Newly Awakened


A few months ago, Victorine came to Erquy for an internship. Awakening made it happen. Her world has changed, the greyness is no longer, her days are shining: she is filled. After several weeks of euphoria, depression: Victorine lost her beautiful energy. My answer for her and for all those who have just awakened.

 Set an example

Yes, I felt this little wave that has been washing your spirits for some time. I too mourn my two friends and companions of awakening, both gone, an unacceptable absence. Yes, lack of it grips me on lonely evenings. I take it upon myself, I act, I help, I write: unconditional love pulls me out of this bad step. Be strong. May your sadness not prevent you from achieving your goals.

Which ones? You’re kidding. We share the same goals, right? Your morale is not so low that you lose your memory. You dedicate yourself to the noblest task, the only one worthy of all our efforts: to try to convince your loved ones that another life is possible. 

For that the words are not enough. The example counts more. Act. Live high and clear. Behave like a warrior. Luminous, impeccable. It is by actions that we can convince, not by words.

First, restore your optimism. Before helping others, start helping yourself. Trust yourself.

The yoyo effect

Too much enthusiasm has overwhelmed you. You have indulged in this delusion of power. And every uncontrolled ascent ends in free fall. The higher you climb, the harder it will be to fall. Certainly there is happiness to feel at the top of oneself, and even at the top of the world. Ineffable pleasure to feel great, victorious, invincible.


Potatoes! Suddenly you discover that you are not. You see yourself defeated, you collapse, you complain: it is called consuming its defeat. Behavior unworthy of a warrior of light.

This is the major disadvantage of the vertiginous ascent that you offered yourself. The roller coaster. The yoyo effect. Who wants to travel far spares his mount. Who wants to travel high chooses the gentle slope. Everything happens as if an awakening too long expected behaves like a dam lake when the reservoir lets go under pressure.

Too much energy rushed too abruptly from you. Yes, it made you climb, that’s for sure. But the result was the descent that followed. I see it as a sin of pride. Any casual attitude, any uncontrolled emotion are the daughters of the ego. And when the ego is there, the awakening goes away. You feel very low.



The shield of humility

The immediate solution: action. Get out of complacency, don’t linger in the muddy waters of self-pity, pull yourself together quickly. Act. No idea behind your head, no preconceived idea. Act without expecting the result of your action, because the ultimate decision is not ours. So-and-so has to leave this plan, so-and-so will survive it, who decides? Neither you nor I.

Our work, our role, our happiness lies in helping without thinking about it. Without effort. Without profit or pride. Helping each other is the most natural thing. Animals help each other. Are you worth less than them?

And no pride in it, especially not! The warrior who awakens is very vulnerable. Awakening is fragile. It’s not a permanent state, although some argue the opposite. There is a before and after, there are also returns to square one. You have to be violent to start over. To protect yourself, you can only count on the shield of humility.

Your awakening is not the reward of your merits. Nor the recognition of your greatness. Nor the compensation of your meritorious efforts. Be humble, be realistic. An awakened person is no better than a sleeping person, except that he is awake. He must thank the living for the gift he has received. Kneel before the order of the world which so generously compensates our inner disorders.


Be impeccable

Be impeccable.  not charitable, not a little saint, an impeccable warrior is straight, active, under control, tonic, voluntary, solid, loving, direct, open… but above all humble. That’s the most important thing. And there, miracle! We will come to you to know your secret.

There is no secret. There are no elect. No envoys. Do not sing this tale to yourself, you are the ant on the slopes of the Himalayas. Those who come to you must understand. If you have conquered yourself, you can awaken them with one glance, heal them by simply holding them. That is your destiny. It’s up to you. Trust yourself. Move on. You can be proud of the wins, the battles are tough.

Look at the sneaky ego. Don’t be hurt by someone else’s behavior. Don’t offend yourself. Just open your eyes. Welcome your awakening. When you are there, stay there.

Let humility protect you then. Do not be moved if you are ignored. Do you take into account the sleepers around you? Do not blame yourself. Like them, you’re still asleep. No blame. How can we blame the inattentions of a sleeper? The world needs awake, it’s urgent. And you can do it. It’s a matter of will. Or rather intention.

I have seen the best of you. You are on your way to it. I am close to you. We often dream together.

And very soon, you will remember it. There, you will stop hesitating. How much time do you and I have left? It is now.



Wake up

Awakening has chosen you, all the better for you. The least you can do for awakening is to choose it in your turn. Wake up and stay there. In this world of snorers, staying awake is a difficult exercise. How do you keep your eyes wide open in the hollow of this sleeping crowd? How to stand among the countless victims of sleeping sickness?

Too many humans hide their faces not to see that they are blind. Groping the TV, groping the living room sofa, groping the sand in the sun, sometimes the silk of the coffin.

Buy time

We usually go ahead, we end up in the wall. No need for GPS, we know the path of the cemetery. And tomorrow finally comes, tomorrow underground, tomorrow the worms. What mortal has time to lose? To buy time is to know how to take your time.

