Undefeated Sun


Sol Invictus, Undefeated Sun, so was called the Roman religion which preceded Christianity. A religion of awakening like all the old religions, it offered its followers real means of elevation, illumination and awakening. It was formed around the very popular figure of Christ Esus of Hyperborea, who was also called Mithras in the Roman East.

The gold of time

Awakening religion and not solar worship as its name would suggest, Undefeated Sun was the religion of simple people. By the way, I don’t believe in solar cults anywhere. Let’s say I do, the historical evidence attests to that. However, it depends on which sun we are talking about. The sun in question must be unbeaten. Its light must not decline. The sun we know is defeated every night. Clouds can often defeat it during the day too. How then could he be called undefeated?

This ancient cult in no way presents itself as a cult of the sun that we know. It has its roots in the mysteries of Isis, a religion of awakening that was still appreciated in high society, that of the Roman patricians. I would ask my reader to refer, for further information, to the report of that time.


Mithras Christ

On the contrary, Sol Invictus was based on the crude and spontaneous faith of the Roman legions. At the beginning of our era, this faith was called Mithraism. She had made many followers among the Roman soldiers, who were more numerous than an invasion of locusts. And all, legionaries, decurions, centurions believed in the divinity of this endearing character Mithras.

Sol Invictus became the official cult of the Roman Empire in the 4th century AD, by Emperor Constantine in his city of Constantinople, now Istanbul. Imported from Persia, even India, by the Roman Empire, Mithras is a collage of several prophets, all called Christos, Christ, the anointed, the sent.

The most famous is of Hyperborean origin, he grew up in Celtic land and is called Esus. In my opinion, Esus and Mithra are only one character. I have often encountered allusions and read legends related to this fabulous religion. It turns out that my dreams led me there. So I would like to put that dreamlike testimony on the record. Who knows? It may be true.

The friends of truth are those who seek and not those who boast of having found. (Nicolas de Condorcet)



The gold of the strong

I have told in more than one article how we have been designed and produced by a superior species — or several highly evolved species. Certainly, the supermen who made us used us. How can we be surprised? They created us to help them. Even now, everything we do for this planet and our environment is part of this continuation. Those I call the former gods have used us, they have done well. They have given us life, which is not bad enough. Bonus gift: they offered us a direct link with transcendence. Every human being, deep down, can meet his god.

Animals don’t have that facility. I imagine other hominids didn’t either. It is likely that the Neanderthals were deprived of it. I rely on a strong intuition, supported by several mythological accounts, the intervention of Athena begging Prometheus to give us a soul, or that of Ninhursag asking the same thing to Enki, to mention only these two sources. There are many others, in the legendary corpus of America, Africa, Oceania, Asia.

The terraformers had a mission to fulfill, build this planet, develop a smart race, and give it the keys to the shop before going to build another planet in another star system. They could have stopped there. But no. Thanks to the intervention of Athena/Ninhursag, we have a soul, we are of divine nature, and our task here below is to develop the seed that the former gods entrusted to us.



In effort

If we follow this line, all help will be given to us through the inner bond we have received: our immortal soul. We don’t need anything else. We don’t need an intermediary. No priest, no rabbi, no monk, no druid, no enchanter, no sadhu, no lama, no ulema, no muezzin, no imam, no ayatollah, no pope, no wizard, no sorcerer. Neither am I, who am only me.

You’re self-sufficient. Turn aside. Love your body. Your god adores you and you ignore him. Your efforts to go to him will be paid with comfort. You will be strong of your efforts. Warrior first. Warrior in GOLD. Warrior again… OR, UR, OUR is the precious phonem given by the former gods — it belongs to the Golden Tongue.

That is fair and good. However, it is not a question of certainty, but of a conviction that I have acquired with experience. The rule is always the same: believe without believing. But there is something else. Even more incredible.


The fable of the weak

A fable was made in the late Middle Ages to conceal the true origin of Christianity. This fable postulates the existence of a prophet named Jesus. But we have no historical evidence of his existence. The only documents attesting to this are of religious origin. It is unusual that other testimonies have not been received. All the prophets were appointed and studied by philosophers, historians, compilers, tribunes at the very time of their manifestation. Why did Jesus escape their vigilance?

Hence the hypothesis of a late invention of this Jesus of Nazareth, born on a date when Nazareth did not yet exist, the city having been founded around the year +60. This invention, a stroke of genius, was intended to replace Mithraism, a religion with mysteries, a cult of personal development, with a religion of blind faith, of obedience to the established order, and the modest acceptance of the exploitation of the masses by an affluent elite. The invention was not easy to orchestrate. It had to fulfill all the hallmarks of the popular Mithraism. The cross, the saints, the many Christs and even Christianity existed for a long time in popular beliefs, long before Jesus’ invention.

