The Amazons


Little is known about the Amazons, and the little we know is unreliable. Historians argue about their location in Asia Minor or Africa, they do not know.

In addition, they are interested only in the last moult of the Amazons, ie the end of their reign, a period of a few centuries at best as their stranglehold on the world lasted much longer. Several millennia in my opinion, since the origin of matriarchy, ie 12,000 BCE, which also intertwines with the origin of this humanity, up to the end with the reign of Prince Charming Rama.

walkyrie-pascal-izac-200x641pxWe have to use here delicacy and subtlety. I venture on unexplored lands. All values are reversed there: under the first matriarchy of Black giant females, Women dominate the weak and timid male through trickery and magic. Then the Woman tightening its grip, it dominates everywhere, including by force and the art of war.

Rarely, especially nowadays, a spotlight is given over this period, prior to the official story, and over this particular people, the Amazons. Which incidentally are not a people, but an elite army.

Back in time like a salmon is backing up the river where he was born, I explored to my heart’s content the incredible odyssey of Rama, totally forgotten by our history. First planetary hero, first conqueror, first king of men and emperor of the world, he was the victim of punishment, his name was deleted from Western chronicles, so that only Asia, and especially India, has preserved the memory. Who remembers Rama in Europe, recognizing in him the Hyperborean giant, red haired and stronger than twelve Turks?

I gave an overview of the loftiness of his views, the size of its empire and the importance of his historical role.

The salmon I am goes up the river, which becomes mountain stream. And then I find this extraordinary period of global matriarchy. Hathor, the great goddess. Venus with thousand names. Beloved Isis, who donated the awakening to humans.


amazones-africaines-200poGoing back further, I come to Adam and Eve. Adam was not the first, Lilith came before him. Lilith, the wife of the gods, angels and demons. Red Astarte, Inanna with clawed feet. The mystery deepens. In the smoke I grope, here is the rule of the Woman, behold, the male is subject, humiliated and systematically exterminated by the Iron Guard of the Great Goddess.

Because males are zero. Ignorant, they have just been born, while the Woman has been reigning over the Snake planet for millennia.

The Iron Guard was originally a kind of traffic police, much like the Templars. Then it gained prominence, its powers grew, its riches too, like the Templars. The Iron Guard became an elite army where all the young girls of good family dreamed of entering. Quite like the Templars. And the Iron Guard, women only, was called the Amazons.

Homer mentions the Amazons in his Iliad. He makes them objective allies of the Trojans, ie enemies of Ulysses / Rama. This is not surprising because Rama has come to end the matriarchy, represented by the Amazons who were the elite troops of the planetary matriarchal government.




What does Amazon means? Do not ask etymologists, they know nothing about and compete as historians. Instead, use the language of goslings. Historical Greece experienced an elite guard, a male one, called the Evzones. EV or EU means beautiful and ZON means belt. The Evzones are therefore called “beautiful belt” because they wore a broad belt with engraved metal plate, say the specialists.

Why have they not inquired on the possible etymological connection between Evzone and the Amazon?

I wanted to explore this juicy track and came across the beautiful Hippolyte, whose name means “untie the horse.” Hippolyte was one of the prominent queen of the Amazons. She had two sisters, Antiope and Melanippus. Hippolyte is the mother of Theseus – or his aunt. But she is best known for her fabulous belt. In fact, steal the belt of Hippolyte is the 9th of the labors of Hercules – Herakles in Greek, which means glory of Hera.



This belt is very important apparently since Herakles must steal it. Anyway there is a belt story about the queen of the Amazons and that was my quest. I therefore feel entitled to propose as a translation of Amazon: “Ama’s belt.” Who is Ama, you ask? She is a goddess, not the first, but the second. She appears in the original trinity of the former gods: HA + RA + MA.

HA is the first principle, the equivalent of the Spirit for Christians, but HA is feminine. She is historically embodied by the Great Goddess Hathor.

RA is the second principle, the equivalent of the Father for Christians. He is male. He is historically incarnated by RA, the first light god of Egypt, the first master of the world, his face shining like the sun.

MA is the third principle of the original trinity, ie the Mother for Christians. The sound MA meaning mother in a very large number of languages.

Here is my conclusion. After the reign of Hathor, which left the world a moving memory of paradise on earth, matriarchy experienced a hardening phase. Males have gained prominence by increasing their number, and in response women mistreated them. Then came the reign of Ma, or AMA.

amazone-d-amazonie-200poThe Goddess Ma or Ama is well known to China, where many ancient temples are dedicated to her. Thus the name of Macau, once a Portuguese city, came from Ma-gao, which means “harbour of Ama”. In Cantonese, a nurse is called Ama, and that’s exactly what was the goddess queen: a second Mom, a Mamy who came after the spawning Hathor.

Again, MA wasn’t motherlike. Rather, she is identified with destructive Kali, a prominent Hindu goddess the Hindus refer to as Kali Ma.

Amazons are the ones who wear the belt of Ma. That is, the troops of Queen Ma. The Bible told, certainly discreetly, this curious story in Genesis. Unless it is in other Hebrew text? In Eden was Lilith, first woman created before Adam. Eve was then created at the request of Adam because he was afraid of Lilith. You see there are two women around Adam, as there are two feminine principles HA and MA around male principle RA.

The question is what this fabulous belt was used for? What marvellous power has it? Could Hyppolite fly due to this belt? Was she invulnerable? No further comment on Greek mythology. No doubt for me, the belt was a technological gadget, like the aegis of Athena, the tyrse of Dionysus, the lightning of Zeus, the crowns of Osiris or the Vajra of Indra.

To exit the horrible and unhealthy matriarchy, a red-haired shepherd came from Hyperborea with a flute and a magic stick. He courted the girls who swooned for his green eyes, his wide chest and the wisdom of his words. He chose the name of RAMA, for he had reconciled the female principle MA with RA, the male principle. Unfortunately, the reign of Rama was followed by the takeover of patriarchy, in which we are still groaning today. Lord Rama be kind to us!



Speaking of technology and modern weapons, I must add that the Amazons went into battle to the sound of sistrum, a sort of maracas with bells. “The sistrum, musical instrument that is waved during the processions, symbolized the goddess Hathor in her cheerful appearance.”

I bet the Amazons used the original sistrum, which was much more than a musical instrument. A way to start deep trance maybe. A magical device …


It a beautiful harmony when doing and saying fit together.