Take all the time you have, until the last crumb. Be slower than the snail, you will be sure not to crush it. But don’t believe anything. Don’t do anything wrong. Nothing is due to you. Lost time doesn’t come back. Buy time? It’s a waste of time.

The problem with you, Juan Matus told Carlos Castaneda, is that you think you’re immortal. The time has come for you to take your death for counsel. Your life, your death stands behind you. A few inches behind your left shoulder.


Open your beautiful eyes

Cubes of colors, what to build with? The ego stacks in colored Lego, I read the opinion, I delirium life. delirium. I am no longer I. I became a stranger who got lost. You are myself and I love you. I gave you everything, I told you everything, I continue naked. The naked tale is looking for a content. The storyteller without an hour-counter soon will no longer be there. Happy if you liked it.

There’s more than one asshole in a lobster trap. Young nuns who lie religious. What monotheistic religions? They lie more beautiful. The false gods that made us are so many in fact. I can tell them what they do without worrying, and it’s done. Long dead, entangled in the nothingness of the black folds of history, how could they blame me?

To be or not to be: they have chosen. At the expense I say this: one does not make Hamlet without breaking God. What enough eyes? Rather open yours. You can be heard snoring like a doorbell.



Your giant

Religion surrender repetition. Religions claimed to connect us, they deny us. Their ties isolate us and divide their followers. Religions of exclusion, they hinder and create hatred. Religions that curse, banish and kill. Do you know? God is you.

The voice that speaks to you in secret is YOU when you grow up. Your giant. Your double waiting for you.

No God in there. The light is yours, not his. Is he still alive? Your double is impatient. Stop calling him God, Allah, Adonai or Hashem. Call him by name, it will please him.

His imams are pale, his monks are damned, his priests are traitors, and his pastors are afraid. The lie is in their eyes. Hatred is in their hearts. It is time for believers to break their chains and come out of the net. Time to run away. To slip away. To challenge. To deify. To wake up.


You always buy the same products in the same places, according to your religion/consumption, so according to your means — either the supermarket, the market, the organic grocery, or the local Arabic.

The bobo becomes flexitarian, because it’s too good, fresh, very trendy — but rancid meat rots his stomach.

A girl in search of likes asked the pope to go vegan during Lent. François did not answer. A pope has to be away from the people, like a king, like a president. They all sleep deeply. Deeply insane.


Tell me yes

The more it changes, the more it is the same. We dance, then we lay, we baby, we take expensive, every day it accelerates. I don’t care: I love like crazy. Only thing to do. Love doesn’t make you deaf, on the contrary, it sharpens your hearing. Yes. As I say.

The third ear is alert. I hear the kisses my sweetheart sends me when she is away. I feel everything she is experiencing. We all have an interest in love. The one we give is stronger than the one we receive. If you do not receive, send. You will receive. The scalar group is for that. Wake up.




I’m sick too. But it’s pretty bad. She runs, she runs, the disease of love in the hearts of children from 7 to 77 years old… Chic I still have eight years ahead of me! There is more than one rabbit in the sweet notes.

A rabbit caught in the headlights, a rabbit posed like a snare, such a lover who believed to take, pleasure in waiting, card of the Tender. A risk to take: two hearts to split? Happiness to spare?

A rabbit because it’s too cute a rabbit, too queen a rabbit rabbit, too hot a Bunny carrots. Yes my friend. It takes ♫ it takes it back. Wake up.

The parade

One day you see yourself dead, too late, you have it in the baba. Nothing saw coming, nothing understood at all, nothing lived either.

Yes, it goes fast, faster than you think. Dad didn’t tell you that. You don’t have eternity ahead of you. Wake up.

No one can replay the film. In your life, your moments of happiness, no stopping on image, it scrolls all the way. You see them when they’re gone.

“Sorry, Mom. I’m sorry I didn’t come to see you. I was afraid. Sorry, my children. I missed you a lot.”

I take the lead. My heart is wide open. I no longer fear winter. I am no longer afraid of yesterday. I await the global awakening. My eyes are wide open, why not? The alarm clock is off, it’s not for tomorrow.

Live for fun

Humility, gentleness. Amenity, warmth. Brotherhood, happiness. Who will say your inner power? When will you see the infinite force sleeping in your mind?

Gush within you the living source, a stream of energy that nothing exhausts, the secret torrent of your Wouivre, the bubbling water that intoxicates you. She sleeps, well hidden, never asked. You ignore her. You do without her resources. You refuse the water from your spring. You do not know if you are still sleeping.

All weakness is illusory. Another name for modesty. It is your power that scares. Ultimate secret of the fable. Hide your head in the sand. Take your feet well in the cable. Death comes to supper at your table. Forget your comfortable sleep. Forget your portable destiny. The alarm clock rings in your satchel.

Wake up now, come quickly. Be ready. It’s NOW OR NEVER.



You just have to wonder how to use correctly the power you have.
Carlos Castaneda