Edenic Dragons


You learn incredible things by going through the Torah. It’s the most sacred book of Jews, the prototype of the Bible, if you will. But the two holy books are in no way true copies. The differences between them are numerous: sometimes notable, always eloquent. If the reading of the two is enriching, their comparison can be downright stunning!

The Torah, instructions for use

In the Torah, the protocol around the Eternal is very detailed, with manic precision. Why then? We will see that it is out of prudence. The Lord is not convenient, and his punishment is expedient. He knows only capital punishment. Rabbinic exegesis glosses over these verses in an astounding way. Nothing is understood as one can read. Every horror, every excess is turned into a symbol. Fire is God’s love for us. Are we not his creatures?

Rabbis and Kabbalists love ratiociner. They debate to lose breath on symbolism. And they rarely agree with each other, necessarily. Their stories are so drawn by the papillotes. Mental that all. Splitting hairs to deny the evidence. With each line it stands out. It is therefore fundamental to divert the reader’s attention.

The elders described what they saw. And their descriptions are terrifying realism. All the work of the kabbalists was to conceal this terrifying aspect by dressing it in less conspicuous colour. By emasculating and effeminising it. Another word I invent. God who commands me, I obey.



“The Elohîm create the Adama in their image, they create it female and male.” (source)Berechit (Genesis)1:27 The Gods-Goddesses create woman-man in their likeness: bisexual, androgynous. In their image, really? Were the former gods androgynous? Probably, according to the Torah and the Bible. The god called Elohim exists in seven copies, and his name, according to the grammar of Hebrew, is both feminine-masculine …and plural. A very singular plural for a single god in seven copies.

Adam, the first human being, is not male. Adam, whose real name is Adamah, is androgynous. In one body coexisteou cohachatte Lilith and Adam, the Woman and Man. A rabbi will say: the feminine and masculine principle. Gibberish that all! Adamah is hermaphrodite, that’s all. Bisexual. So bisexual. Many animals are hermaphrodite. Especially the freshwater turtle and other reptiles. Do you want to imitate your god? Become bisexual like him, waiting for him to push you another sex. Or for surgery to give it to you. But it’s not cheap.

Adamah means the earth, the humus, the glebe. The Bible gives us the image of a god potter who shapes the form of a bisexual human being. God breathes life into his nostrils. The divine breath is a devouring fire that animates the inert being. Before his baptism of fire, Adamah is only a golem. And then, what is he? Or her?




Coming from the Jewish esoteric tradition, and especially from the kabbalah, a magician kneads the golem with red clay, imitating the gods in Genesis. The golem thus created has the appearance and size of a ten-year-old child. The magician writes on his forehead the word life. Immediately the golem breathes, moves and feels. It is alive.

In medieval Jewish legends, the golem is a figure of clay. To save the community of pogroms, a rabbi gives it life by inscribing on the front of the golem the word אמת, emeth, truth. One can kill the golem by erasing the first letter of the word, which gives the word מת, meth, death. (source)

This golem, being devoid of soul, human robot, evokes a show that deeply marked me, that of zombies in the fields of Haiti.



The word pogrom (of Russian origin: погро м) means «destruction, looting». It is used specifically in several languages to describe the attacks, accompanied by looting and massacres, against Jews in Russia, most often perpetrated by political or religious communities, without reaction of the authorities or with their consent, between 1881 and 1921. Similar but more limited violence occurred at the same time in Germany, Austria, Romania and the Balkans. Raul Hilberg defines the pogrom as “a brief explosion of violence by a community against a Jewish group living in the midst of itself”. (source)

The pogroms, located in Central Europe, hit the Ashkenazi Jews. During the wandering of the Jewish people, two distinct communities were formed, one in Central and Eastern Europe, the other in North Africa, mainly in the North African Duck If customs and costumes are different, there is no antagonism between the Ashkenazi and the Sephardic.



Isha Ish

Isha and Ish, the Woman and Man, could translate as the Woman of Fire, the Man of Fire.