Is Jesus an egregore?

May believers be reassured, if the historical existence of Jesus is doubtful, now, with all the Christians who pray to him every moment, it does exist. When called, he comes! That’s the way egregores plan it … The religion of submission and self-effacement which he presides over does not encourage anything more.

Awakening gave way to falling asleep. Control of deviants is muzzled through confession. The quest for the absolute, our secret mission, is barred by a warped belief. Diverted, your necessary faith. Eaten, your intention. Past your turn to see. Curly, your ivory tower. 

An invention, a lie, another religion, a new god named Jesus. And we believe in it, weak as we are. And we weaken, believers that we are.


The truth about this case is so incredible that I remain skeptical, even though I saw it with my own eyes. I observed it, observed it, studied it… simply by going there. I visited the time when Sol Invictus was still practiced. And I was able to measure the glaring difference between the Old Religion and the New. How did I make this journey through time? No machine, no drugs, no magic potions. I did, that’s all. It’s not a mystery to anyone who knows me.

I have had this precious gift since birth. It offers me a rich palette of inner journeys, in astral, in the depths of my busy nights: I know how to move on the whole timeline. The novelty came a few years ago: I can also take other warriors there. Two or three first. Today several dozen Flying Wolves accompany me in astral to visit the time.

The warrior who travels all along his timeline is a wall-pass that shows us the way to go. (Lao Surlam)



Did you say Sun?

Because there is something else, as I just told you. When the ancient speak of the Sun with a capital S, they do not evoke our solar star. It was then eclipsed by much brighter than itself.

The Sons of the Sun that are found in all ancient mythologies, from the Incas to the Greeks, from the Chinese to the Melanesians, from the Japanese to the Inuit and so on. They are the children of the gigantic artificial sun that shone for ages in the northern sky: Hyperborea, this is the name that the Romans gave to this artificial planet. Sumerians called it Nibiru, wandering planet. Christians, Jews and Muslims call it Eden or Paradise.

But the name that suits him best is the one that headlines this article: Sol Invictus, Undefeated Sun. It shines night and day, its light a hundred times, a thousand times more powerful than that of the solar star, relegating the latter to the rank of a simple oil lamp.


Daughter of the Sun

The Sons of the Sun are always represented with a halo of rays coming out of their heads. The best example, very close to us, just above: see the image is due to the talent of the French sculptor Bartholdi. This is the Statue of Liberty, a wonderful daughter of the Son King, given by France to the USA. Look at these beautiful spikes that line her skull.

 Apollo is thus represented, he who bears the title of Son of the Sun, as the emperor of China, as the Inca of Peru. This crown of thorn is not that of Jesus as a martyr — although in my humble opinion, the medieval forgers who invented or embellished the life of Jesus added the crown of thorn to make a nod to the original myth, Mithras’ super-bright one. He is most often depicted wearing a Phrygian cap, but when he takes on the appearance of an Undefeated Son of the Sun, his forehead is girded with sharp prickles that evoke a (very) nasty dog collar. He who is neither!

In my opinion, this crown of points is the Roman stylisation of the aura, the inner light that comes out of the face of great initiates, saints, awakened, etc. Later, the religious imagery of Christianity will replace these points with the halo. The symbol changes, what it means does not change. Although I have an old doubt about that. Well, let’s leave it at that for now. An article about the halo of Christian saints could lift another corner of the veil of Isis… ifever I write it.



Human gods

On the Roman coin above, we see the Emperor Constantine crowned with laurel. Behind him, like his twin brother, we see the darling of the legionaries, Esus Mithra, under the guise of Sol Invictus, that is to say crowned with spikes.

Later, Constantine will renounce the cult of Sol Invictus to marry Christianity. Is it the religion of Jesus, or that of another Christ, the Emperor Constantine himself? Moreover, by deciphering the inscription on the coin, we can read Invictus Constantinus, Constantin the Undefeated. Isn’it a proof  that the cult of Sol Invictus was meant for him? Since Julius Caesar, the Roman emperors have had the unfortunate tendency to take themselves for gods.

Caesar himself was aware of the dangers of such a drift. So while he paraded victoriously in the streets of Rome for the celebration of his many triumphs that the Senate granted him after each victory, Caesar took a slave on the chariot at his side. His role was to repeat to the Generalissimo throughout the journey the same short sentence: “Caesar, remember you are mortal!”


Ego kills

A wise precaution indeed. Unfortunately the successors of the great Jules did not have this wisdom. They did take themselves for gods. They even forgot that they were mortal. Looks like some stars from the land of children.Jacques Brel used to call USA this way In other latitudes, the same causes have produced the same effects. Thus the Inca was worshiped as a god. The Dalai Lama or the Pope followed their sad example. Other despots infatuated with themselves have thus fallen phew to the point of believing themselves immortal. Until the day when they drop like the flies they are.

