Sharing Era


“When you have more than you need, make a longer table and not a higher fence.” The scammers who lead this world to its death could meditate on this profound wisdom, if they are concerned with meditation and wisdom, which I doubt.

Some rich countries find the pressure on their habits and comfort unbearable whenfacing a few thousand refugees. What will they say when instead of a thousand, they will be one or two million climate refugees to invade every country in the West, in a desperate attempt to escape the irresistible rise of the waters? When hundreds of millions, when billions of humans will no longer have land, invaded by rising seas? Donald Duck Trump wants to build a wall to protect the Red Necks against an invasion of some two-legged grasshoppers, that lousy Latinos who live in “crappy lands” as he said with his accustomed courtesy.

At the historic moment when China will become the world’s leading power, the US did not need this stupid grand-son of gold miner. The United Kingdom did not need Brexit either, nor Spain for Catalan separatists. Germany would have gone well without its political crisis, and Eastern Europe without the neo-Nazi push. In this climate of hard tension, the West can only rely on Lil’ Macron. Unlucky West  …

All these developed countries, with two millennia of humanist Christian culture, cultivating generosity, altruism and international aid, can not fall back on their populist egoism: everything for me, others can die. No, it does not work that way. The world has become unified, affecting a country affects many others, whether we like it or not. Solidarity or solitary? Will there be fortress states, behind so many walls of shame, use their lethal weapons to resist the waves of immigrants? If the sea level rises by 6 meters – the low assumption – more than a billion islanders or coastal residents will have to find a place to live on pain of death.

When your family has nothing left, you are ready for anything, I say everything, to ensure the survival of those who are dear to you. Millions of refugees will be sweeping through the land masses, all of which will be host countries, willy-nilly. To make room for them will be a moral, human, Christian duty, what we want, but a real duty. Otherwise you are slaughtered or you wake up dead. What you do not do out of generosity, you will do it out of fear. First enemy of the warrior.

In the next twenty years, the world leadership will move from the USA to China. Seeing the imbecility of son Trump or son Bush, we can say that it’s better for the rest of the world. I believed it a long time, now I doubt it very much. A few years ago, the method of calculating the Chinese GNP was changed. Instead of relying on the trade balance, as its surpluses began to fall, China decided to retain another criterion: the index of construction. Predictable result in a country that escapes neither state bureaucracy nor the fierce desire to please the Communist Party, the promoters began to build at all costs.

They have also benefited from subsidies from the central government. Brand new towns popped up over the Chinese territory, they covered with a nice layer of concrete and asphalt. A copy of Paris with Eiffel Tower, a copy of New York with Statue of Liberty, London with Ferris wheel, copies of Swiss, Tyrolean, Italian, Breton villages came out of the ground, gigantic amusement parks that attract only a few daily visitors and where almost all the accommodations are desperately empty.

The Chinese real estate stock now totals a hundred ghost towns or villages, nearly one billion vacant apartments, which will never be occupied. Fixed assets are estimated at billions of billions of Euros. I doubt that China will use this vacant housing to settle millions of climatic refugees, which could be the better idea however. When this housing bubble burst, which is only a matter of time, countries like the US, closely linked to China, will take the slap of the century, with which the subprime crisis and that of 1929 will act as an appetizer.

Then world leadership will return to triumphant Macronian France, which will annex the rest of Europe, revive a vast colonial empire, subdue the Americas, try Trump, subdue Russia and enslave China. No I’m kidding, there will be no more global leadership because there will be no more people to lead.

No need to turn the problem around. There is only one cake, and we will be 10 billion to want a share. There is only one cake, it is centuries that we eat as much as we can, in Indochina, in Africa, wherever we can steal those who have nothing. The situation has changed. They want their share, and also ours, because it is usurped. So two solutions: either we share, even to lose everything. Either we give everything right away, and we feed on prana.

Nobody told us that we are screwed forever to the matter. To the Matrix. We can get out of the crisis by the summit. By the top of the skull, to be precise. To share, to keep for oneself, to give everything, everyone will do what he wants. As soon as he regains his stature. His human dignity. And it only has one way, the awakening. You waited all your life, you will not die without letting go of mashed potatoes? Awake. There is no other choice. Shake right away or you will stay in the game bag. It does not matter who owns it. The game at the bottom of the bag will always be you.

It’s a world of illusion, a world of maya. Do not let yourself be caught in a virtual trap where your soul for a moment landed in this body that is not you, just a vehicle, just clothes. Escape from this prison, tear off the neck that took you from your neck, forget the glue of all your manias, drugs, alcohol, buttocks, work, the beautiful cases, the game, the success, the currency, the dirty Cash – get out of this childish trap. What is seen of you is not You. You’re worth better than that.

Beyond your body is the soul, the all-powerful, the all-wise, the all-conscious soul, your holy scout. The soul that knows you from all eternity, the soul that loves you and watches over your body when your tone is dead, the soul that one day you will find again, in this life I wish. Merlin promised it, Merlin did not lie. No offense to the morons.

And if you do not need anything that is bought, if you want to live an ascetic life, donate your goods to people in need, to those who have nothing, to those who are hungry, to children who are thirsty, who need to learn, who want to live another hour, another day, another tomorrow. Your money will be in good hands. When you have more than you need, make a longer table and not a higher fence.


Very soon I realized that what we were taught in textbooks had a provincial side – unimaginative, lacking air.
Hubert Reeves