Warrior vs Politics

A friend asked me the question: “Flo, tell me how a warrior apprehends politics? I haven’t found any answer on that yet.” To which I replied: “In a waking world, anarchy is the default management mode, everyone knows what is good for him and for those around him.”

It is common sense, intuition, it is the communication of the heart, or better yet, communion with others. Generating mutual aid without constraint or submission, but in a benevolent consensus, while knowing how to accept the share of challenge that falls to us, this is the best that the warrior can do.

You cannot be a warrior and “play politics” because you cannot allow yourself to decide for people… or for a simple snail!  To write laws is to be a vampire. For a harmony it is necessary to start from the individual. Politics starts from the collective, it imposes. It goes beyond the individual, it drowns him in the crowd. Politics is at the service of the individual, not the collective! At this moment it ceases to be a tool and becomes an end in itself, a chimera which directs our lives, and which we worship, for which we are even ready to die! Did you see Matrix …

No so-called general interest decision should be made if it is to sacrifice even a single life, or injure those who have asked for nothing. Let us stop making hasty choices, for the greatest number, without heart, without vision, without listening, without patience.

A little impatience ruins a big project (Confucius)

After that there are always Gandhi and Mandela, Martin Luther King, yes but they sacrificed part of them for the benefit of the others. They have something to defend, they are not free. Their commitment turns them into a slogan. Sometimes I imagine that it is necessary … To compensate for too great an imbalance, to defend oneself from a danger, to protect oneself from nauseating traps.

A warrior treats the world as an infinite mystery,and what people do as an unlimited folly. (Carlos Castaneda)

If you deeply believe in what you do, as a politician, it is that you are not working for your freedom and that of others. You forget yourself, you forget what drives you: life! Your decisions will be distorted, your plans will lack scope and flesh. Take the time to simply exist first, to breathe and to love. Suddenly your fads will make you laugh, you will stop being a rabid dog – certainly devoted to the noblest of causes, but dangerous, without self-control.

And then you have those who really believe in helping, who believe in the system and the laws. Too injured, traumatized, blind, too fragile, frightened or addicted to the security that the herd gives. Illusory, but security all the same.

I woke up and I saw that everyone was still asleep. So I went back to sleep. (Leonardo Da Vinci)

The herd ! Personally I cannot, I have too much in me, in my soul, the functioning of free and awake humans. Politics come to me through the hole in my nose. Now you, welcome the Fool in you, take your back pack and go live in the world. Stop moralizing. Stop thinking for others, especially for the oppressed … You risk oppressing them more. Help whoever you want, but don’t speak for them.

I saw a lot of people around me defending the system, defending the nation, or even the last municipal decree concerning the parking spaces. These people reported us during confinement, when we went to mushrooms outside the curfew.

No one came to pick me up and put me in a cell at curfew time. When it happens, then I will resist. I will put on the beret of Che Guevarasee first image and I will go to defend my freedom, defend my friends and my family. In the meantime, even if we are not in a perfect democracy, we are still free to move, free to write, sing and think.

The bird of freedom flies in a straight line and never stops. (Carlos Castaneda)

I do not judge those who go to a demonstration, those who run associations fighting for rights. I simply strive to live my life, as selflessly as possible, without lecturing those who behind the scenes, ask for nothing, and take their courage with both hands to face the everyday. They are the heroes of daily life. The penitents of ordinary madness. I work for the very people who have made their fight with their lives, and they return their gratitude to me with a wink of the soul, which I do not claim, and which frees me from all evils.

I don’t want to take issue with what I am by taking the microphone in front of a delirious crowd, not even to demand more justice. I cannot be the soldier of an illusory war. I am a soldier in the war against my demons and that suits me perfectly. Take my word, it is a full time job.

A man does his duty – in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures – and that is the basis of all human morality. (Winston Churchill)

Blessed am I when my war takes me to the battlefield of youth against the establishment, hippies against capitalists, anarchists against fachos, I often have more affinities with these rebels, who know better the taste of freedom, the taste of colors, and the satisfaction of sparkling eyes.

Opposite, the heart tarnished by their ancestors, by our civilization, there are victims and there are executioners. Sometimes they are the same. I feel sorry for them, but I love them too. How to hate them without becoming like them, a little tyrant? They help me as I help them, by being present.

Politics appear when humans organize themselves to live together in the city: this is its origin, in the villages of huts, the nomad camps and the first cities of the Neolithic era. The politics of the beginning were a good thing, full of humanity, following the laws of love and common sense. We are so far today, so far …

Even this policy of the golden age insupports me. Getting together to organize is not very fun, and it is useless for me. I know what I have to do, I’m a savage. A savage with heart, no need to wait for me where I cannot be.

My policy is to act with others, to act in the world, to act for and against myself. To act as a warrior, without waiting for the results of my action, but to act without tiring. Still and always. Without judging, without complaining, it’s very hard. But condemnation and lament have no place in the full life of a warrior of light.

Don’t go to a demonstration. Go kiss your grandmother, bring her gifts. Go to the beach with your love. Draw, dance and create, make art. Otherwise you will sink into the mind, into judgment, into moralism, and politics will have you as it had all those who wanted to change the world.

Don’t wait for the world to change to be happy. Change yourself. Those who see too late that their lives have run away. Powerless, they see her parading before their eyes. Whatever their great ideals, they are solely responsible for their happiness.

Life is short, make the most of it. Cultivate love, harmony is born from the heart. And isn’t harmony the goal of any good policy? It is through the heart that the world changes. Go in peace, I love you.

We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep. (William Shakespeare)

You may think I’m a dreamer But I’m not the only one Perhaps some day you will join us And the world will be as one.
John Lennon