The End Of Taurus


I am attached to Mithra, believe me, by a strong bond that is not about to let go. Six days ago, I showed the differences that crucify Christianity on the altar of Esaus Mithra. I found that he lived at different times under different names. I quoted his songs. I talked about his cap. I’m going to examine a central episode of his legend, the sacrifice of the Bull.


When Mithras sacrifices a bull, he dates his intervention. Ivesus does not sacrifice a plain bull: he puts an end at the same time to the astrological era of the Taurus, situating itself at the same time around 2000 BCE.Before the Common Era Thus the Taurus leaves room for a new era, that of the Ram, that of Rama… It still haunts me. I have devoted dozens of articles to Ram, and I have no doubt that it will inspire many others. His era ended at the beginning of ours, around the year 1. Christ Jesus succeeds Christ Rama who succeeds Esus Christ as the Piscean era follows the era of Aries following that of Taurus.


Bunch of Images

The possibility of dating legends is too rare, therefore very precious. Recall that the astrological era of Taurus began around 4000 AEC. That is to say 6000 years ago. These parts are now accessible to me, I see more and more clearly what happened between Taurus and Aries. I can talk to you about that now.

One after the other turn the pages of the fabulous book of images that the gods gave me to share on the day of the great journey towards the day. Joy to know that before Rama, before the god Aries, another Christ reigned over the world. Before the era of Rama that I frequented so much, another era without doubt more beautiful is revealed. I see. The blindness that still veils your eyes lives its last moments.

The chance you have because of the chance I have! What will I complain about? I was born with my hair on, I lived blessed, now I am comfortable and always loved, yet I complain from evening to dawn.

My nerves are playing sarabande. Iridescent breath of the trade winds on my loose castles. The tarots are spreading. Fall arcanes, I will sow on your tombs tombs of flowers songs from very enticing fields. Stopped the spasms. Damned sarcasm. You will never again make the children laugh at the sun that shoots and shines in the sea where gire the ship that turns lof for lof. Voice-off: Large net and heading towards the sunset!

Which means nothing but says no less.

To neglect my torments I leave myself on the moment and in my astral body of niellated steel Being alive tempts him as a nursing virgin in crazy panting.

But let’s not talk about it any more. I hold the end of Taurus, I won’t let go ! Its beginning will come later. Two thousand years before. I’m turning back.



Goat is called mage

Foghorns, auroch horns, horns of the devil or the cuckold, antenna horn of the shaman, sacred horns of the prophets… Climb again, turn back time further… Several horny gods defy the mythical chronicle. The Bull and the Ram hold the top of the basket. The Goat, poor of him, was relegated to the blackest of the night. The Goat is Lucifer, which is not nothing. For Lucifer, earthly friends, is the One by whom the Light comes.

The Goat is the devil. He was super luminous archangel. Christs follow each other and deny each other. The chosen one before is the demon after. The wear of signs, the obscurity of symbols, the collapse of beliefs… Without an ark, no covenant. Faith also has its expiry date. Believing without believing remains a lifeline that never failed me.

All those demons that helped us, all those old gods that we demonize, all those fallen ones that we divinize, all those saviors that we denied… Thus the Goat has no zodiacal sign, nor astral orb. From reign he did not have, the witnesses were silent, the man with the pointed cap to the post beat him.


Esus Christus

Pointy cap, stubborn white tadpole, you work hard, panpan tutu, vice or virtue, who are you? Esu Christu? Where do you know? The madman is silent.

It comes alive at the dawn of this time. In the depths of a past that seems too old. In the course of moments that flee, games run away, secrets buried, your heart says yes, a body that enjoys, the aura goes from red to golden, stylish eyes, winged gaze that will spin like the glass with the blower’s cane.

Jesus comes to life. The Christ who was before the Christ before comes suddenly. He takes the wind. He takes his time. Was he black? Was he white? He was king in a delicate time for whites. Blacks to order, whites to obey. A recent discovery completely changes our story of the past. The first Celts and Vikings were black! The first Buddha was black, his name was Rama, or Lama in the local pronunciation… In the same collection, another disturbing volume: the warriors of protohistory were… warriors!

One of our favorite games, the late Devic and I, was to imagine which of our Akashic hypotheses would become the next sensational discovery of the official archaeo-paleo-anthropology. The referee judge was the next issue of Science and Life or Science and Future. How many discoveries have they discovered after us? Now that the well of science and wisdom Devic is no longer there to help me, I redouble my efforts and astral forays to fill the gap — in vain. Impossible task.



Aesus: Free as Mithras

“You breathe in freedom, you peoples who shed human blood on the altars of Teutates, Taranis, and Aesus, gods more cruel than the Diana of Tauride; you repeat your songs, bards, who dedicate with immortal praise the memory of valiant men struck in battle. And you, Druids, take up again your barbaric rites, your bloody sacrifices that war had abolished.” (Lucain, The Pharsale)

The same Lucan assimilates him to the Roman god Mars — or Mercury, he’s not too fixed. We understand that he hesitates. We guess that he doesn’t know anything about it. It does, however, provide an interesting precision, which brings it closer to the divine character of Mithras — if anyone still doubts their identity. These two are one.

To appease the wrath of Esaus, a victim was suspended from a tree “until, as a result of the shedding of his blood, he had let his limbs go”. It is precisely the sacrifice that cost Mithras his life. If these two are not one, God, they are alike!


Look and you’ll find

For this little course of etymology in slippers, say thank you Wikipedia, the chocolate knowledge.

The name of Esus is an element of the Gaulish proper names Esunertos (“he who has the strength of Esus”) and Esugenos (“born of Esus” or “well-born”, equivalent to Eugene in Greek). According to Joseph Vendryes, the name “Esugenos” in Welsh in the form of Owain and in Irish in Eogain. It is found in Breton, in particular in the forms Erwan and Youenn as well as in the French form Yves, according to Canon François Falc’hun. Julius Pokorny adds the Welsh Ywein, who became Yvain in French medieval literature.

Now, if you want some chunky ass-piercing stuff, look inside. Ask inside what you can’t find in the window. It’s all in the store. It’s been studied for. Hollow. Scratch. Explore. Give us all the spooky galleries by yourself.



When Mithras sacrifices a bull, he dates his intervention. Ivesus does not sacrifice a plain bull: he puts an end at the same time to the astrological era of the Taurus, situating itself at the same time around 2000 BCE.Before the Common Era Thus the Taurus leaves room for a new era, that of the Ram, that of Rama…


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