Chassezac, Ardèche


A magical journey in Ardèche, under the poetic eye of Ludmilla Zahno, who has supported the Eden Saga adventure for years, and which deserves this place of honor. To illustrate the images, this article begins with a beautiful poem: Milla lets you savor this mise en bouche before the feast of images …


Acting, I come


Pushing the door into you, I entered
Act, I come
I’m here
I support you
You are no longer abandoned
You’re not in trouble anymore
Untied strings, your difficulties fall
The nightmare from which you came back haggard is no longer
I shoulder you
You pose with me
Foot on the first degree of the endless staircase
Who carries you
Who rides you
Who accomplishes you
I’m soothing you
I make peace pads in you
I do good to the child of your dream

Influx in palm on the circle of images of the frightened
Influx on the snow of his pallor
Influx on his hearth … and the fire is revived


Your momentum thoughts are supported
Your thoughts of failure are weakened
I have my strength in your body, insinuated … and your face, losing its wrinkles, is refreshed
The disease can not find its way in you
The fever abandons you
The peace of the vaults
The peace of the blooming meadows
Peace enters you
In the name of the highest number, I help you
Like a fumarole
Get all the weight off your shoulders
Nasty heads around you
Viperine observers of the miseries of the weak
Do not see you anymore
Are not anymore
Crew reinforcement
In mystery and in deep line
Like an underwater wake
Like a serious song
I come
This song takes you
This song lifts you up
This song is animated by many streams
This song is fed by a
Niagara calmed
This song is entirely for you
More pincers
More black shadows
More fears
There is no more trace
There is more to have
Where was sorrow, is wadding
Where was scattering, is welding
Where was infection, is new blood
Where were the bolts is the open ocean
The ocean and the plenitude of you
Intact, like an ivory egg.

I washed the face of your future.


Henri Michaux





The Great Goddess


Sacred Uterus of Mother Earth in Full Moon – Chassezac – Ardèche, France (source)photos Milla Zahno 27.6.2018



“In the beginning was the Goddess, she carried in her womb all living species, she gave birth to us, and we grew up on her knees. And those who die, it is in her bosom that they rest. Born of clay which is the flesh of the earth, all living beings will return down there. The cult of the Mother Goddess was long the only known religion. It is still practiced among most primary peoples, but in the form of respect for living things, respect for nature, peace with the elements, empathy with the cosmos.” (source


Of the one who conquered a thousand thousand men in battle and of the one who conquered himself, it is the latter who is the greatest winner.