The Wisdom Of Lama


Having conquered half the world, from Europe to India and beyond, Rama became peacemaker and instructor of his peoples.


It is interesting to note that the vast journey he undertook with his army across the east –from Palestine to India and then to Tibet– later became the itinerary of the Lama, a gigantic pilgrimage that pious men followed the imitation of the great Rama, father of all holiness. Even Jesus is supposed to have followed this pilgrimage, since, according to some, Christ would have ended his earthly life in India and then in Tibet, just like his illustrious predecessor Ramos, aka Ram, aka Rama.

Peacemaker, instructor … The Hyperborean tradition gave him the adjectives attributed to his brother Cuchulainn. Under the name of Kukulkan or Quetzalcoatl, Cuchulainn pacified Mesoamerica and brought Indigenous education, science and technology, just as Rama did in his vast Indo-European empire.

Faithful to Hyperborea, Rama spread the practice of Atlantis. He encouraged the pursuit of enlightenment by lightning and other means. “The federal system gave this huge portion of the world two thousand years of Druidic  peace. It takes only two words:.. Federation and Arbitration”  (source)  It is also due to the sacred science of Atlantis, like sharing society into four colleges or castes, which has long been the rule in Tibet as in Ireland, Egypt and Mesoamerica: all lands that have kept the Atlantean heritage. 

This system of four colleges, called functional quadripartition will be swept away by the Celtic triad and tripartition that ensued, which Dumézil believed eternal. In India, the initial system of four castes also comes from Rama, but this system has been warped over time by the multiplication of castes and sub-castes. It is now more of a liability than a balancing factor 

The new cult of Rama developed a set of practices that give rise to Hinduism, while the primary Shaivism practiced by first occupants Dravidians, was upstaged. This phenomenon is unfortunately inevitable. Any new religion erases the previous one, and to impose its supremacy, it transforms gods before demons. 

The case is found at all times. Thus Judaism has dethroned the ancient Babylonian worship in which the main administrator of the Earth, called Saddam became Satan , prince of matter and main demon. Black Dravidians could not avoid forfeiture and their only god Shiva, creator of all things, has become one of the  gods of the new religion, a destroyer, fierce and willingly god focused on weapons of mass destruction. However, Rama had the wisdom not to turn Shiva demon. Not quite …

Shiva became the third – indeed dangerous –  god associated with Vishnu and Brahma, main gods of the Hyperborean pantheon. Still, thanks to the wisdom of Rama, Shiva Baba is worshipped in India, next to Hindu  practised by the heirs of Hyperborean. In Europe, the Christian priests did not have the same tolerance to the Old Religion from Hyperborea. Many druids were killed or forced to hide.



Like Solomon, another great king who claimed him, Rama served less weapons than its charm. His conquest was especially the hearts.

“The prestige and wisdom of Rama did more than weapons to confederate these vast territories of disparate populations. Finally, he established his capital at Oudh (Ayodhya), delegated his powers to a temporal leader assisted by a council of druids, and retired in Tibet, which he made the first “neutral country” of history. He took the religious title of Lama.” (source)

Or rather this title was formed by his name, this can be explained. In the Indian pronunciation, the difference between R and L is imperceptible. Indians tend to roll the R, which sounds quite like a European L. Thus Rama could easily become Lama. Note also that in the Indian pronunciation, Rama pronounce Ram, the latter A is mute. Thus chanting tone “Hare Krishna Hare Ram”. Still, he printed his lasting mark on the world’s mountaintop.

His example of meditating and his powers – in shamanic or druidic sense – had a profound influence on these highlanders already rubbed with Hyperborean magic and customs in the distant past. This spiritual renaissance was hatched some kind of sect of magicians called Böns opposed to the worship of Lama, and fierce defenders of traditional practices, i.e. theirs. Böns magicians were tolerated by Lama who treated them with respect, after having show several tricks with his own magic.




Thus the wise Lama became the founder of a new religious practice called Lamaism – still practiced today. The spiciness of the matter is that Lamaism is considered nowadays as Tibetan Buddhism. Indeed Lamaism was founded several millennia before the birth of Buddha. This apparent contradiction is simple to solve. When Buddhism spread over, it crossed Lamaism so tightly it simply took the place of the founder. Lama became Buddha. But religion -spiritual practice rather say- is exactly the same. Religions disappear, temples remain.

Nowadays Lama is forgotten, as it happened to many glorious kings, but India remember God Rama and Tibetan priests still bear this title, Lama, without knowing where it comes from.



The first knowledge is the knowledge of my ignorance: it is the beginning of intelligence.