Archons In the Gnosis


The Archons are the authorities that rule — or ruled? — over Terra. Already mentioned in a previous article, these authorities come from the terraformers of our planet, Anunnaki or Olympian Titans. The Archons have made Terra a gravity trap. Earthly gravity is felt not only on the physical plane, but also on the subtle plane. It’s hard for a human to get away with it.



Everything I explain here is new, or almost new. Nothing can be understood without the vision of the whole. I present a completely different version of our past, our origins, our identity. The various parts of this site are explained by each other. Without an understanding of the whole, an article taken out of context is not sufficient in itself. For this reason, there are many interactions between my articles.

They result, among other things, in a high number of links. They are also expressed by the repetition of key concepts considered from different angles. Follow the links as you wish, goes according to your desire. He leads you to a country you have always dreamed of. This land of light from which nights are banished. This clear paradise where it is always daylight.



For the second time, I have the enormous ambition to tell you about the Archons. And I’m going to go all out. No big deal, since they all lead to Rome. Follow me to the Holy Land in the second century A.D. The so-called Jesus has just taken place. There are already people who do not believe in it. They are called gnostics. From gnosis, the Greek word for knowledge.

According to this gnosis, the Archons are the developers of our planet on which they have all authority. Yet they only govern the coarse, material aspect. As such, the Archons are the psychic heaviness, that mental force that prevents souls from leaving the material realm. Down here, the developers have designed everything to captivate the senses, excite the matter we are made of, and keep us in his dust kingdom.


For you are dust, born of dust, and you will return to dust.
Memento, homo, quia pulvis es, and in pulverem reverteris.


This Latin phrase adorns the Book of Hours of René d’Anjou called Egerton, between 1410 and 1442.


The Lighting of the Gnosis

No! protests the Gnosis. The human is much more than a body of dust. He has a body of light. He is the Spirit, in which he surpasses the Archons who lack it. Reptilians of the deep have a simple mind, the thought of a computer, and an animal behavior.

The Gnostics of the 2nd century wrote in Coptic an important literature, the Codex of Nag Hammadi. I present here extracts from the Hypostasis of the Archons: NH II,4 Alas I do not read the Coptic. So I used the original translation of Bernard Barc. To make this text understandable by many, I had to simplify the vocabulary, lighten the style, and correct some misinterpretations. For a better understanding, I added my comments, in color, to differentiate them from the body of the text.

Hypostasis? This buzzing word simply means structure, composition. It comes from the Greek hypo, below, and stasis, stasis. It corresponds to the Latin quaestio and the English issue, “question, problem” (source)Nadeau 1964, p. 366 As for the Archons, they are simply the authorities.


Darkness Authorities

About the authorities of darkness, the great apostle told us that “we are not fighting against beings of flesh and blood, but against the authorities of this planet and the spirits of evil”. Their leader is blind. His power is as great as his ignorance and arrogance. He says: “I am the only God, there is no other”. Of course, he lied. The great apostle replied: “You are mistaken, Samael, god of the blind!” His thoughts darken immediately and Samael becomes stupid. Pistis-Sophia installs the sons of Samael the blind, each on a throne, according to his power.
No more than the Archons, Pistis-Sophia is a physical person. Unless it is the Mother Goddess? A future article will address this issue.

The flying apostle looks down. He sees himself in the wave where a being in his likeness appears. Immediately, the Archons want to take this reflection. Only endowed with psi-powers, it is impossible for them to create the spirit. The Archons come from here while the spiritual comes from above.
Archons have psi-powers such as telepathy, clairvoyance, lucid dreams, psychokinesis, or astral travel. This is the exact translation of the English term psychic, a false-friend that means clairvoyant, psychic and not psychic. Other beings are endowed with psi powers, including mages and enchanters. They are spiritual and positive beings. Here the word sorcerer is taken in its negative sense. For my part, I often use it in a positive and spiritualized sense. Thus does Castaneda: the Spanish word, brujo, having no negative connotation.

But the Archons are stubborn. They say, “Let’s make a man with dust.” So the creature will be entirely earthly. Then they modeled a being after their own body and according to the divine image appeared in the waters. They said: “Let us imitate at best the divine reflection, in order to imprison this power in our modelling.” But their powerlessness prevents them from understanding the power of God. Because the body that the archons possess is female, it is an animal-like runt.
Whoa! Here the contempt of the Woman is expressed without a veil. It is necessary to see in it a fault proper to the time and place. The Hebrews are not known for their feminism. In the apocryphal gospel of Thomas, the disciples of Jesus want to expel Mary Magdalene because she is a woman and therefore cannot receive the teaching of the Son of Man. The latter has all the trouble of keeping her among them.

The Archon blows into the face of the man who acquires psi-powers and begins to crawl like the snake. He cannot stand up as a spiritual being.
“Psi-powers” translates the English word psychic, a false-friend that means clairvoyant, psychic and not psychic. See note above.



Half Male, Half Female

Despite their best efforts, the Archons cannot copy the divine reflection seen in the water. When the Spirit sees the psychic man crawling on the belly, the Spirit comes out of the adamantine earth, comes down to Earth and dwells in man.
Adamantine means who has the hardness of the diamond.ici, this adjective means a higher earth than ours. A diamond planet, shining like him. It may be Alcor, remains not of the Spirit, but of the Great Goddess. But it is more surely Hyperborea, the Great Sun. Derived from the adjective adamantine, fiction authors have invented the name adamantite. It is a metal from a meteorite, which makes it comparable to iridium. Much stronger than steel, the adamantite evokes the Atlantean orichalque evoked by Plato. Some weapons and armor are in adamantite in the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. 

