Be Your Own Master


You can do miracles. You can enter the ultimate stage of spiritual evolution. You can become a prophet. For that you must stifle your ambition. Become an ant, a cicada, a louse. Make this louse run on the sublime skin of Shiva Baba and suddenly all generations of yourself will know awakening for ever and ever. May it be so by the grace of our …


… Mighty Guardians

The current period is very favorable for spiritual progress. It seems that the roadblocks preventing access to awakening have been removed. Through the care, no doubt, of our heavenly guardians. Who are these guardians whom I qualify as mighty? Do I know? Ifever I knew, would I say? He who speaks doesn’t know. He who knows doesn’t speak. Whoever is silent does not know either, perhaps.

Who knows ? You, maybe? Look here for nothing but confirmation of what you have always known. Swim with what swims gracefully in the deep wave of your consciousness. No one and no one can teach us what we already know. Confirmation revelation. But now, the worries, the hassles, all that, we have somewhat neglected what is going on in the depths. Pity. These depths are yours, no need to ignore them, you won’t prevent them from being and acting on you by doing this.

This is the ostrich policy. I hide my eyes so as not to see my own bankruptcy. When I decide to reopen them, the bankruptcy is still there. Thus the weak become weak, so the poor become impoverished. But there is worse, more insidious behavior. Chafouin Sneaky, concealed But no grief Nothing to see, no offense to ignorant people I call him …


… The koala policy

This charming creature has a habit of sticking to its mother koala first, then to its native eucalyptus for the rest of its life. Here is an animal which adores the astral travel and the exits of body. Often he sleeps. When he wakes up, he eats leaf after leaf the eucalyptus which smells good like its mother. Who smells good, it’s easy to say. A powerful smell of swallowed eucalyptus signals the proximity of this quiet father. The stomach disturbance becomes unbearable within 5 meters, absolutely fatal closer. One discerns there then, just before death, the tenacious scent of eucalyptus ingested and exuded by all the pores of the skin of the badger. Pardon the toad. The bug. Forget it. Finally it stinks, I can say. And then one dies of ugly death.



But that’s not what characterizes koala politics. It consists of sticking lovingly to your worst enemy, or your worst enemy, thinking that the romantic relationship will defuse hostilities. One in ten million it can work. And again, with the ass. The koala is downright addicted to what makes it stink of death. He can’t think about it, if you take him away from his hard drug, he cries out. And every day he eats a piece of it. Scary. Think about it and ask yourself the right questions.



If you want to progress, cultivate humility. If you want to become a prophet, you will see the future, that’s for sure. If you believe it, you are wrong. If you ignore it, your mistake is much worse. You have to believe it insofar as it speaks to you about yourself. If it speaks to you about people or things that are beyond you, if it evokes the fate of the world or the tragic end of this humanity, cultivates humility, above all do not believe in it.

Humility does not dispense with dignity. Be your own master. Don’t let anyone choose for you, decide for you. (music) These parasites are other intermediaries that you should be able to do without. Dignity does not come from the dominant ego. True dignity is an adornment of the soul, its delicacy, its grandeur, its total simplicity. The soul is individual and portable transcendence.

Communication is reestablished with transcendence, whatever name it is given. So we no longer need an intermediary. In other times, the prophets were the necessary link between the individual and the transcendent. These dark times are, if not over, at least on the way to being. The Dark Ages –the terrible Kali Yuga— are coming to an end. Already the lights of a new cycle illuminate the fringes of the kali yug. What do we need a prophet for a whole people? Be your own prophet, be your own master.

Without the Source, there would be nothing. But without anything, the Source remains. (Lao Surlam)


Direct socket

Already the bright light of awakening is rising on the horizon. The light will come from the north. The North is the domain of the gods. These former gods of whom I often speak were also intermediaries. They were useful in their distant days, they are indigestible today. Caricatures of themselves, they’re being prostituted in the hands of strange, excessive, inhuman sects.religions included Which proves that they are missing. The gods are mortal, only the source is abundant.

The desire for death echoes the lethal shadow that hangs over our humanity. The desire for death fills the lungs of many zombies. They shape distress, obsessions, psychosis. The street is not strewn with roses. What are you talking about? Your prose, you can put it in prose, if you dare. But let’s talk about something else.



The North is the domain of the gods. These gods before who were also intermediaries between transcendence and men. Now men are looking within themselves for their own divinity. Men no longer need the gods before. The next gods will come. In what terms will they come? The slavery in which they once kept us will no longer be acceptable. I doubt that they use the same uncompromising firmness. They will be ready to listen to us. Like our leaders, for whom listening is a necessary evil that does not exempt from acting as one sees fit.


People’s Cause

Who the gods before will listen to? The man in the street? Are they going to organize micro-sidewalks like on TV, we question the housewife under 50 when leaving the supermarket? Not too divine as a trip. They will want to do better than that. More official too, less people, less homeless, a little classy than the devil, they are gods all the same! Should see to remember it.

They will exchange distressing banalities and untranslatable features of humor with pompous buggers like them: our elites in ecstasy. Our Nazi leaders. Even neo-Nazis. We did not come out of the mud …

Come on, I might be wrong. Shameful defeatism. The former gods are clairvoyant. They see the error, search souls and hearts. One can always imagine that they will be as smart as they once were. Whether they are still alive, which is not certain either. Anyway! If they are no longer there, others have taken their place. The nature of the gods abhors a vacuum.


From clan to individual

The people of antiquity and before –the protohistoric, and even before them the prehistoric– the people of long ago did not function like we do. Their assemblage point was not positioned on pure reason like ours It occupied a position closer to instinctual wild thought, which does not originate from the brain but from the belly. The wisdom of the body. For those ancient people, the refuge was in the group. The family, the clan, the tribe. For the group, everyone gave everything they had –even their life.

Contemporary man sees himself as an individual. In the most developed societies, that is to say the most corrupt, the cult of the individual has muzzled solidarity, killed mutual aid and castrated the gift. The great ancients, on the other hand, had not yet developed an awareness of their individuality. Nonexistent for the most part, it rarely manifested itself in a few, but in a hazy, evanescent way, without real consistency. The sight of the egoism and the weakness of our developed societies would have made them despair of future humanity.

Almost universal individualism is the hateful triumph of the dominant ego. From the beginnings of industrial society in 19th century Europe, the ridiculous cult of the individual is opposed to the globalization of hearts, the only possible remedy for the globalization of exploiters. Everyone sees noon at their door, and it is noon to 2 p.m.




Do you really want to become a prophet? Very little for me. I don’t eat that bread. I’ll tell you a good thing. This direct line with my soul, I use it every day since childhood. I had this chance. In spite of the vagaries of a turbulent youth and an offset maturity, the child who reigns in my heart has managed to retain a little of this freshness that many lose early, to their misfortune. See you later.


You should always be drunk.  So as not to feel Time’s horrible burden which breaks your shoulders and bows you down, you must get drunk without cease. With wine, poetry, or virtue as you choose. But get drunk.
Charles Baudelaire