If You Want You Can


If you want you can. If you want something strong enough, you’ll get it. Pay attention to what you ask the Living, he might give it to you. Your thoughts make your world, guard yourself from negative thoughts. Escape the stress, the anguish and the pain of living.

You can do this by changing your diet. You are what you eat, do not absorb anything. The industrial food does not feed, at best it gives, and you’re not a goose. One meal a day is good enough if you know how to feed yourself as your body needs. Learn to feel what is happening in your belly, in your chest, in your organs, in your bones and in your nerves. Give up the meat, avoid eating what has a soul. Prefer plants and seeds, you will find them more digestible.

Learn the peace that comes from the depths. Meditate, not in a specific place, not in a learned attitude, but in your inner calm. Sit down near the unfathomable lake where your soul bathes, and far from the outside din, wherever you are, meditate. Not a few times a day, meditate constantly, be a skylight behind the smile that protects, open your heart without haggling neither joy nor truth. But do not be naive either.

For your protection, do not forget to close the nine doors of your body. All your doors have no eyelids, whatever, close them all with your intention. You can also visualize a protective globe around those you love. But beware, this protection is an intrusion into the destiny of those you protect. Also this action must be punctual, limited in time. It is never desirable to substitute for the immune system of others. Everyone deserves his challenges, and must win them alone.

The warrior is neither a gendarme nor a pastor. He has no divine mission. He knows he must act, even if he does not expect any results from his actions. Victory or defeat matters little, what matters is to go to the final. Whatever happens, the warrior outdoes himself by raising others. His thoughts are high, always positive, or better: totally absent. Then the warrior breathes and begins to smile.

List your priorities. Work on yourself, that alone must matter to you. You are your only wealth, the only one you will carry in the other world for the rest of your adventure. Get ready. Work. Improves yourself. Become better with every fight against you, it’s always you who win. Make it good. Your progress is your daily bread. Do not neglect anything that helps you grow. Strength is given to those who do not seek it. You will always receive what you need, rarely what you want. Softness without strength is fragile, strength without softness is stupid, the two together will make you invincible.

Search the wilderness, be happy to walk barefoot under the blue sky, enjoy the smell of sea salt and iodine under the hangings of the gray sky. Nothing is more beautiful than the fresh air except the effect it makes you. No human work can match the sumptuous beauty, the hallucinating magnificence of a field lily. Facing him, even King Solomon in all his splendor can go get dressed. And I’m not the first to say it. Do not think it’s impossible, always remember that if you want, you can. The warrior can not find an excuse, he finds a way.

The war is to be fought against yourself. A part of you took control, and you do not have the impression that it is the most qualified to control you. There is a crowd of people in you, all shouting: listen to me! I am your inner voice, the only one! listen to me ! They are so many, all these unique ways that make the incessant hubbub inside! Who to believe? You. Who are you ? That’s what you have to discover. You have life for that. But do not drag. All life passes faster and faster and ends faster than we think.

When you have listed your priorities, list your obstacles. List everything that stands in the way of achieving your goals, everything is incompatible with your priorities. Then with courage, eliminate these obstacles or give up your priorities. The warrior is not deluded, does not feed on words. He is acting. Without waiting for results, and without giving up before obstacles, he acts. He welcomes victory or defeat with the same distant benevolence, he knows that victory nourishes the ego when defeat nourishes valor. What does not kill you makes you stronger, said my master Friedrich Nietzsche, whom I love, and who makes it good to me wherever he is, it is his business and I do not blame him. Let him know. Here. It is said. Give him the word if you know him, wherever you are.

It is precious to have teachers, it is dangerous to have one. It is desirable at the earliest to meet your inner master. The warrior is not suspicious, he is not naive either. He knows whom he deals with, he recognizes beings to their aura. No need to see them to know what they are. No need to worry for tomorrow, worry does not solve anything. It weakens you and makes you vulnerable. No need to lament, arch the kidneys, straight up the head. Donations are free, they go as they come, the warrior welcomes them and sees them leave with the same indifference.

Do you want to meet your master? search in you.
Do you want to see the face of your enemy? Focus yourself.
Do you want to make yourself useful? Love yourself.
Do you want to be rich? fall asleep.
Do you want to be god? awake. (source)Lama Yon-Ez, from Dijon


“Seeing” is a particular way of feeling like you know something beyond a shadow of a doubt.
Carlos Castaneda