The Spaceship Of Babel


The story of the Tower of Babel, as in the Bible, is still difficult to understand. Looks like a subtle – but fatal – translation error interfered … In any case, this is the opinion of R.A. Boulay, who wonders why humans wanted to “make a name” and why did they have to build a tower to achieve this? 

Make a name … is a curious formula that the Bible’s exegetes interpret: being equal to the gods. The sin of pride is then punished by the gods or God, all is fine, the exegetes are happy. That’s when R.A. Boulayauthor of several books about the reptilian past of humans quietly came with his notes and his old dict. This man is a vision teller.

For him, there is clearly a mistranslation. The word “shem” in Chapter 11 of Genesis doesn’t have the symbolic meaning given by all translators, i.e. “name” or “fame”.

“The biblical story of the Tower of Babel deals with the events that followed the repopulation of Earth after the Flood, when some” found a plain in the land of Shinar, they colonized.” Shinar, of course, is Sumer and the plain between two rivers is Mesopotamia. However, this chapter of Genesis raises more questions than it answers. “Why did the Babylonians want so hard to “make a name” and why should this name be perched atop a ziggurat reaching the sky?”  (source)R. A. Boulay, The reptilian past of humanity 




It is indeed shocking that the simple desire to make a name has caused God to scatter the Babylonians on the surface of the earth, as if willing renown was the worst of crimes. “Why God, seeing them make a name, says that humans are now able of anything? Clearly, something is missing in this text. Answer to all these questions lies in that little word “shem”. All becomes clear if translating “rocket” or “space shuttle”, instead of  “name”, as it has always done.”  (source)R. A. Boulay, The reptilian past of humanity 

Everything becomes much clearer indeed. A rocket using a ziggurat as launch pad, that is the way King Solomon used it.

Instead of making a name, if men make a rocket able to go tickle the gods on their mothership, the wrath of Yahweh is understood. “If they know how to build rockets, they will catch up with us, no way! They could die first!” said God of Love YHVH.

He erased their understanding with a simple shot of a laser beam, at once they stammer, babble … they no longer understand each other! It is the confusion of tongues instead of the single language, which comes from the belly.

The single primary language that goes from consciousness to consciousness without the aid of words nor of articulate speech. Yes, translating “shem = rocket” in fact, makes everything much clearer. Too much clear indeed, some might say. What authorizes Mr. Boulay to make such a translation? 

“The Hebrew word ‘shem’ is derived from the Akkadian term ‘shumu’ which, curiously, is used in the Epic of Gilgamesh in a case that looks like the Tower of Babel. Gilgamesh wants to join the gods, and for that he must go to the land of cedars, i.e. Lebanon where was the space platform of Baalbek. 

Gilgamesh there may “raise his shumu where the gods raise their shumu.” Translate here ‘shumu = name or reputation’ does not make any sense. To join the gods in their spaceship in orbit, Gilgamesh did not need a fame, but a shuttle.




“A similar use of the word ‘shumu’ is in the tale of Adapa.  Latter is received into heaven by the chief god, who asked him how he got himself a ‘shumu’ to reach the ‘heavenly abode’ or vessel mother in orbit.” (source)R. A. Boulay, The reptilian past of humanity

Here, shumu is clearly a personal shuttle that takes Adapa from Earth to the sky where gods live.

On the following picture, you can see the huge carved stone blocks that formed the ancient space platform of Baalbeck, long before becoming the bedrock of a Jupiter temple built by the Roman invaders, much later …

As long as you live, take care not to judge people on the look.
Jean de La Fontaine