The Inner God



Faith is as necessary to man as the air he breathes. Necessary but not sufficient. Beyond faith, there is knowledge.


Take a hundred men, you will find a man of faith. Take one hundred men of faith, you will find a man of knowledge. (Rumi)


Knowledge that Sufis praise, this particular knowledge Rumi likes, is neither academic scholarship nor erudition. Knowledge is the light that the Spirit gives us for the inner journey. Without faith, no knowledge. God willing, faith is what leads to enlightenment. And sooner or later enlightenment will open the doors of knowledge. 

Access to the source, the Fountainhead in which it is wise to drink in moderation. Because it causes intoxication which cuts off from our fellows. It is like a violent alcohol interfering with heart and reason. As for me, I just wanted to show that these “former gods”, even if they are probably our creators, are no more divine than ourselves.

Among them -for they are numerous, a bit too numerous as unique gods- among them is found the best and the worst, loving nurses and infanticidal mothers, peaceful beings and war outstandings, but beyond all these gods, there is the Source. If the former gods look “human, all too human”, the source is not only human or terrestrial. It is universal.

It governs the laws of physics  and metaphysics. It is the Source of all beings, of all time, of all possible universes. Universes are myriads. Imagine the extreme size of our universe. It is a single drop from the source. Without the source, this drop could not spring from nothing. 

Examine this particular drop of water, like myriads of drops that unending gush from the Source. Our entire universe, like a big jar frequented by myriads of myriads of beings of flesh and light.These beings are installed on various myriads of planets ; they have colonized a myriad of star systems revolving in a myriad of galaxies.

And among myriads, there is a small planet of ours, beautiful and blue … for it comes from the Source.




And on this small planet of a distant galactic outskirts, there are seven billion people. Here comes the miracle – the absolute divine magic: each of the seven billion people is directly connected to the Source.

Not only them, too. All living beings are connected to the Source.

And those of the entire universe are too. How can? While our universe is big a drop, how can the Source manage these myriads of myriads of myriads of connection? Every drop of water remembers the endless Source. Every human being has a direct link to the Source. Free to use it or not. Let us remember only this strong phrase of Abraham Hicks:  “one who is connected to the stream of source is more powerful than millions who are not”.

Quantum physics is poised to give a scientific answer to this spiritual question. 

JP Garnier Malet inaugurates a new discipline, sacred physics. With his theory of doubling time, the new Einstein reconciles the tip advanced scientific research with the ancient cyclical conception of time. That of the Maya, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Celts, Atlanteans and Lemurians. We live in an era of the mother and child reunion. A time of reconciliation, not revolutions. The next shock will not be a disaster, quite the contrary. Do not be afraid. A better world demand the best to each of us. This widespread convergence that we can experiment right now, this warming reunion, brings to JP Garnier Malet a palpable confirmation of the interest of his theory. 

Published in 1988 already. And not enough known, alas! Tomorrow, let me dream, sacred physics will make the impossible union between all religions, highlighting what they have in common rather than what separates them. 




Tomorrow, religions will be nothing but a distant memory. Tomorrow, you willing, we’ll all be brothers and sisters. For we have always been, from the beginning, without knowing it. Wanna feel? You just enter your interiority. How? Life decides. Or death …

“For many people, the death of a loved one sharpens a kind of sixth sense I would call perception of interiority. The interior is not limited to the psyche, far from it. It is the reverse of setting, the buried gem in the field without surprise of our social character. it maintains us inimitable way of who we are, body and soul, mind and spirit, variegated which we alone have access never taste fully. for little as we consented to the death of a loved one brings us into the realm of interiority where everything starts talking to us, including our body. It’s like every reality of this world, every part of our being was accompanied by an invisible hand, vibrant with an inexhaustible sense.” (source)Lytta Basset


The way is not important. The point is to get to the center of yourself. (Albert Camus)


There si only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.
Aldous Huxley