In Hebrew, female is called NQBH, nephva is called receptacle, and male is called ZKR, zakhar is called remembrance, memory. Fire is called Esh. As a male, Jesus is memory. He remembers this first state, which is why he will say: “I have come to cast fire on the world and I will keep it burning“. (source)Gospel of Thomas The Old Testament will also say: “YHVH is a devouring fire” (source)Deuteronomy 4:24 

To write woman in Hebrew, we add a heh to the fire, which gives isha, woman. To write man, we add a yod to the fire, which gives ish, man. Man and woman are children of fire and children of fire — from the gods-goddesses whose nature is that of devouring fire.



“Yah is one of the names of the Infinite. An abbreviation of the sacred tetragram symbolizing the Yod, the masculine principle and the Hé, the feminine principle.” (source) Yod He Vau He is the name of Yahveh, male and female. Yah has many other names. It is also called Elohim, both masculine-feminine and plural.The tetragram is another way of naming it. Indeed, the Lord is so sacred that his name must not be trivialized. He deserves such respect that his name is given a different name. Yod He Vau He calls himself Yah or Yahveh, but religious Jews also resort to the name tetragram, or better yet, sacred tetragram.

True, what a luxury of precautions! It seems that this god is so shady that he can punish with death the slightest affront of the little humans. They bow down to him, they worship him without ceasing, and they do well: the slightest deviation is punished with death. There is no judgment, no sentence is pronounced, the only thing that comes out of Histhe capital letter is not my doing, but the doing of the believing Jews mouth, it’s a devouring fire and spit! No one.

Holy Shit! You better be careful when approaching this loving god!



Devouring fire

The Eternal is an angry, jealous god. For the fire of my anger is kindled, and it will burn to the bottom of the abode of the dead; it will devour the earth and its products, it will burn the foundations of the mountains. (source)Exodus 24:17

A god who frightens, because you never know whether he has risen from the good or the bad foot. And all Jews fear him, even his priests. The aspect of the glory of the LORD was like a devouring fire on the top of the mountain in the sight of the children of Israel. (source)Psalm 21:9

It seems that this god is so shady that he can punish with death the slightest affront of small humans. They bow down to him, they worship him without ceasing, and they do well: the slightest deviation is punished with death. There is no judgment, no sentence is pronounced, the only thing that comes out of Histhe capital letter is not my doing, I imitate the believing Jews … mouth is a devouring fire and spit! No one. -Is my word not like fire, says the Lord. And like a hammer that breaks the rock? (source)Jeremiah 23:29

We can’t be any clearer! I understand that we are super polite with a God like that.


Hachem bursts into a storm

For seven days Aaron and his sons, the priests of the Most High, devoted themselves to the office. The eighth day arrives: the service of the Tabernacle will begin. The tabernacle is the house of the god, or in rabbinical language: the visible Dwelling of the Divine presence on earth. The service of the Tabernacle is a great ceremony to welcome the Most High. Pomp, luxury — as much as the Bedouin in the desert can make of it, but on this one, they’re scrambling.

In short, they are all busy, scared to death. As we know his saints we honor them. Their leaders, Moses and Aaron, do not lead wide, but they must save face. And as they are the leaders, they well suspect that the Most High, Hashem,other name of Yahweh God of his little name, will not attack them. What they’re fucking with.

Moses and Aaron went into the Tent of Meeting. (source)Torah 9:23 The two leaders go into a tent to receive the Most High. Why this nickname, by the way? It’s very simple: because it’s very high in the sky. Very very high. We see only a small point, but we know that it is him because of the infernal roar and the flames of hell that roar and blush all around him. He comes, our God, he does not remain in silence. Before him is a devouring fire, around him a violent tempest. (source)Hebrews 12:29



The Glory of the Most High

His arrival is anything but discreet. The Jews call it “the glory of the Most High.” Why not? I sum up. Moses and Aaron went to the Tent of Meeting and when they came out, they blessed the people. The glory of Hashem was revealed to all the people. (source)Torah 9:23

But there is much worse. Aaaron the celebrant and his sons who assist him in his priesthood had the idea of honoring him with incense. It is something that is done, and the guest thanks for this delicate attention. But not Hashem, oh no! The sons of Aaron, Nadav and Avihu, took their censers, lit them, and added incense; and they offered an unauthorized fire before Hashem, who did not ask them to do so. Fire arose before Hashem and it consumed them and that’s how they died before Hashem.