We spend the first half of our life forging a strong ego, and the second half to get rid of it. (Carl Gustav Jung)


If there is one human person who can claim to be immortal, it is me. And no other.Given the above quote, it can only be a joke



One Only Sun

This is what remains of this cult inherited directly from the terraforming gods. The original religion, like the language of origin, is the one from which all other religions, all other religions, and I would say all wisdoms flow. Of course, its original content has been mistreated, shredded, scorned, distorted, rather emptied of its sap and its truth, so there. I had to tell you this. Listen.

The mother ship Hyperborea, as vast as a planet, is immobilized in hover over the north pole. I have explained why it is there. (source) It’s so bright, it’s so big and dazzling, the real sun looks like a spot next to the super Unbeaten Sun projector. Why undefeated? Because it shines with the same brilliance day and night. An eternal day, which lasts beyond any shadow.


Defeated sun

His blinding light can’t look at itself. The ship radiates a much greater clarity than the real sun which seems so distant, so small! As a result, he is relegated to a subordinate role. The real sun is defeated by more brilliant than him. That’s why the giant craft is called the Unbeaten Sun.

Unbeaten, the mother ship of the former gods. Unbeaten, the wandering planet of the Sumerians. Unbeaten, Hyperborea, its four continents, its armies of giant angels, its Mount Olympus and its climate of angelic sweetness where ripen fruits all year round. Undefeated Terraformers. What human or other creature could defeat the Olympian Titans? Neither you nor I. Nor any armed force that this dwarf planet boasts of…



Pax Christi

We hid as long as we could the true origin of Christianity. It has been so hidden, with so much skill and craziness, that it takes treasure of patience to discern the true from the false, and with the true to reconstruct the puzzle. I have been working on this for years, and every day new tricks come to my garden. I find them with a shovel. I exult. What’s surprising? When we found the passepartout, no lock can resist. All the enigmas of the past find here their explanation, simplistic. But totally unacceptable to the strong spirits who dictate their stupid laws to our weak heads…

Take Chrism, for example. Chrism is an ancient symbol that the Romans called Pax ChristiChrist Peace because it represents the monogram P X, being understood that X represents Christ. Why is that? Because of the cross of torture. Yeah… And also because the cross and Christ sounds the same. Oh no! It has nothing to do with that. Christ means anointed, coated with holy oil, consecrated in one word. Whereas the cross is an instrument of death.

The parade of Christs

Another limp stuffing that all Christians swallowed round. Of course, it is the mystery of faith, you are told what to believe and if you do not believe, the flames of hell await you. However, as soon as you scratch the nail polish, you quickly understand how far-fetched it is. Why? Because the symbols existed before, that they were already present everywhere for centuries, and that it was necessary to force them into a legend composed of other legends, those of Mithras, Rama, Aesus, Apollonius of Thiane, Zarathustra, Orpheus, Osiris and other Christs.

There have always been Christs. Saviors, all ages need them. And from the powerful terraformers, our creators, our masters, every Christ has called himself the son of God. Rightly so. Without pretending to be elected, are we not his children, all of us?


The former cross

See the picture above. It is a chrism, a medieval sculpture that adorns the church St Christophe-des-Templiers in Montsaunès, Haute Garonne, France. Yes, in Occitan land… The clever ones understood the allusion. Especially if they read The Stars of Compostela…

Let us look at this chrism above. Above, the P which does not mean Pax, but which designates the north. To be convinced, one only has to look at the foot of the P. One sees, very big and legible, the letter S which designates the south, of course. I don’t know if the parish priests dared to say that it was the S of Sanctus Christus… They are not to the extent of a farce.

Actually this X is a cross. And this cross is perpendicular to the foot of the P, as on a weathervane, as you can understand in the following image. This cross, like the Celtic cross, does not speak to us of the crucified, but of the four rivers of Hyperborea, which separate the four islands-continents. The vertical axis of the letter P refers to the North Pole. This symbol does not mean Pax Christi, it is a bus that indicates the location of Hyperborea, whose name literally means: above the north pole.

If God exists, atheism must be less insulting for him than religion. (The Goncourt brothers)




This cross, like the Celtic cross, does not tell us about the crucified one, but about the four rivers of Hyperborea, which separate the four islands-continents. When the vertical axis of the letter P, it designates the North Pole. This symbol does not mean Pax Christi, but it indicates the location of Hyperborea, whose name literally means: above the North Pole.


The past time is gone and the future is not / And the present languishes between life and death / In short, death and life are at all times similar.
Jean-Baptiste Chassignet