Coming Human


My name is Kivanu. I was born on Terra, the third planet in the Ra system. I grew up among the meadow and forest fairies, like all the children of Terra. I received my first griffin at 8 years old, the riding age. As soon as I received him, I got on board. He uttered a long hoarse cry and we flew away. Since then, Air Duke and I have been inseparable.

Air Duke and I

Like most of you, I live without constraint. I bathe in fiery streams or caressing streams. I fly with Air Duke, we play jumping stars and the wall of fire. I have sun seeds in my pockets to sow them randomly from our races. I hide thousands of varieties in the fonts of my valiant griffin.

He never rears up, he never flinches at the risk of killing me. I hear him neither roaring nor felling. He is always ready for a getaway. Never tired, never broken, he led me in all weather, from autumn to spring, and I am very happy.


First Chills

And then a beautiful girl changed my mind. Her name is Reine. She’s bonr to be a druidesse. I experienced the first thrills of love at the age of 15, as it should be. Kneeling near her, I stretched out my hands above her belly and sang very gently the prayer as a prelude to the first embrace and the ritual gestures that the fairies had taught me. 

Holy Mother of all that lives, bless this body that I will take. Make it like the body of the infant and make me worthy of his love.

I lay next to her so that she could repay me. And I knew Queen by giving thanks to Our Lady.

That’s how things are and how life is around here. My life is like that of the boys and girls at Terra Gardens. I have nothing special, nothing distinguishes me from others, nothing destined me to live the rare life that the fairies have given me.


La druidesse éphémèreThe Ephemeral Druidess

So she called herself. At least I believed her for a long time. Sweet and tender with the little ones, she was brittle with the big ones. But all she loved them the same. I knew the Druidess during an incursion into her reality. My griffin had led me there. With or without him, I often go back. In this place life does not end. My Druidess was just my age. At least I believed it for a long time. In the land of fairies, time is slow. And my body grew old when the fairies left.

Magic of my enchantress. I listened to her for centuries. Her teaching is a balm and already her voice heals me. Not that I am sick. I only suffer from the same evil as you all. I carry the curse of the program, like the other robots of now. I hear the sounds, not the meaning. I understand differently than most people. If this defect has played me bad tricks, it has also done me great service.

She did not grow old. Her body remained the same and always different. At the palace of my heart, my druidess was queen. Love gave us many, many children. Air Duke had grown up. He could carry four children on his back, two on his neckline and others clung to his tail laughing. My griffin gleamed with joy as it flew away. The kids got drunk on pure sky and wind. My queen was happy and I was happy.

Nothing lasts here, even in fairyland. I had the art of healing and tried everything. Despite all my efforts, my Reine succumbed. Sadness froze my heart from an eternal winter. At the time of her death, in her last glance, I understood the name she choose: la druidesse et fée mèreand Fairy Mother – French : éphémère = et fée mère



Words From Her Beloved Mouth

Sad evil robots! I can’t bring myself to say bot, which I insist on pronouncing beautiful. It’s silly. Beautiful these zombies are hardly. They concentrate in themselves the ugliness of a dead body. Their strongest impulses are nothing but lethargy. Farewell, I left. I was born again to see that the world was a big graveyard under the moon. This smell of rubbish has something to be mad about. Not too many of my two poets to cover my face. So I’m dead again without the slightest remorse.

What did she say? Words of pure gold, gestures of hands, last chorus, we will see each other tomorrow. There is a world where nothing dies. I spent days, nights and years there. When you live with fairies, you don’t see the time go by. Ironic to say that you are ephemeral when you live so long! You are not mortal when you are eternal. The Druidess love and tenderness lived a hundred lives at every moment. I have known so many and I am very happy about it.

Lost the paradise where my Druidess was at home. But the path exists, just go there. No one forces me to live here. Without leaving the present, I live in other times, exciting, confusing. Other places for the eyes. An indecent boatman, a traveler amassing photos of the past, I like enough to cross the paths of pathos that doubt has dug to imprison us. He’s smart enough to poison us.

I die and am reborn a hundred times during the day. I laugh and get bored eighty times a night. In the grey sky sun, I cry and smile.


