You Are That


You are at peace with yourself. Your body, your heart and your spirit are united. With the 3rd you made the 1. And your reign will have no end. You are master of yourself. This mastery is worth a hundred thousand fights. Perhaps you have experienced them? Perhaps you have conquered, not your being, but the little master. He raised you as he could, far from the stars, at the bottom of the valley. You knew how to gain heights. You climbed in yourself, always higher, always more beautiful.

A great winter sun illuminates the hill. The mountain is divine in the air, right in front of you. Go.

Tat tvam Asi

You are master of yourself. One by one, with jealous care, you have removed the thorns that pierced your subtle envelope. Then your heart body is unharmed and asks for free practice. At the same time, you blew the butterflies that flew along your energy pattern. And, nestled in your last vertebra with the eloquent name, the sacrum, which is sacred, your kundalini begins to unroll its rings in your central channel, the one in India called sushumna. It goes straight from your base center at the perineum, to the top of your skull, to the center crown, the fontanel.

And now you are like him, straight as an I, king in a nest. When sushumna goes, you stand straight. When kundalini falls asleep, you are empty and without energy. Awakening stabilizes the ups and downs. The constant search for the impeccability of the warrior allows you to level the emotional bumps, until the day when all your emotional tone is cleansed, purged, cleansed, conquered. There stands the only mastery that is worth.

Tat tvam Asi – the unity of consciousness in itself. «You are That» affirms the Vedanta. Your true being is the Absolute. The Self is interior and universal, present in everyone and actual in all, here and now, everywhere and from all eternity.

To persuade you is another matter… Without taking you for God — which is not the easiest…

The Energy Scheme

I call the three main channels — sushumna, ida, pingala — that carry the subtle energy through our bodies. On the central sushumna channel there are seven chakras. Above this channel are other chakras, as above it, and under our feet the energetic pattern continues. It also covers all the secondary and tertiary chakras. It also includes the slightest branch channeling subtle energy.

This invisible network appears only in the eyes of the clairvoyant. It can detect blockages, weak or dormant chakras. The healer is a subtle plumber who cleans the energy piping. It can also intervene on primary, secondary and tertiary chakras. Hail to his action, but first thanks to the patient working on yourself, today you are no longer the same. Here you really are. And you can’t believe it.

To hide your own turpitudes, your past weaknesses, your smelly trash cans, your brain poured over tons of concrete. It’s an important part of your energy that keeps this concrete in place. As soon as you have purged the emotional trauma, no more need for concrete hide-misery. You recover tons of good energy that will be more useful to you as well.

The energy pattern is the total energy network of a person. It includes channels, chakras, subtle bodies, heart bodies, auras. Only a Healer Light can intervene on this diagram. Make sure you are in good hands. It is true that the possible awkwardness does not lend itself to consequence. If something displeases your inner master, it cancels the intervention of the seer, pure and simple. This is likely to reassure.

The one who constantly changes his pattern, it is her, it is him, it is you. The healer is optional. If you act like a warrior, that’s enough to clean you up.



Supreme happiness

You don’t think, someone does it
In another crazy space
You’re not acting One acts you
At night one blows out your candle
 You wake up when one turns you on
A divine finger cuts the sleep
That finger pressing reset
Finger of Seth or the Angel’s
At least it’s not your own
Head to the block you will keep

One pulls you, one manipulates you
One picks up your panties and sweaters
The voice speaks to you and blind you follow it
It is your ego your I-am
All power is your consciousness
Bleating sheep you trust
And you follow it on the climbing path
With a kid’s madness
On whom death has no hold
And falls asleep in its shirt

You are led remotely
By LRC His Excellency
Lord Remote Control without shame
Your Guide, Pilot and Lord
Makes you move makes you talk
Makes you drawn and quartered
When you mean to be quiet
On your island in the sun
Force you to show off, fake puppet
Maneuvered from evening to dawn

Manipulated during the day
Indoctrinated every little while
You fall asleep aching body
When you wake up you act dead
You don’t have to be old anymore
Catching the fire in your eyes
Yet considering the shit we’re in
You’re the happiest man on earth

Who you really are

You are that. Tat tvam Asi. Don’t look. It’s better that way. See a flight of paper boats spinning on the river, white skiffs that the schoolchildren threw from the old stone bridge.

Your duty? To improve yourself. Endlessly and endlessly conquer your summits. You must be better. Much better. Individually, collectively, each for himself, all together, one for the other, everyone to win, we have to go. Victory cannot be won without you. Remember. Be there.

I want to go with you. But I don’t want to guide you. I want to tell myself. But I don’t want to guide you. I want to paint myself. But not coerce you. You don’t choose, you let yourself be pulled towards you… or you let yourself sink. It’s a choice.

To bewitch you you need a sacred vault. As vast as the celestial vault. Help me Nout! O Goddess! Tie the vault that bewitches us! The Great Goddess of 4 meters leans on the cradle of humans, vaulted on this land of misery that she has born. Breastfed. Pampered. And carried on baptismal funds. This land Geb which is male, horse, insulin, and not super smart. Geb the glèbe.French: rich soil to grow crops



Be the boss at home. The weak dare not. The powerful do not know. The monarch is absent. The executioner sent. The stallion impotent. And the spring important. The corpse is acting. The mouse is roaring. In a word as in a hundred. Read again. Dead brain.

You are the multiverse that remembers the egg. You are the no-egg that makes the first egg. You are the wood from which the bones are made. You are the lead from which the gold is made. You’re clogged, but it works out. You’re lying down, but it itches. You’re blown in the barns. You’re touched by what we eat. You are showered with orange juice. You are more than double of nothing. You are less than half of everything. We are getting ready for the party. The garden is shining. It is far. Already the sea. Come back.

To know who you are, subtract who you’re not.

Tat tvam Asi – the unity of consciousness in itself. «You are That» affirms the Vedanta. Your true being is the Absolute. The Self is interior and universal, present in everyone and actual in all, here and now, everywhere and from all eternity.


Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.
Al Einstein