The Great Goddess


By what foul scandal are we given male gods? Allah, Elijah, Yahweh, God, Zeus, Brahma, Vichnou, Jesus and so many others, see further hello the gender parity! The Eternal Feminine once eclipsed by dwarves!I will tell this story one fine day The jackpot goes to the Christian Trinity which is simply homoparental. The father is male, the son also and the holy spirit alike, masculinized in haste to replace the Virgin Mother, ie Sophia the Wisdom, ie the Great Goddess.



When the beginning patriarchate wanted to eradicate the Woman, it did not go in four ways. He hunted her everywhere, leaving her free and proud in no place, assigning her force humiliations in a subordinate role that she still assumes in silence in many backward and sexist countries.

Elie, Yaveh, God, Muhammad, Zeus, Adonai, Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, Brahma, Vichnou, Manou, Noah, Rama, Krishna, Amon, Ra, Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, Cucainhuln, Lugh, his four sons, Thor, Odin, Rascar Capac, the mummy of the 7 crystal balls Atahualpa, Heraklès, Prometheus, Enki, Tiki, Viracocha, the Inca, the Pope, the Dalai Lama, the Sons of the Sun, the Emperor, the King, the President, the Chosen One, the Grand Mufti, the Seven Rishi, the Baphomet, Hermes, Apollo, Mithra, Ramman and Wakan Tanka and Baal and Allah! Ah there.

All these males are labels on the jar.
This big blue jar, full of grace, where our species grew up…
…but a Woman created it!


July 21, 1969

Those who lived the planetary event live on their small screen will never forget the strange emotion that gripped them. For the first time, from the gray and dull surface of the moon, they saw an unprecedented spectacle, a big blue ball that rises on extraterrestrial soil. That day, Neil Armstrong and his friends cut the cord that always connected Man to his Mother Earth. And it was, yes, it was a really big step for humanity. Even if emulators of conspiracy protest that the moon landing didn’t happen… It took place, but no one was on the Moon to film the scene live. That is why NASA did not broadcast the real film shot there, too many disturbing details would have shocked the ignorant Earthlings, and who must remain so.

Instead, we were made to believe a film shot in the Utah desert, where a barely credible setting could make the most naive believe that the film was authentic. And the American flag, moved to tears, could not suppress a shiver of pride. What? A flag that makes eye on a satellite without atmosphere, without wind?

Never mind, the show was grandiose and the speech recited by heart flowed like a liquor. But by the way, this little step for the Man was what for the Woman?




Beware of Imitations

In the beginning was the Goddess. I call her Ana, but as you will see, she has many other names throughout her millions of years of reign, not only on Alcor, her home planet in the Big Dipper, not only on Terra, wild planet terraformed since eons, but also on a vast empire of a thousand suns, each sheltering several planets also terraformed like ours by Ana’s teams.

Virgin Mother, she carried in her womb all living species, she gave birth to us, and we grew up on it. Moreover, she offered herself here below to ensure our protection. The Goddess incarnated herself in the silt, in the earthly clay. Pure energy, it circulates through a thousand lacis, ten thousand hydraugraphic networks, one hundred thousand liquid sinuosities. It is the Vouivre, the Serpente. Her powerful energy animates our planet and strengthens our auras.

The Goddess is reptilian. That is why she is the Virgin Mother, the only one, the true one. Females of her species can give birth without the assistance of a male. A reptilian quality that humans are deprived of. Would Virgin Mary have been a Serpente, too? It is true that the first god of the Hebrews was a dragon, so everything is possible in these wild latitudes.


Sophia, Gaïa, Ana

To give birth, reproduce, lay eggs and respond, she did not deprive herself of it, Our Lady Ana d’Alcor. It has covered every corner of our world with a billion living things, plants, insects, birds, snakes, horned beasts, fur beasts, gill beasts, beasts of goodness, beasts of gamma, beasts of hay. And over the beasts, over their reign, they formed queens and kings, the humans and their humans, to rule over the whole. She said to them, You are the keepers of this zoo and the gardeners of this garden. The Earth was shining when the Goddess walked among the Women.

All the little ones are her cherished children. To those who are born, she gives the breast. The Goddess is like humans, for humans, with them. And those who die, they rest in it. Born of the clay that is the flesh of the earth, all the living will return. The cult of the Mother Goddess was for a long time the only religion known. It is still practiced among the first peoples, in the noble form of an agreement with what lives, respect for nature, peace with the elements, empathy with the cosmos. 




It comes from a long period practically unknown, and very little studied as machismo is rooted in our current mentalities. It is matriarchy. It lasted six hundred thousand years, covering the entire period of the golden age, also called the era of love. Matriarchy is the eternal saga of maternal love that bathes all its creatures. Embodied in our planet that she animates and makes fertile, the Goddess is One and Multiple. Each has its share and all have it whole.