The Human

Human is in hell
Living in a shell
When in his body
Treasure is ready
Human is condemned
To jail in his head

Cocoon has a door
Prisoner no more
One by one he breaks
The thinking drawers




I am filled with intangible goods. The work I do fills me. But without your love, I am nothing. My body faints as a shadow in the night.  O eternal mother, grant me life long enough to write again and sing endlessly the words of the other world. I live there most of my time.

Because we stay there during our sleep. Without a memory when we wake up. The veil of Isis is a second eyelid more opaque than the first. O most holy and most sacred mother of this world and of all that wanders in the air, on the ground and in the depths, O most powerful Father, divine woman, Our Lady of Fecundity, grant me to transmit the joy that you raised me to.

May my words be yours, so that the bliss and light which belong to you may live in the hearts of my people. O Ana, O Ama, O Isis, O Gaia, may your powerful hand come to remove the blindfold of the human face! The times have come, you told me. May the Peace that is held be embodied in your children. See how they are lost far from you. Deign to rekindle your flame again on Terra.


My prayer

I pray that our hearts will open to your Love, Wisdom and Grace, through the Almighty Galaxy, through the Great Central and through its Black Hole that animates it, the motionless centre, the axis of the love spiral, by the myriads of galaxies like ours and even larger in this universe of light and by the infinity of the multiverse of life.

Without your wisest love knows nothing. The most magical understands nothing. The most active does nothing. The most penetrating remains outside. the fastest is motionless. The most dignified is worthless. The bravest flees trembling. O infinite consciousness from which the spirit feeds, you are the love that predates life. You are an eternal desire that makes you want to live again and to sing the immensity in your image, you who before time already lived, before space, before stars, before suns, before comets and planets, before Terra.

Sister of the distant dawn, you were already there when Terra born of you was still nothing but fire and water, the fury of lightning, tremors and tremors. And when the day comes when my life will end, O godmother of existence, may you call me close to you.



Griffin Riff In

Marco Polo

“The griffin appears in Elam at the end of the fourth millennium B.C. and in Egypt around -3000, with a lion’s body, an eagle’s head and wings. Throughout ancient history, this first form is constantly nuanced by various iconographic contributions, especially in Mesopotamian, Greek and Roman cultures. The griffin is often associated with local deities and heroes (Gilgamesh, Seth, Egyptian kings, Apollo, Dionysus, Eros and Nemesis).

The griffin is a four-legged animal, although it has feathers. He is in all similar to the lion, except that he has the mine of an eagle; but those who had seen these rucs constantly assured that they had nothing in common with all the other animals, and that they had only two feet like the other birds.”  (source)

This text is written by Marco Polo, whose honesty and truthfulness may be doubted. Indeed, his major work entitled The Book of Wonders tells of his long journey to China, which was still called Cathay. He describes many marvels that he obviously did not witness. He is supposed to have spent several years near the Great Khan, as a persona grata of imperial court. He would have travelled a large part of the Chinese territory, and when it comes to food, he lists some fanciful dishes but never mentions the staple food, rice.

This oversight alone casts a veil of disbelief on his so-called journey. He reportedly stopped at Samarkhand and, instead of a trip to China, he compiled some accounts of Asiatic travellers that he had met. I emphasize his use of the word ruc for the griffin. It is the rock bird that is very present in Persian literature, especially in the Thousand and One Nights. Did he confuse this great eastern eagle with the mythical griffin?


Guillaume du Bartas

On the fifth day of La Sepmaine, the Gascon poet Guillaume du Bartas describes it as follows:

“The Indian Griffon with sparkling eyes,
With an aquiline mouth, white wings,
Red breast, black back, lovely claws,
Of which he hunts by mounts and valleys
Lions, wild boars, bears and horses:
Whose plundering he searches the womb
Of our ancestor, and in there loom
Many rich gold bullion, for paving
Its nest high on a pointed rock
Which he deffends, bold, against armies
The mines by its claw once scratched.” (source)

Guillaume du Bartas does not claim to have seen this magical animal. He only gathers the beliefs related to it. Bartas tells us that this animal lives in India: the Indois Griffon. But it seems to confuse it with the dragon: would the griffin work its nest with many rich gold bars? To my knowledge, it is the dragon that sleeps on a heap of gold. And some ducks, if we believe Disney and his detestable Onc Picsou.



The fool thinks himself wise, the wise man knows himself fool.
William Shakespeare