Useless efforts


We have been instilled in the cult of effort. It is still useful. But not in all cases. Why row so hard? Why bother when everything is against your progress? They tell you: Take it upon yourself, grit your teeth, hold on against all odds. Do you feel that this effort is killing you? Slowly, without firing a shot? Don’t make me laugh. No notable progress comes to reward your sacrifice.

You know that you exhaust yourself thoroughly, you draw from the bottom of the ultimate reserve. Will you fight to the end of your strength? Until divorce? Like a trunk being barked? Like a shell that you defuse?

This page is for those who have rowed against the tide for too long. The flow of a life is energy. It is vain and perilous to pretend to ignore it. Why row? Because you are sailing upwind. You have the wind straight in the nose. You don’t move forward and it lasts, it lasts. With your rowing, what can you hope for? You’ve been sculling with no effect for months. For years, who knows? Time to change strategy. Forces beyond you oppose your progress. Keep calm and ask yourself the right questions.

Errare humanum est, sed perseverare diabolicum To err is human, stubbornness is evil Yes, evil is perseverance in error. You have to know how to question yourself when nothing is going well. Before if possible. The vain effort is fatal.

In your company

The trials we encounter are endurance tests, you tell yourself. You are wrong this time. Can’t you see you’ve been on the wrong track for too long? Something is wrong, that’s clear. No trial can exceed your strength. If you exhaust yourself, if you wither, morale at half mast, chronic depression, and if you continue on this mine path, do you want to end your life? When it comes to growing, elevating yourself, approaching your perfection, you will only find on your way surmountable obstacles. If the wind is blowing strong, do not lower the canvas. Turn to the wind and let yourself be carried away.

To change is not to deny oneself. Refusing to change is a dangerous principle. Life is only perpetual change. Happiness comes as it runs away. So don’t get attached to it. Learn to weave the web of your own happiness. As a warrior, without impatience, because you know that a warrior acts without waiting for the result of his action. But when your action is counterproductive, change your behavior. Your goal is not the right one. It is no longer suited to who you have become. Love yourself more: take credit for yourself. Do not deplore your loneliness. Appreciate these moments that you spend in your company. Keep cool and give yourself the good answers.

Tighten your bolts. Collect your scattered pieces. Round up the troop of your disunited selves. Be one, you are unique. Your multiplicity is an asset if all your you walk at the same step, which is not the case if you drag, if you suffer and you run out of breath, if you row like a galley without getting anything for nothing.



Psychotropic and hallus

The impeccable warrior seeks neither the exceptional, nor the unheard of, nor the miracle, nor the ultimate. You have to give it up urgently. The warrior turns his everyday life into a veritable mine of diamonds. An inexhaustible source of beautiful discoveries. The truth behind the scenery of our daily lives has the effect of a powerful psychotropic drug. Banality is an illusion that comes from our ordinary blindness. The brain, this conformist traitor, dresses the indescribable in ordinary clothes. Undress him. Throw him to oilpé. You will be amazed.

I am not surprised at anything in order to be able to marvel at everything, said a mystic whose name escapes me and whom Google does not know. Do not be surprised, yes, a wise course of action when you want to rub shoulders with the abysses and touch the peaks. I’m hallucinating!

That was the battle cry of my late benefactor. I’m hallucinating! He had it in his mouth ten times a day. And the motives of his continual halluses were not always clear to the eyes of the boon that I was. At forty, despite my academic knowledge, my experiences around the world and my professional experience, I was very ignorant. True knowledge was still eluding me. The one we live with the body.

This can reassure those who are struggling in this direction. And make them love their precious present moment … You don’t believe me? Do you think I’ve always been who I am today? Serious error. To convince yourself, read my journal at the time, Benefactor, at least the first chapters which are already online. You will have a hard time recognizing me there.

I’m hallucinating! Rereading these words written thirty years ago, I hallucinate at every line. What an exercise! My past, which I have often revisited, appears to me in its splendid nudity, its truth without blindness. My past visited in the astral must be a past a little reinvented, reinterpreted by the fellow that I am today. To this other form of dressing of perceptions, I often had to succumb, believing myself in good faith to be true …

I woke up and I saw that everyone was still asleep. So I went back to sleep. (Leonardo Da Vinci)


Let go

Stop rowing. Put your boat in the direction of the current. Use the wind instead of fighting. Can you tell the difference between stubbornness and stubbornness? Audacity or recklessness? Willful or stubborn? Silence. You are you. Where are you? Take advantage of this blank to create a blank page. Death to remorse. Let go.Tarot, The Hanged-Man Trust yourself. Have faith in yourself. You are unique.Tarot, Arcana XIII Your presence brings to this world.Tarot, Temperance Go and drink from the Living Source.Tarot, The Devil Enter your home.Tarot, The Tower Give your best.Tarot, The Star Cultivate your greatness.Tarot, The Moon See the love that radiates.Tarot, The Sun See your inner beautyTarot, The Judgment that asks only to take the airTarot, The World

Let go. Trust the current. Follow the movement. But run away from carelessness. It is neglect. Your boat is carried away by the current, you still have to hold the helm to avoid the banks and the reefs.

He who trains goes astray. He who resigns is not a warrior. Persistence comes from the ego. It can be useful in the ordinary world, but not in the warrior’s world. Yes, the ego is everywhere, it is multiplying like vermin. When you progress in the light, it follows you in the shadow, it holds you if you relax your vigilance. You can’t do without it though. He is the counterpoint to life. If he is absent, no life possible. If it is urgent, no awakening possible. Choose your side. One foot in each is unworthy and of no effect.

Accept the verdict of the living. And rejoice whatever it is. What other choice for you? Accepting your mistake is a decisive step towards success. And what a great project! YOU.




No use to row in a vacuum. Nonsense to exhaust yourself in vain. Can you oppose fate? Not really, I’m afraid. You don’t have the superior knowledge to say “this is not what I need.” If you have incarnated, it means to achieve a feat or a task. What task? Got to know first. Striving against the tide forbids any useful and lasting achievement. Foolish tenacity of the kid who says no. Like Polnareff’s doll, tireless, who denies everything, everything refuses, everything avoids. And is dying alone.

If you’re opposed, warrior, it’s just you you’re blocking. Very sad thing indeed. End of an era …


What’s important is not to believe it or not but to ask a maximum of questions.
Bernard Werber