Golden Sleep


Sleep takes away our lives. For the warrior, on the contrary, it is the quickest way to know awakening. Being a warrior is not a style, a look, or a genre you give yourself. It’s a way of being. A look at the world. Much more than a full-time job. You’re not a warrior in office hours. A warrior never stops, especially when he’s sleeping. The real warrior sleeps like a warrior.


Capital Interest

Most of life is spent sleeping. Our already short lives are eaten away by sleep. How much idle time, wasted! Unless you sleep like a warrior.

What is the purpose of sleep? The doctor will tell you that it helps to eliminate toxins from the body, to recover, to erase fatigue. The doctor is right. But there’s something else. A capital interest that most people miss.

While the body is being repaired, the mind, finally free, wanders as it pleases. With or without the sleeper. His consciousness often remains linked to the physical body, and the moments when it accompanies the subtle body in its astral journey are obscured by sleep and undergo upon awakening the automatic interpretation provided by the brain.

And yet! Sleeping is golden. The best way to get aroused. And the easiest.


Waking Sleep

Half of life is spent sleeping. I snore so I am! Completely crazy. Do you know that there is much better to do?

I’m not talking about reducing the sleep range. Napoleon slept only a few hours, sometimes a few minutes between two strategies, two assaults, two decisions. It inflated the active minutes as much as possible. He maintained his life for the opposite of unconsciousness, that of the sleeper who snores, who crushes, who sleeps all his drunkenness but whose ignorance only prepares the eternal absence. To sleep, for him, is to die a little. To say that there are animals that hibernate!

The warrior is not like them. Nor is he like Napoleon. It is his sleep that the warrior uses, because in his sleep he can reach the top of himself.

In my humble opinion, to eliminate toxins, there would surely be faster. But to visit the worlds, to explore the past, to venture into the future, to discover the Great Elsewhere, to live a thousand other lives, to collect millions of stars, to welcome billions of friends, we needed half of our lives!


My Goal?

What is my goal with this site? Nothing personal. What else? Tell beautiful stories? Make fun? Have a good time? Distract the reader from his heavy routines? Spice up sluggish lives? Provide signs? Mark side roads? Let glimpse the other side of the mirror? If I can do any, it would pay off for my efforts. Even one of these results is worth the effort and joy of writing. My goal is beyond that.

My readership includes a large number of sensitive people, that is, able to perceive subtle sensations, the pressure on the subtle body. A majority of them are seekers of truth. Awakening warriors. Light fighter. Archangel seed. Do I know?

I write for them. To help the greatest number to find the courage, finally, to wake up. It takes courage in this world that sleeps like a log.

I woke up and I saw that everyone was still asleep. So I went back to sleep. (Leonardo Da Vinci)



Inner Jihad

It turns out that almost all these inner jihad warriors are nailed to the threshold of awakening. All they have to do is take one step, one step — to get into their inner light. Something is stopping them. A powerful bulwark. Impassable. This is, to speak of tarology, the passage from the arcane XV The Devil to the arcane XVI The Tower. Awakening. Gwenwed for the Celts, the circle of white light. This light penetrates everything and makes the heart grow.

It so happens that for fifteen years I initiated candidates to the Arcana XIII, also known as the Mysteries of Isis. Now this initiation is no longer necessary, the power of the unconscious modifies the being without a remembrance is necessary. The next step, however, requires an initiation. It occurs around the age of 40, sometimes younger, and increasingly younger. It was carried out among the Celts and Gauls at the invariable age of 21. This initiation to the Great Mysteries is getting younger, passing slowly from 40 to 30 years. Will the Great Mysteries of Isis return to the age of the traditional majority?


The Wolf Clan

My purpose, you understand, coincides with the ancestral mission assumed by the Wolves of my clan. This story of the Wolf Clan bothered me, when my benefactor delivered to me all the treasures of his immense knowledge. Great was also his knowledge. I knew it, I reveled in it, but I had my limits. The trouble quickly distracted me. And Flornoy was not the last to laugh, immediately he followed me and his lecture ended where the Living had decided.

Now that Flornoy’s gone, and Devic’s gone too

, who can tell me? Willy-nilly, I admit to myself the last Wolf of his Clan. And I intend not to remain so. Everything I can transmit is in progress.

Notice the friend! There is still time to join the pack of Flying Wolves. Inner adventure in the middle of a dream, is it truer than the one that will follow your awakening? Try it. Tell me about it. Tell me if the awakening is at the end of the awakening.

Choose your words well, for they are the ones who create the world around you. (Navajo saying)


Remember Oneself

You go to sleep and then you wake up. The night passes by. You don’t keep any. Or so little! Hardly two or three images from an absurd dream. We suspect that there is something else to scratch, more than these bits of images that float like baggage after a shipwreck.

You go to sleep and then you wake up. The veil of forgetfulness on your ears. And you get back on the train the day before. A thousand things to think about, a hundred things to do, ten people to see until evening. And it starts again.

Imagine what happens when you remember your nights? What you do there and with whom? Without disguises, without painted decorations, without trompe-l’oeil or all those dark things that often clutter dreams.



Clear Conscience

If you are conscious of yourself in your sleep, your clear consciousness illuminates the ultimate treasures of the Unconscious. Which we can also call multiverse. Is it really? Is multiverse another name for the unconscious? I really want to believe in it.

Why cut this beautiful mystery so early? Keep it secret in your heart of butter, secret but radiant, acting all the time by its special power over things and people. The causes and the giants. Radiating its heat that will gradually melt your heart of butter and you will laugh at you, me, here and there, cahin-caha.

If you knew who you are when you sleep! Enough to make peace with you. If you knew all the knowledge you have in the secret of the nights! Your life which seems so empty is so full and lively! And you so rich! Of that wealth that follows you in death and accompanies you for the continuation of your adventures.

If not, what is the point of living? Remembering one’s nights is the first task that a warrior does. So that at the end of sleep, instead of the banal awakening, Intention elects the warrior candidate for awakening.


One must have to act and not act to have.
Jean-Claude Flornoy