The Inner Source


The god that manifests in me has nothing to do with the hypothetical creator of the universe. Is there only this great architect? An extraordinary physicist, an all-powerful magician, a gifted artist, he is unthinkable to me. Who could measure up to his infinite genius? The person I feel in my heart, body and mind is nothing so overwhelming. She is modest, humble and full of respect. The one in me is the primordial Goddess.


Faith and Knowledge

To meet him, is it necessary to believe in him? Is it necessary to pray to him on his knees? Should we inflict extreme penances to atone for our sins? Is it useful to follow fastidious and meaningless rituals, to comply with obsolete and childish prescriptions that make him a despot, a jealous god, a very unsavory being? All of this is superfluous. All you have to do is go in and you’re there.

Am I saying that faith is useless? Absolutely not! Faith is as necessary to man as the air he breathes. But not enough. Beyond faith, there is knowledge. A bright light that the Spirit gives us on the inner path. Without faith, no knowledge. Knowledge, culture, notions, memory no doubt. But knowledge, period. Is that much different from knowledge? Yes, because knowledge is mechanical, material. There is no spiritual knowledge, but knowledge. And beyond knowledge, there is the act. By his magical action, accomplished without expectation of result, the warrior assembles another world from which the archons are banished.




The Inner Goddess

The inner god is our double who watches over us until awakening. Then he penetrates us. Once complete, the subject acquires the powers of his double and becomes divine. This is my image of the process. It is an island of light in the dark ocean of decline. The being is not divine in the religious sense of the term, it has become superhuman. The supra consciousness has replaced his ordinary consciousness. My double in me comes alive, it is a perfect version of myself. Everything in me that was imperfect can finally improve. Progress can be rapid, sometimes dizzying.

We are all made for it. To achieve, as much as possible, our perfection. To realize all our potentials. Divinize our human side, too human. The powerful action of our double is felt at every moment. Who is this double? I said it, a perfect version of myself, which fades with the ego to give way to the inner Goddess. It is she who blesses us, it is her love that blossoms us.


Farewell the Archon

The god I feel in me is not my creator but its reflection. My creator is double. A highly evolved animal created my physical body. The Gnosis calls him Archon, the master, the administrator. He is our master again, a very bad master. But her creature pleased Sophia the Wisdom. This great goddess found Adam successful, but incomplete. She fell in love with our ancestor and gave him an immortal soul, the supra consciousness.

Thus each of us must regain his divine part, under penalty of remaining forever the prey of the Archons. Each of us must awaken in order to become the best part of ourselves. Enlightenment is true redemption. No faith leads to it, only our effort opens this door. That is why I fight against our evil masters, that is why I dedicate what remains of earthly life to the awakening of the greatest number. And my texts will survive me if they can help others grow.

The archon shadow has left me. The Goddess has anointed me, I am her, she is in me: I am her creature. The archons made me matter, the Goddess made me light. She steers me when I stray, feeds me when I am hungry. I turned away from material things, she makes sure I don’t miss anything.



God the Father

Forget God the Father, naive invention due to ancient sexism. Christianity changed this jealous god into God, but if I often experienced his severity, I never saw his goodness. From the ancient gods, we have received only the harmful influence: cult of the perishable, love of matter and its vital fluid, money. Triumphant Mammon worship. The male god is a demon. Only the mother goddess has a clear and attested existence, I am living proof of it. All awake attest to this. She has been forgotten, she is ignored, her generous omnipotence has filled me and still nourishes me.

This evidence was unacceptable in the era of patriarchy. That one owes eternal life to a female, machos of the first centuries could not bear it. And yet! They and all of us were conceived and nurtured by women. We owe them everything in this life as well as in the beginning. The woman is the Holy Spirit who helps us. By pure misogyny, the Hebrews, Christians and Muslims replaced the Goddess with a male, Sophia became the Holy Spirit. And the Trinity of the ancient Celts, the Father, the Mother, the Son, has become a homoparental trinity.


Toltec Warrior

The knowledge dear to Sufism, the knowledge of which Rumi speaks, is neither academic knowledge, nor scientific mind, nor scholarship. Castaneda fought against his weaknesses for forty years, he wanted to erase his personal history, he was wrong.

What he wanted above all was knowledge. Become a man of knowledge, an authentic Toltec warrior, a nagual who feels at home in the cycle of the new seers. Twice he tried to create his clan. Twice he tried to gather sorcerers and warriors around him. He managed only to become a sad guru, seducer on the return, holder of the right of cooking on the female sex. Whatever level a Nagual can reach, he is never rid of ego excesses. My benefactor and Castaneda died. This double example strengthens me in my resolve. To become and remain in every circumstance an impeccable warrior.

What matters is not always to be right, what matters is to always be thirsty. A man of knowledge is as indifferent to success as to failure. His consciousness assembles a new world, this vastness out there. (Don Matus) New to us, because for the Toltecs it is as old as their world. A world ruled by the Spirit, ruled by Intention, nourished by Energy, animated by the Eagle.

Rumi is a Sufi. Sufism is a branch of Islam. So a religion. Faith. While Castaneda is a nagual and Nagualism is not religion. It is a warrior’s way. One day the warrior becomes a sorcerer, and the sorcerer will, if he strives, be a man of knowledge. Sufi means master. He teaches by example. Nagual means door. He teaches by action. He opens himself to Elsewhere. He is knowledge.



