Why Eden Saga?


Yes, why twelve years of toil, expense, self-sacrifice, sweat, worries, daily efforts? Should we be motivated! I’m. By what ? I wonder. Desire to transmit? Pleasure to be listened to? Need to please? Want to disciples? Megalo mytho? Willpower? Web virus? Crisis of sixty? Retire-time hobby?

A little of all that, no doubt. But nothing is decisive. For the sake of transmitting, I could have been content with a few apprentices, as any honest sorcerer of my ilk must do. Unless I am a megalo mytho. Dictator frustrated. Violator of conscience. Satanic manipulator. Good, finished laughing, the reader is the only judge.

Transmit, yes. I admit, it tickles me. Bring a few snatches of the thousand and one lives that have been given to me. Except that the only transmission which is worthy does not pass by the web, by the writing, by the image. Pity. It is direct, transmission by example, through living together. And that’s two, not ten.

For the pleasure of being listened to? Honestly, the act of writing is my most intense pleasure. And make the images that go with it. Look after the bilingual edition, and put on line. This is where I take my foot. Editor in retirement, storyteller in activity, I like to tell stories to a small circle of friends, by the fireplace or on the way to the cliffs. That satisfies my nature fully.

Unless I suffer from an irrepressible need to please? Yeah … If I really wanted disciples, why kick them? I keep decrying gurus and other directors of lives. Not at all my cup of green tea. I’m not sweet enough, not enough fake, no commercial smile riveted to the face. I do not have the smoothness of a prebended canon, nor the tolerance yes-yes that prevails nowadays. If there is a style which insults me, it is the merchant of the soul who has no master but the name. He uses, he cunningly, he abuses and amuses only the idiots. Given their numbers, his business thrives. Not mine.

So why Eden Saga? I do not have the answer. I may have caught the web virus. It is true that I take my job as an online publisher very seriously. Among the many professions I have worked on, publishing sticks to my skin and my heart. I look after the presentation, the look, the ergonomics, the images, the critical device … 2018 has seen the fourth formula of Eden Saga since its creation in May 2008.

There is an editorial line that runs in red thread when unfolding the Saga. It’s about rewriting the sad, warped story. The other story of Man wants to be wide open on dawn, the rise, the flight of the divine man. I am a great admirer of Nietzsche, doubled by a modest emulator of the greatest German philosopher. Like him, I believe in the greatness of the future human. And I want to help him grow by my stories of the other story.




The site’s motto is: another story of Man … starting with Woman. Matriarchy was indeed the first governance of our humanity – the fifth in order of appearance. I love telling you the story of the ages. The light was not the same: warmer, more vivid. Very low gravity made humans superhuman in size and vigor. The animals too, fabulous giants among the giant plants.

Several passionate authors have joined me. Their task is difficult. They must be patient, the weather does not respect anything we do without it. I do not ask them to abound in my opinion, or to marry my crazy ideas or to share my contradictions. It is not for them to deny themselves, just to respect an editorial line.

There is an Eden Saga style. There is also a permanent wait in my readers.Four million visitors since 2009 Whatever the subject treated, this sitegorgeous! is characterized by its offbeat point of view. Here we practice backcountry skiing. Trying to meet the peaks, simply because we feel good there. The peaks are very little frequented. Many people are subject to vertigo. They are reluctant to follow me on the steep slopes where I love to frolic. No blame, those who feel better in the plain deserve infinite respect. Essential, respect. It takes a lot to make Eden. While a little bit is enough to undo it.

The writers who join me must understand that the dominant thinking is a mind poison. Insidious, it interposes a warping screen between your eyes and the world. It prevents the beneficial retreat and the necessary exercise of doubt. Dominant thinking has no place here. A bunch of sites make it their business. They are wrong and deceiving.Like US president 2018. The dominant ideology no longer dominates. For me its reign is over, even if many still do not know it. When I am offered an article that could appear as such in Wikipedia, I do not want it. The Saga would lose its soul.

In ten years of existence, Eden Saga has changed a lot. The tone of the articles is different. In 2009, impossible to speak in the first person. Since then, I have caught up. My point of view is shifting. I have no definitive certainty and claim the right to contradict myself. I do not spread a ready-made ideology. A perfectly coherent system would be perfectly wrong. The sublime coherence of opposites is beyond the reach of our perception as of our intellect. Out of reach. This is the unknowable.

“Existence breaks all systems,” wrote Kierkegaard. No system of thought can ever describe the world. Any description only adds its own complexity to the object it believes to describe. “There will always be more truth in the universe than in all the books of men” said Bill Shakespeare.



Understand me, I do not want to be followed, nor do I need to be pityed. To tell the truth, I swim in happiness. Nothing misses my happiness. For ten years has stopped the incessant flow of unwelcome thoughts. My head is empty, my fingers run by themselves on the keyboard, and when I read again what they typed, I discover, without messing around. There I say to myself: It’s you who wrote that?

The surrealists did the same thing, they called it automatic writing. Their texts raved serious. Luckily mine are still pretty clear. The time is not the same, everything becomes accessible. What was hidden will be revealed to you. I am my first reader actually. And the first reader is my darling. But before making him read, I correct. With humility, because the texts that arise from themselves are sacred. I always save the spirit, and most often the letter too.

The year 2018 is coming to an end. What world do we want instead of this one? Feel a nice bouquet of surprises for the future year. Which I wish you constructive.


Maybe my heart is opening, baby groove.
Michel Jonasz