Saint-Michel Beach, Erquy


Erquy, Côtes d’Armor, where I grew up from vacation to vacation, long time ago. And now I’m spending there a studious retreat, devoted to writing and to the meticulous exploration of my childhood paradise.

This time, I propose to accompany you in one of my favorite sites, the Islet lagoon that separates Erquy des Sables-d’Or. There is a remarkable alignment of three pyramidal rocks – natural, of course, what are you going for! This is the Roche du Marais, planted in the lagoon, the tip of the Champ du Port and the island Saint Michel.

From an early age, I roam around this lagoon, which maps call the Marsh. It grows samphire, the dunes are bristling with oats, seabirds nest in season and fly over the walkers screaming. Everything is sea in this drowned earth. The perfumes of kelp, iodine and salt spray, the never-ending sea breeze, the cries of seagulls, petrels and gulls, and above all, the figurative magic of the great old rocks, covered with shells or lichens, according to their altitude. Come, have a look, and succumb as I did to the charm of this little wild corner: the Capes coast, between Cap d’Erquy and Cap Fréhel.


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