opposed to another.” (Vassil Asjac)
Thank you Vassil, we find in this process of ignorance the same naive deformations as in the philosophy of Plato or the mathematics of Pythagoras: these ancient Greeks inherited a complex knowledge to which they have understood nothing in the final analysis.

As for Hinduism, I myself was shocked by the inanity and the fundamentalist violence of several Hindu fanatics.

I too was shocked by the violence of several fundamentalist Hindus. This religion deeply upset over the centuries welcomes today too currents, which sometimes disagree on absurd questions and irrelevant to our times. One of them wrote to me drink insults pretext that I had dared to write that Rama, THEIR Rama was not born in India. Which is nobody’s secret, except for Hindus.
Rama is “divine” nature, he is Hyperborean, and Western Celtic lands welcomed him on this planet. Then, much later, he began the conquest of Europe, then Middle East and Far East. He laid the foundations of Indian culture, Chinese and Japanese, then withdrew to Tibet meditate such a distant Buddha. What is true for India is also for the world, and critics of Hinduism apply, we said, all religions without exception.
“Religion, in general, has lost its profound content. It is organized today as large companies, with which it shares the rest methods. Behind these organized hierarchies but operate extremely powerful forces. These have all the money and do not hesitate, if necessary, to use force. in addition, most newspapers prefer to remain silent about their activities. Who would indeed criticize the established religions and lose hundreds of thousands of readers?
In fact, various clerical hierarchies are mainly dedicated to strengthening their institutions, and gurus in the increasing number of their followers. Should we here talk about religion? Or is it simply fanaticism? And what is the difference between such “religion” and politics?
Is it conceivable that a number of lucid minds come together to prevent such a danger? I will answer first that reasonable minds are hardly legion among the religious. Lucidity is not usually well with superstition. In reality, corruption is everywhere, and religious supposedly contribute too. See those followers who quarrel all the time, using type arguments, “My guru is greater than yours.” Where are the lucid beings? And how do you expect to find among these groups eager for competition?
But do not forget the intellectuals. Those will say they have nothing to do with religion. For you see, even the word intimidates! They would prefer not to touch such a field. Even better, they are not even looking at whether there is a sacred dimension, and it is possible to explore.
Consider all this, one question comes to mind: Can religion escape creed, dogma and ritual to simply rely on the ethics of everyday life? In other words, there is a sacred within which we can live authentically? But who could hear such a question?”(source)Jiddu Krishnamurti «Ultimes paroles », entretiens avec Lakshmi Prasad (entre 1981 et 1985) publié chez Albin Michel, dans la collection « Espaces Libres »
Very few, it’s true. My readers will appreciate. Some will listen, and to echo. It is time to send priests, imams, sachems, rabbis, gurus and all the monks to their dear studies. Need anyone. God himself is a portmanteau word, meaningless through being full of crap.
The hypothesis of God is not necessary, it is useful. Not helpful to believers, no, quite the contrary. God is the powerful who make it say what suits them. In their hands, God is a fabulous operating tool. Only knowledge can open a spiritual path or religion, provided they are all, prevent knowledge. Religions keep us in bondage of ignorance. This is why they must give way to the light that shines in each.
“Breaking the shackles of habits is not easy. The man submits to a model, falls into a kind of lethargy and carefully avoids anything that might challenge it. Basically, people cultivate bitterness and . cynicism from a psychological standpoint, there are few who want freedom Certainly everyone likes to be free to act at will. – but what about inner freedom?
This requires a long and patient work of exploration of self. Destroy the old cocoon demands a phenomenal energy. In truth, most people who attend my lectures are mainly driven by curiosity. How many of them really understood righteous living and right? How many are willing to experience what I convey to them, to put it into practice in their lives? Today, materialism reigns supreme.
Basically, the truth does not interest many people. If one is unable to transcend the game of phenomena to go in search of the essential, one remains a prisoner of the past. And most people refuse to see further. What they want is to be entertained. Even religion has become an entertainment.” (source)Jiddu Krishnamurti «Ultimes paroles », entretiens avec Lakshmi Prasad (entre 1981 et 1985) publié chez Albin Michel, dans la collection « Espaces Libres »
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
Arthur C. Clarke