This man then becomes a living soul. The Spirit baptizes him Adam, the one who crawls. The Spirit in heaven asks that we help this Adam. The Archons gather all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the sky, they show them to Adam who gives a name to each of the birds and all the animals. They lead Adam to heaven, so that he can work there and keep him.
The canonical gospels here say, “You are the gardener of this garden and the keeper of this zoo.”

And the Archons said to him, “Of all the trees in heaven, you will eat. But the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, do not eat it nor touch it, for its fruit will make you mortal.”  Then they put him to sleep, they remove his feminine side and make a spiritual woman appear, and to replace this missing side, they shape Adam into a body of flesh.
Like the Elohims, the Adams have two faces. One is male, the other is female. If the matter is male, the spirit is female. But the misogyny of the Patriarchs transformed the Spirit into man. Thus the three persons of the Trinity became male, for the greater satisfaction of the machos.

The Archons make Adam fall asleep. They separate half of himself who is a living woman and shape a flesh side for the
So Adam is completely possessed by the ego. And the spiritual woman comes to Adam and says, “Get up, Adam!” When he sees her he says: “You gave me life. You are the Mother of the living. You are my mother, the midwife, and the virgin who gave birth”.
Here there is confusion between the half of Adam, that is, Eve, and the Great Goddess. This confusion still comes from the obvious sexism of that time. There is still 2000 years later! For the Hebrews as for the other Semitic peoples, impossible to admit the very high divinity of the Great Goddess. They turn around the pot of roses when they evoke the half of Adam, or Pistis-Sophia… They recognize Adam’s wife as a spiritual being. But in the Trinity, the Spirit remains male, which is a contradiction. Their sexism prevents them from completing the process. Another manifestation of avowed antifeminism, the Archons are called quasi-animal females…

The suite is accessible in French here in pdf



The Flyers

So well described by the Gnostics of the first centuries of our era, the misguided Archons pursue an endless war against the faithful of the Great Goddess. What’s at stake? Owning the Earth that they believe is rightfully theirs. These days, their war has entered a very active phase. We are the collateral victims. 

For several years now, I have been receiving calls for help from people who have been struggling with these forces from below. I had to perform several emergency interventions, reki or trance cleaning, de-vaulting, exorcism. Words that are scary. The attack on the Archons is even more frightening. Some of you, as we speak, may be dealing with these disturbing entities.

Castaneda calls them the Flyers. He describes them as large black manta rays, a deep black. These Flyers hover above the cities where they feed on the brightness of the inhabitants. Only the sighted can see them with their third eye. But everyone can feel the effects. When all the brightness has been absorbed by a Flyer, the aura becomes dull, extinct, grayish, like leaded. The person is deprived of his soul which has taken refuge towards the heights of the astral. Under these conditions, awakening becomes practically impossible in large cities where this energy pollution reigns.


Astral Masters

To qualify the terrestrial Archons, the Gnostic term is psychic. Archons are reptilians, they have many psi-powers of snakes. We remember Kaa, the great snake in the Jungle Book, when he hypnotized a bunch of monkeys. Mowgli, a human child, can resist to hypnosis. These psi-powers of reptilians are one of the keys to their authority. Due to these powers, they ruled this planet for hundreds of millions of years without real opposition.

The largest snakes are at the bottom of the oceans or high above. Space is an ocean like any other for our masters Reptilians. They are like duck to water. The astral, in particular, is their area of choice. I made this cruel discovery a few years ago when I received a violent discharge on my neck that still hurts me. Happily not permanent, this pain resembles a torticollis.

A great flying snake — a Flyer? — punished me with a laser blow for desecrating their favorite astral plane, the one I call the high astral. First I thought it was inhabited by the Archangels, which made me say that these guys are not pleasant people. Now I changed my mind. I realized they are not Archangels but Archons, ie fallen angels to speak like the Bible. But it would be better to call them Flyers, for they have little to do with the Archons of two millennia ago.

Castaneda’s descriptions were a reality decades ago. Things have evolved. The Flyers occupy most of the terrestrial astral. If they are the masters, their supremacy is brutally challenged by other entities with psi-powers. The astral is for the moment their battlefield. Each side wants to ensure absolute control of the astral, which would be a decisive step towards the final stake: the possession of this planet.



The war of the worlds

The battle of the Archons against the Archangels is raging. For the Archangels, the elimination of the Archons would restore the reign of the Great Goddess. She comes out of her dormancy. A victory for those on high would mean a new golden age.

However, for the Archons, we are only an economic issue, and incidentally a subtle food. The two go hand in hand. By destroying our luminosity, they prevent us from reacting against their parapsychic attacks. Those who consciously venture into the astral sphere, especially those who practice scalar waves, telepathy, astral travel must be particularly vigilant.

Learn to detect evil beings in the subtle sphere. Not all angels are adorable. Some are frankly unpleasant. Do not let these children of Hyena puzzle your brain and dim your mind. Flee them please for your mental health, for your sake and survival.



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If you have any reason to believe that they are attacking you, or bothering you, or getting in you, contact me right away. The sooner the better.



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