The Ephebe Amnesias


I, the unknown, I do not know who I am, forgetful of my life before, forgetful of my name and my real age, eternal again, here, I speak. Why speak from elsewhere, since I do not know anything? The psychopomp said it to me, speak! To speak heals, the word will untie you. I hallucinate! What are we talking about ?

I do not need to be untied. I do not need to heal, I live very well without memory, thank you. “Take care of your feet, I told him, I do not care about a psychopomp, I’m not sick, but by dint of seeing you, I’m going to become one.” He did the face. He brought me his classics: “Know yourself, teach us the Cyclops, it’s your sacred duty, the world expects you to find yourself and keep your rank.”

I like the Cyclopes. Everyone fears them, not me. I find them cool by being great. Hello the height, not credible! And the caves they dug, too classy, ​​I love! I have the impression of having lived with them for years, how would I have done if I was not born? I’m too young for that Or in a previous life? Snakes hiss, they are skeptical. Life after life, return, parallel lives and past lives, for them is anything. Bullshit, all that. I agree. If we lived before and we do not remember, what is it for? Pay for your delirium!

They call me Amnesias. The one who has forgotten everything. And they remember what they lived before they were born? In the belly of their mother, and before, in the limbo of the between-two-lives? I forgot, too. Big deal ! Snakes congratulate me all the time. “To know the way, it is enough to cut off one’s head,” they say. Ssssacres sssserpents, sssssuper ssssérieux, ssssinon ssssinistres! I love to fuck their face at an angle. They are cool, they laugh with their yellow eyes, two fatal cracks. Then they leave. Those damned snakes do not care about anything.

Yesterday I received a message from the Mountain. It comes from the Divine Palace. From the service of the Goddess, downright! What does she want from me, the vioque? Never seen my life, and I’m fine. Everyone is scared of nothing but hearing his name. I do not care, but all the same, I do not like it too much. Why me ? Just a trifle that I would have done without thinking, enough that she knew it, and I’m good. Crack in! She knows everything about everyone. If she wants, she sees me better than me. Ah, that’s why? The Goddess will tell me who I am, where I come from? I want to. As they say at Mass, “Take me in Your hands, Goddess, hold me, without your support, I am nothing, I have nothing, I am worthless.”

In the late morning, a steering wheel picks me up. I climbed aboard, all excited. This is my first wheel, I love it! The seat molds my body. I am alone, the wheel does not need anyone to ensure its flight. I love the trip in the sky! See the tiny giants, their tiny houses, and the big snakes as links, all too well! We finally arrive. The speed has reduced. The steering wheel lands smoothly near a rolling corridor. A voice said to me, “Come, I’m waiting for you.”  I take the corridor, or rather the corridor takes me. He drops me off in front of a big gold portal. “Approach again.” A big blow behind the skull, poof! I fell like a bag … And nothing.



“Yes, Idriss, that’s how the Arabs call Enoch yes, my darling, I’ll tell you who you are, you’ll know where you come from, if you want, I’ll tell you where you’re going. for me who know everything, if you do not want, I will shut up, you will not know anything The world expects everything from you Take me in your arms my love I love you on this beautiful day and will always love you .”

The Goddess spoke. Behind her, a shadow crept in: “What a poor start you make, my Hathor!”  It’s the voice of Lilith the Human, the first woman to come long before Adam, the slender Adam who was probably one of the ancestors the late Enoch, lost for the cause, and the death of his beautiful death ten thousand years ago. Lilith will live until all women have won their freedom. So long as there will be only one woman to suffer the iniquitous law of the dominant male, Lilith the warrior will have to prolong her life, change her body, and live again. His fight is the cause of all women.

Lilith has always been the next and the intimate counselor of the Goddess Hathor Hera. It was formed eons ago by the powerful Serpents, it is from them that it holds its omnipotence and its dominant position, close to the Goddess, just behind her back, she does not leave her. Lilith is on her bed when Hathor stretches out, in her dreams when she sleeps, in the meals she takes, in the stories she hears. Lilith is everywhere you look, in the slightest reflections of space, it passes and leaves its mark.

– What are you saying, my friend? ask the Goddess at the end of a sweet dream.
“You did not choose the easy way, O my Queen. In love with a child! It is not for you. How would he support your energy? As soon as you approach, you grills his circuits.
– Yes, Lilith. You’re right. What do you want, this child touches me. It’s my circuits that will burn if he does not join me in my diaper.
– Serpents claim that pleasure is in waiting. Be patient, my queen of love. I could comfort you well.

Hathor shivers like a leaf in the wind.
– I want it, do you hear me? He is mine for life, as I am his. As long as he wants to love me, he will live. If his love stops, he will die. It’s like that. It’s my law. Do not ask me why.
– Yet I ask. Tell me why you’re talking, Hathor. Is it your decision?
– It’s the plan that imposes it. We can only obey. You, like him, will follow my path.

Pierced, the beautiful Lilith evaporates in the depths of the palace. While speaking, the mighty Queen of the Worlds has changed her appearance. She is now a very young girl, radiant and graceful, with long lashes of fawn, with angel’s eyes, with child’s eyes. On his soft bed, the ephebe awakens. He sees the girl and immediately falls under her absolute charm.
“I am no longer barbarous,” he exclaimed. Forget Amnesias ignorant, I know who you are, I know where I come from, I found everything. I am Aorn son of Thyann the hunter. I am Enoch son of Jared the wise. I am the eternal son of myself, the lover of Hathor there mandated. From now on I would be Idriss, that’s how the Arabs call Enoch as they call me men on earth. I have borne many names, inhabited many bodies. I was dead, dear Hathor, by you I live again.

The young goddess places a bare foot near him, his eyes filled with love.
– Forget the ghost of the warrior you were. Forget Dark Aorn, forget Oldtimer Enoch, for me you are and you will be Idriss, the one who takes.

Shuddering, she slips her white garment over the jade slabs.
– For you I want to remain the Isis who gives, O my heart. Let us make love.

Rose the day on the first morning of the world.



You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one.
John Lennon