The Hundred Names of Venus



So many tips and stuff can be found when lounging on the web. First I get this: Venus is called the Evening Star, although Venus is not a star, it is a planet. The teachers will tell you that it is so called because it is the first star that the shepherd sees. Nonsense. The priests will suggest it’s the star of the Magi, the one they have followed and which also guided the shepherds. Bullshit.

Venus is but the Latin name of Inanna, who became queen of Sumer around 2500 BCE. Her lover Dumuzi the shepherd king, was meanwhile represented by the moon in the Epic of Gilgamesh. Well, the words are mine, but the info I fell from the sky. Amazingly. Just think! Venus in 2500 BCE! According to Immanuel Velikowski is around that date a vagrant comet, similar in size to Earth, broke into the solar system, destroying a planet there remains only the asteroid belt and pulling the vital crust of our neighbor, Mars. If we believe Velikowski, this ancient comet has stabilized, becoming the planet Venus.


She loves the shepherd king

You know that I believe neither random nor coincidences. As Carl Jung, I prefer to talk about synchronicities. But this one is huge. For with the beautiful Venus, appeared on Earth at the same time that the comet was named, there was a shepherd king.

As a shepherd king,  living around 2500 BCE, I only know one. The famous Rama.

venus-cranach-688pxHe started in Celtic countries under the name of Ramos, he was a druid. Then he became Ram of Hyperborea, before being Rama The Great, the first king of men, who ruled over a global empire. His sacred mission was known to him from childhood, exposed to the exactions of the all-powerful Celtic witch. Prince Charming Rama reconciled men and women after the terrible matriarchy that has been started thousands of years ago by Hathor, the Multicolored Cow, the Sacred Cow of the Hindus, the White Buffalo Woman of Native Americans. Rama would be the prince charming of the beautiful Venus? Why not?

There is a shepherd king. Dumuzi, I have no doubt, is the name given to Sumerian Rama. They are both represented by the Moon, which is male Asia. Rama was king of Sumer around the same time, before becoming king of many Asian countries, and finish emperor of the world.

Another synchronicity, which will entertain the scholars. But these people have more than others need to relax and smile, it changes them. Dumuzi, curious name, reminds me of another, Dumézil.

But if, you know, Georges Dumézil, author of the theory of functional triad, which is the division of society into three occupational categories – famous theory that I allowed myself to correct: the original social structure, inherited from Rama and gods before, is the functional quadripartition, which resulted in the four castes in India. Dumuzi, Dumézil: even nomqu’on receives birth, there is no chance.


Rama loves Sita

rama-sita-love-kervor-200poNow Venus, beautiful among the beautiful, could well be Princess Sita, Rama’s wife, the lotus flower, the orb of incense smoke? As I have often observed during my mythological research, there has been here a relocation facts that occurred elsewhere because the shepherd was Celtie and not in Sumer. Ramos the shepherd spent his childhood in Celtic and not in India.

Ramos was one of the terraforming gods or their descendants. Son of the Sun, he came from the planet of the gods, Hyperborea, which, by the way, might be the planet Venus, but this is another story … A story that was relocated to India for political and religious needs.

This relocation habit is omnipresent in all cultures. Every nation appropriates great men and prominent people, to the point of post mortem naturalize if perchance they were born elsewhere. Rama is a perfect illustration. While he belongs to history of all peoples of the earth, Hindus believe that Rama is for them only.

The great Indian people belong to the ancient source of holiness and wisdom, it is too bad they show narrow minded in this case. Worldwide believers serve the cause of Rama. Since they love him sincerely, why refusing them? The fact that Rama was a god for all people of the Earth, not just for some, adds to his greatness. Reduce him to India is quite a bad treatment.


Thirteen Venus Avatars


Sumer: INANNA, lover Dumuzi. Where Nana, Dana, Anne, Notre Dame.

Egypt: ISIS or Issis. Hence Ys, Paris, Pâris

Akkadie: ISTAR planet Venus, lover Enkidu. Hence star-stern-star

Babylon: ISTARTE, lover Tamuze the Moon. Where Ester, Aisha

Dilmun: ASTARTE, sister and wife of Baal. Hence star-stern-star

Canaan: ASHERAH, consort Asherah of Yahweh. Hence ash, ash-ram

Punt: APHTORET also Annat, sister and wife of Baal

Cyprus: APHRODITE, born in Cyprus according to Herodotus

Rome: VENUS, the current name of the planet

Scandinavia: FRIGG, Odin’s wife

Germany: FRYDA, friday = Friday, the day of Venus

India: SITA, Rama’s wife. She was red or blonde.

Greece: HELENE, lover of Paris, red or blonde ditto.


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