Give and Take


As you can see, there is no advertising on Eden Saga. There has never been and there will never be. Everything here is free. Yet resources are lacking. I have to face the constant increase in the cost of living, the benefits related to the site follow the movement and it is normal. The purchasing power drops and your favorite site can no longer follow.


Should we end this adventure, which has so many followers? I have asked myself this question several times already. I am read by more than 6 million Internet users in 170 countries. I receive dozens of thank you emails that help me tighten my belt to deal with the costs of the site. However, the dilemma becomes crucial and I have to make a quick decision. A deadline of several thousand euros forces me to do the trick, which is not pleasant, believe it.

While so much nonsense and counter-truths are sold like hot cakes, or even better, Eden Saga which campaigns without counting for the awakening of all and everyone should be largely subsidized if not recognized of public utility. On the contrary, it is assimilated to conspiracy sites and covered with opprobrium by the powerful. To awaken the asleep is a capital sin in this sad end of kaliyuga.

My morale is affected. Gravity and bitterness have erupted in some recent articles, I regret it, see nothing but the expression of my discouragement. So I turn to you, dear readers, in the hope of getting your help and support.


Your help

An exceptional gift cannot ruin you. And I could start again on the right foot. Continue my research. Continue to reveal the dark side of the past, present and future that awaits us. Give what you can. If your budget is tight, a few euros is enough. I’m not asking you to deprive yourself, I’m doing it for you. Give me the help that suits you, it will suit me perfectly. Knowing that you are millions to read me, and more than a hundred thousand regular readers, if each made this effort, my accounts would come out of the red speed great V.

 Your support

Paypal also allows regular payments. Several loyal readers pay me every month 10 or 20€.  You too can give every month, setting the amount and duration that suits you. Minimal for everyone, this support will be very valuable to my accounts. Think about it.


Grateful thanks

Only the fireborn understand blue
Carl Sandburg