Zeus the Father


According to Greek mythology, the first master of the Earth was Heaven (Uranus). Then his son Time (Cronos or Cronus) reverses Heaven to reign in his stead. Then his son God (Zeus) squats the throne. Absolute monarch, Zeus reign unchallenged over men and gods.

After having defeated his father, Kronos the Time reigned alone on the world: he hurried to plunge his brothers and sisters into the Hell. As for the children he had with his wife Rhea, he devoured them from their birth.

These former gods, anyway, they got a different culture. We have guillotined people for less important reasons. But nevermind.

When Zeus was about to be born, Rhea secretly ran away to Crete, where she gave birth to the child. And giving to a stone the look of a newborn child, she presented it to Kronos who swallowed it easily. Little Zeus grew up by sucking the milk of the goat Amalthea. 

Twenty years later, Zeus gave to Kronos a drug that made him vomit his children the Titans, Zeus’ brothers and sisters. Then he set free the Cyclops from Tartarus, and they all united in a merciless war against Kronos: Titanomachia. Cronos and the Titans were in their turn thrown in Tartarus, the river of Hell. But Gaia the Earth was annoyed with the Titans’ lot. She called the Giants, who brandish burning trees and huge rocks. Then the Olympians acted with their own weapons: Zeus seized his thunderbolt, Athena took the aegis, shield of Zeus that he often confided to his daughter Athena.

Dyonisus brandished the thyrsus – weapon of Dionysus, the thyrsus is symbolized by a long stick decorated with vine and ivy leaves, ending with a pine cone ; but at the time of the Titans, it was undoubtedly a less symbolic weapon.

Hercules launched his arrows, and they all competed to a second victory. It is not easy to finish off his father, is it, Zeus? Especially as your father, Old Cronos-Time, had lots of trouble to finish off his own father, Uranus-the Sky, who came from the stars. Between the lines, Hesiode’s Theogony allows us to think that Uranus and the Titans were aliens.

Wasn’t Zeus used to transform people into stars, as he did to his son Chiro the centaur, and to his seven nieces the Pleiads? 




Twice, Zeus and his gang defeated Cronos’ army. Gaia made then a last attempt, and joining to Tartarus, gave birth to Typhoon, a monster more imposing than the Giants, whose head touched the stars, and who had a hundred dragon’s heads in the place of fingers. 

Episodes of the struggle took place in the whole world, until Zeus, thanks to thunder and lightning, crushed his opponent under the Etna, in Sicily. Henceforth, Zeus’ authority was assured. The Olympians shared the power between them. The golden race will disappear with the Giants.

Very soon, the standard man will come from nothingness. To put it plainly, this myth and that of Cronos, tell us that another species came from the stars, the People of Heaven. This species crossed with the People of Earth, generating the golden race: they were very strong men, gifted, “mastering themselves and the whole universe” (source).Chained Prometheus, by Aeschylus, translated by Xavier Séguin

The People of Heaven had a starbase on Titan, fourth moon of Saturn -latin name of Kronos- so they were called the Titans. We all know that Saturn moon was named long after, but I just quote a fact.

Led by God -other name for Zeus, from the greek Theos- those Titans put an end to endless golden age under the reign of Time. That is to say that human life got suddenly very shortened, and the powers of spirit, which the Titans were using so easily, got very decreased. That is to say that our species has burst on the global scene. Made for the needs and desires of the gods. Dark Sunday!

And it’s not over.

A meteoritic collision or a pilot mistake threw off Earth’s balance, which resumed its slope. The shock’s violence made an enormous wave spurt out. Flood is the name of this wave, whose crest reached four kilometers high, accompanied with hundreds of volcanic eruptions: the hundred dragon’s heads of Flood. And this was a worldwide disaster, which was crowned in Europe by a terrible eruption of Etna.

Now all the story elements are back in place: sad end to happy time. The golden race has gone, the Earth resumed his ecliptic angle, henceforth men will live a lot less long.




Did the Olympian gods really lived on Mount Olympus? I don’t think so. Let’s say for the Greeks of the time, the only way to see the gods was to climb to the top of Mount Olympus. What good, if the gods were not there? To take the shuttle to Hyperborea, gigantic space island under a crystal dome suspended as another moon in the sky at the north pole.

On top of Mount Olympus, in fact, a track was dug that allowed divine gear to land and take off. Mount Olympus, in its way, was therefore one of the thrones of Solomon, one of these truncated pyramids where the gods placed their metal and glass birds.

This antique airstrip is still clearly visible at the top of Olympus, as shown in this video. Guess what it’s called? Zeus armchair. Good enough. To be compared with cathedrals whose name means God’s armchairs.

Zeus or Hera?

Before closing this chapter, I have to share a question to my readers. A serious doubt I got. Greek mythology gives Zeus the Father a disturbing, incoherent picture. The god of gods is light, fickle, saucy, incestuous, playful, temperamental, arrogant, spiteful, and especially unable to run a country, not to mention a whole new world. Is it really that vile seducer who managed the impressive company of terraforming the Earth? Has he really the qualities of a leader, of a clear leader? Or would he be only the companion of one who decides and who manages, the Great Goddess Hera?
It seems that all mythologies have been rewritten to remove the long reign of the matriarchs, which has been a real trauma for the first males of our humanity. It seems that the Woman -not the Man- first appeared on the soil of this planet. It seems that ancient astronauts did not need males, but females just for their enjoyment. It seems that the dictatorship of the Matriarchs has been ruling the Earth for many millennia.
It seems that this episode had a tragic end. It seems that the magical powers of witches and druids have exceeded everything we imagine today. It seems that the cruel violence of the Amazons was such a trauma that men decided to keep women in a state of total submission. It seems that the witches burned at the stake have paid for these times of terror. It seems that the little Zeus was, ultimately, the consort of the Great Goddess Hera also named Hathor, who had many lovers …


To doubt everything or to believe all, are two equally convenient solutions, that both prevent from thinking.
Henri Poincaré