Macuxi: The Inner World



The Macuxi Indians have always known that the earth is hollow. Not only their legends assert, but the grandparents of the current Macuxi knew of the entrance. Until the 1900s, the young warriors descended to the bottom of the earth to visit the Tall Men. For them, obviously, there is a whole world inside our planet. Right under our feet.

The Macuxi tribe lives in Amazonia their peaceful life of hunter-gatherers. They are nomadic and move between Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. Their distant ancestors, the Children of the Sun, have taught them and shown the access to the “inner Earth.”

These are singing caverns that lead to underground rooms of enormous proportions, where the stalagmites form real labyrinths. For those who can find the stairs, there is a way down into the bowels of the planet, and after two weeks of perilous descent, to gain the inner paradise of the shining giants.

If only the intruder knows the way, which is impossible. The secret is lost, and no one no longer ventures into the deep caverns. At least that is what the Macuxi claim. Their honesty is still to be demonstrated. They alone had the sacred charge of monitoring the entrance and preventing access to the Hollow Earth to foreigners. Imagine their sacred mission is still continuing, how can they admit they still go down there?

The account of the journey to the center of the earth is still very much alive in the Macuxi culture. The first three days, the warriors must descend a steep staircase with giant sized steps. The descent is very painful, and many braves renounce continuing the adventure.




After the third day, they leave their torches behind and continue their inner journey illuminated by artificial lights. These are giant lanterns, the size of a watermelon, very bright. On the fifth day they reach huge caves whose vaults are lost in the mists. In one of them, four spheres “shine like the sun”, and no one can face them. Each passing day, they walk faster, they have more strength, as gravity seems to decrease.

Later they cross the lava zone, skirting the abyss where the incandescent magma is bubbling. This is a very dangerous passage, the apprentice must be accompanied by an experienced guide, because many brave men lost their lives in these chasms.

Around the middle of the trip, a curious phenomenon occurs. Warriors seem to lose their weight, they are now moving by flying above the ground. Looks like gravitation force has disappeared.

It seems that the climax of the Earth’s gravity is not the earth core, as was believed until now. It would be in the middle of the crust, in the middle of the lava zone, some 250 km deep. After this point begins antigravity.

Unfortunately, another obstacle is hindering their advance: the strong wind storm can blow and force them to hold on with all their strength to metal railings that are here for.

After traveling 13 to 15 days the most valiant warriors lead inside. And there, “on the other side of the world, in the inner Earth” live the Tall Men, about 3-4 meters tall. They are lovely as long as they are obeyed in all respects.

They feed on giant fruit, huge wheat grain reminiscent of Osiris’. Fields, yards, unknown crops ripen under indoor sun – which could be the crystal center that Moebius liked so much. It is a large red star, whose light is pure vril, and has the power to rejuvenate the beings it illuminates. The air is sweet, fragrant, far from the surface pollution. In the words of Macuxi ancestors, the earth core is full of riches and incredible wonders.

The legend also says that Western explorers, by trickery or force, have previously obtained the plan of the caves. They were five Europeans, two Spanish and three Englishmen, thirsty for gold and diamonds found in large quantities there. Needless to say they were never seen again.




Following this unacceptable intrusion, the Giants would have come out to punish Macuxi of betraying the secret. They destroyed the entrance, collapsed the singing caverns, mined passages, broke stairs then no one could enter ever.

Anyway, that’s what Macuxi say to us who are not on the secret … I can imagine they invented the whole story of the missing explorers to prevent further questions about the Inner World. The secret of the Tall Men is definitely sacred to Macuxi tribesmen.


It takes chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.
Friedrich Nietzsche