An unauthorized fire! Fire is the prerogative of the celestial flamethrower. Would the sacred fire be of better quality? Especially with greater efficiency…


What is Sacred …

Moses then said to Aaron, “This is what Hashem said when he said; among those who approach Me, I will show myself what is sacred; in sight of all who will honor me” (source)Torah 10:1-3

End of the sequence. We collect the charred bodies and praise the Lord.  No one looks amazed or surprised. You saw the reaction of Moses: -Ah yes, He had warned me, He does it his way. Respect!

And Aaron who has just lost his two sons? He is silent. It is not in our interest to bow before the Most High. The incident is closed, the fire remains. And the Lord concluded: Is not my word like fire? And like a hammer breaking the rock? (source)Jeremiah 23:29


The candlesticks of Hashem

These are the two olive trees and the two candlesticks standing before the Lord of the earth. If anyone wants to harm them, fire comes out of their mouth and devours their enemies; and if anyone wants to harm them, he must be killed in this way. They have the power to close the sky, that it may not rain during the days of their prophecy; and they have the power to turn the waters into blood, and to strike the earth with every kind of plague, whenever they will. (source)Revelation 1:15

Translation problem? Have we ever seen olive trees or candlesticks with mouths, and what is more, mouths spewing fire? The only beings capable of such a feat belong to mythologies. They have now disappeared, but I know they once ruled this planet. They are dragons.

Two species of dragons now extinct, which the Hebrews, for lack of other words, have baptized so. We have already encountered a similar problem with the giants of Babel, these famous men. The fame in question was nothing but a rocket, whose construction and use was strictly reserved for the masters from space, the Elohim, androgynous reptilians. The giants wanted to compete with them, he cooked them up. Literally — I dare say!



Most High Chariots

And the Most High, the one who flies above the clouds, belongs to the same species: Fire walks before him, and sets fire around his adversaries. For behold, the Lord comes in a fire, and his chariots are like a whirlwind. He converts his anger into a fire, and his threats into fire. (source)Psalm 97:3

He doesn’t just fly, he also has flying tanks. He has spaceships in modern language. Which paints a portrait of a tyrant, warlord, full of morgue and this assurance that gives indisputable superiority over a people of simple people, deprived of military resources, In any case, unable to stand up to this formidable intruder who came straight from the worst of nightmares: a dragon who spits fire.



On Mount Sinai, he complains to Moses that his people do not obey him. When Moses is awake, the Jews obey him. But as soon as he leaves, the Jews take back their offerings at Baal. We understand them. Baal is the tyrant master of this part of the globe. The charge was entrusted to him by the Great Goddess, whatever the name may be, or he took it by force. Dragon too, he blows the fire of hell, as the Sumerian tablets attest.

Baal is no less formidable or violent than the dragon Hashem. What must the Jews do? To refuse him the honours he claims, at the risk of losing his life? Certainly, Hashem chose them as his people. The good deal! It is no less tyrannical. Dragons should have been asked to duel. The show would have been pretty and entertaining. If one of them were to perish, there would be only one tyrant left to bear.



God of love

Whatever the outcome, the Jews had everything to gain. Instead, they wrote everything down for posterity, which hastened to see in it the word of a living god, the only god please!

And so, three thousand years after this hateful episode, the detestable ravages of a Dragon coming from space to oppress the only Jews have become the basis of the three Western religions that gather most of the humans… It must be added that all these pious and sincere humans have not understood a word of true history.

From his candlesticks and his olive trees, fire-eaters and massacrers of the poor people, the ants we are have made pure and radiant angels. And from this thundering Dragon, as proud as it is unjust, the unloved we are have made a god of love.

We wonder what a god of hatred would be.


There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle ; or you can live as if everything is a miracle.
Albert Einstein