Stationary Center

Faith leads us to awakening, awakening opens the doors of knowledge.  Knowledge gives access to the bubbling Source, the living Source, to which it is wise to drink in moderation. For the drunkenness it causes separates us from our fellow men. It is like a violent alcohol that confuses the heart and the mind. 

Jesus advises Thomas not to get drunk at this source. It is stronger than alcohol, more violent than the worst drugs, and just as addictive.

Your boat no longer has a helmsman. It drifts carelessly from the strong waves that take it by the side. Become the unmanned motor, the motionless center, the axis around which the magic wheel rotates, the big wheel of the universe that turns the spiral galaxies around their center, a gigantic black hole that sucks everything.

As for me, I only wanted to show that these “former gods”, if they are most likely our creators, are not more divine than us. I wanted to show that in their rangscar they are many for unique gods! There were the best and the worst, loving nursemaids and infanticide mothers, peace-loving beings and the wrath of war, as with us, as with every living being. 


The Source and the Gods

But beyond our people, there is the impersonal Source. If the gods before us appear “human, too human,” the Source is far beyond the human. The Source is meta-universal. The Source governs the laws of physics, therefore of metaphysics. Source it is of all beings, of all times, of all universes. Can you visualize the extreme greatness of our universe? It is only one drop from the Source. Without the Source, this drop could not have sprung from anything. 

Let us examine this drop, similar to myriads of drops that endlessly spring from the Source. This simple drop contains our whole universe, like a big jar where live myriads of beings of flesh, breath and light. These various beings are installed on myriads of planets, they colonized myriads of stellar systems which gravitate in myriads of galaxies. And among these myriads, there is a small planet, ours, beautiful and blue.= because daughter of the Source

On this small planet in a distant galactic suburb, there are seven billion men. The miracle, the absolute magic is there: each of these seven billion beings is directly connected to the Source. Not only them, moreover. All living beings are connected to the Source.




All Linked

So are those of the whole universe. How is that possible? While our huge universe is only a drop of water, how can the Source handle these myriad myriads of myriad myriads of connection? Every drop of water remembers the Source endlessly. Every human being has a direct connection to the Source. It is up to him or not to use it.

Let us remember only this strong phrase of Esther Abraham Hicks: “A person connected to the source is more powerful than millions who are not.” I have little empathy for her or for any of the false gurus who fill the slack of the weak-minded. Many mutts of his ilk reek of social networks and their wideriality disgusts me. But well, without making the slightest publicity for this crazy, her sentence touched me, I return the paternity.Maternity?



The Duplication

Quantum physics is about to give a scientific answer to this spiritual question. JP Garnier-Malet inaugurates a new discipline, sacred physics. With his theory of the duplication of space and time, this new Einstein reconciles the advanced edge of scientific research with the ancient cyclical conception of time. That of the Mayans, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Celts, Atlanteans and Lemurians. 

We live in the era of the reunion that is worth. At the time of reconciliations, not revolutions. The coming shock will not be a catastrophe, quite the contrary. Do not be afraid. A better world demands the best of everyone. Get high, get your guts out, cut your head off. Controlled madness alone can keep us from going nuts.



Sacred Physics

This widespread convergence that we can all see at the moment, this reunion with Being confirms the interest of Garnier-Malet’s theory. Published in 1988… and still largely ignored.

Tomorrow, perhaps, sacred physics will have made the impossible union between all religions, highlighting what they have in common, not what separates them. Tomorrow, as John Lennon, who died, hoped, religions will be but a distant memory. Tomorrow, if you will, we will be brothers. For we have always been, from the beginning, without knowing it. Just enter into our interiority. How? It is life that decides. Or death…

 “For many people, the death of a loved one sharpens a sixth sense that I would call the perception of interiority. Interiority is not reduced to the psyche, far from it. It is the back of the decor, the pearl buried in the field without surprise of our social character. It sustains us, in an inimitable way, of who we are, body and soul, intelligence and spirit, a panache to which only we have access without ever fully tasting it. If we consent, the death of a loved one introduces us into this kingdom of interiority where everything begins to speak to us, including our body. It is as if every reality of this world, every part of our being was doubled with an invisible part, vibrating with an inexhaustible meaning.” (source) Lytta Basset


Big Bazaar

This interiority is the inner god evoked by Albert Schweitzer. This individual, portable god, just as universal as the God who created the Big Bazaar that Don Matus calls “that vastness out there.” Is it? Reason has no answer, faith alone has one. However, I do not forget that beyond faith, there is knowledge. Beyond believing, there is believing without believing. Faith lays the foundations on which the man of knowledge will build his house.

Now I enforce the unwritten Rule that dictates to the warrior his conduct and actions. There are no separate individuals from Being. There is no Being. There is no human person or no human person. There is no truth. All beliefs are equal because nothing matters in the face of the infinite multiverse. While Sufis cling to the branches of Islam, Western philosophers support the Christian faith, even atheists.

Like it or not, we are the fruit of our ancestral culture, we carry within us the ancient beliefs that have built our current environment. No one escapes this, starting with the one who denies it. We are racists because of the racism of our forefathers. We practice by imitating our grandparents. We are sexist by faithfulness to our parents’ beliefs. We are lost in the new world that our children are building.

We are nothing until we have married the great whole.




I live in the house of possible. It has more doors and windows than the house of reason.
Emily Dickinson