The Druidesses



In ancient Celtic and Gaul, women were admitted to the Druidic function, for the reason that they are the most powerful magic in the field: their matrix powers open horizons that males would never reach.

Their special status of master of magic by the matrix path puts Druidesses in a position which has not always been understood. In the 19th century, Jules Michelet well expressed the prejudices of his time:

The witches and prophets were affiliated to the order of druids. Their task imposed bizarre and contradictory laws: here Priestess could only reveal the future to a man who had raped her; in other place she vowed to perpetual virginity, though married, she was forced to remain a bachelor. Sometimes she had to attend nightly sacrifices, naked,  dyed black body, messy hair, flapping in frantic transport. Most lived in wild reefs, amid storms of Armorican archipelago.In Sena (Sein Island) was the famous oracle of the terrible nine virgins Senes, called from the name of their island. 

To have the right to consult, one must be a sailor and must have made the trip for this purpose only. These virgins knew the future; they cured the incurable evils they were predicted and the storm.” (source)Jules Michelet, Histoire de France 

Description turns grotesque, yet it based on real facts. At the time of Michelet (1798-1874), there was not the slightest notion of the Kamasutra and techniques of kundalini, of the chakras, of the process of awakening, of courtly love, of the sexual magic called Magia Sexualis or of the role of the matrix and the feminine energy to heal, charm and awaken the applicant.




Some Druidism experts have claimed, quite wrongly, that the Druids did not fight and for this reason it was advantageous to become druid to escape conscription. This is a very decadent vision of Gaul and Celtism, where courage has been honored as the first virtue.

Every man is a warrior, any woman can reach the highest degrees of Druidic priesthood. Including the art of war, in which the druid is a foreshadowing of Joan of Arc, the virgin warrior.

Terrible, those virgin druidesses are by their power. They know how to calm the furious winds or launch your boat to sink you down. They belong to another world, and the sailor wonders whether it is Gwenwed, the world of white light ; or the world of Ankou, the sinister underworld of death.


druidess-Alexandre_Cabanel_200po“The Druidesses are also called thick ban Bandrui of” women-strong “, wise, hence our Midwives.
They were many and some of them, thanks to their medium quality were specialized in divination such Maebd or Maeva, which means “drunk” is clearly a soothsayer, a Witch for the Greeks. Thus, they were the direct ancestors of those witches named the Church to depreciate before burning bright … and thus lose a lot of “science”. The Île de Sein was the traditional cemetery of the druids.” If Druidism affirms the existence of three worlds accessible to humans, it honors a large number of gods and goddesses.


But the great goddess Belisama stays ahead. In Irish mythology, Belisama becomes Morrigan, in which it is easy to recognize Morgan, the Brittany and Vendée fairy.

“Morrigan (Morrigan or Morrigu) means Great Queen. Heir to the figure of the Indo-European Aurore is a complex deity who is both rival and auxiliary Cúchulainn the hero par excellence. Goddess called war, it is not primarily a fighter, but in the process of qualification heroes. Holder of knowledge, it is particularly in the form Bodb (Crow) the harbinger of fate.” (source)Wikipedia