His reign has lasted 66 million years. And perhaps much more, if we estimate that the first extraterrestrial visit to this planet dates back several billion years. The Goddess has taken many human and serpentine appearances. They are her avatars, her copies, her incarnations. Listing them all would fill as many books as there are in all past, present and future libraries. 

But I can name a few. Here’s a chart of the first six Great Goddesses, three Reptilians first, then three Humans — actually humanoids, because their Reptilian type was still strongly marked. (source) These six goddesses are certainly not the first incarnations, but the first ones I remember. Ten years ago, I didn’t know the difference between them. Ten years from now, the six first goddesses might be sixty. Or six hundred?


Matriarchs of the Golden Age

Ana, reptilian, born without male, mother goddess of Terra, queen of Ur in Alcor, pagan virgin, mother of all holiness, reigned three hundred thousand years on Terra and 66 million years on her empire of a thousand stars. I consider it the original version, as far as our planet is concerned. There were other intelligent species with humans, reptilian species. They too were created by Ana.

Ama, reptilian, born without male, daughter of Ana, mother goddess of Terra, reigned two hundred thousand years. Ama is very similar to her mother, which is why she is often confused with her Ama, Ana, the two names are very close. They are interchangeable in many archaic traditions. But if Ana is the origin, Ama is her first avatar. His many children are called the Sons of the Sun, because they come from Hyperborea, the Unbeaten Sun.

Gaia, a reptilian, daughter of Ama, mother goddess of Terra, reigned a hundred thousand years. The Bible calls her Lilith. She is not the Wife of Adam for many reasons. Adam is not a person, he is a people. The first people of our humanity. She is the mother of this people. The Sons of the Earth.
Thus ends the golden age that lasted 600 thousand years.
End of the era of love.



Matriarchs of the Silver Age

Hathor, humanoid, mother goddess of Terra, daughter of Gaia, born without a male, reigned thirty thousand years.
Isis, humanoid, mother goddess of Terra, daughter of Hathor, born without a male, reigned twenty thousand years.
Hera, humanoid, mother goddess of Terra, daughter of Isis, born without male, reigned ten thousand years.
Thus ends the Silver Age which lasted 60 thousand years.
End of the matriarchy.

I told 2023 some adventures of Ana: Our Lady of Alcor — Her Greatness — In the Wolf’s Mouth — Blanche Fontaine — Gold of Love. The Goddess’s reign began 66 million years ago. It is not over. The Great Goddess has been dormant since the beginning of kali yuga 4,000 years ago. During her sleep, she has raised substitutes, the Matriarchs. Delegated to our planet to rule in its place, they have done their utmost to halt the progress of the ancient masters of Terra, the Archons. They did not succeed. Until the triumphant return of Sleeping Beauty Ana, we will bear the full weight of the archon yoke. Pretty heavy-handed.

Isis, the most famous of the Matriarchs, has undoubtedly reigned over much of Terra for twenty thousand years. She left her indelible mark in the memory of the knights servants of the Great Spirit.


The Gift of Isis

“I am Nature, mother of things, master of all the elements, origin and principle of the centuries, supreme divinity, queen of the donkeys, first among the inhabitants of heaven, uniform type of Gods and Goddesses.  It is I whose will governs the luminous vaults of the sky, the salubrious breaths of the ocean, the gloomy silence of the underworld. 

Unique power, I am by the whole universe worshipped in several forms, with various ceremonies, with a thousand different names.

The Phrygians, first born on earth, call me the mother goddess of Pessinonte; the native Athenians name me Minerva the Cepcropian; among the inhabitants of the island of Cyprus, I am Venus of Paphos; among the Cretans armed with the bow, I am Diane Dictynna; among the Sicilians who speak three languages, Proserpine la Strygienne; among the inhabitants of Éleusis, the ancient Ceres. 

Some call me Juno, others Hera.  For some I am Hecate, the goddess Ramonte for others. But those who, the first, are enlightened by the rays of the rising sun, the peoples of Ethiopia, Asia and Egypt, powerful by their ancient knowledge, make me my true worship and call me with my real name: the queen Isis.” (source)Apuleia, Metamorphoses XI



The Sacred Cow

At the whim of the peoples and the ages, the Goddess took many other names. But her first name is not given here by Apuleius. For the ancient Egyptians, before being Isis, the Great Goddess was named Hathor, the sacred cow found in America and India. Before Hathor reigned three great Reptilian goddesses, as indicated in the table I give above. And it will be known by other names, for its reign will have no end. Its religion is not codified, without priests, without sacred books. 

 In the beginning was the Goddess but times changed. Came the law of the male, the Goddess had to adapt. The Christian trinity also, forgetting the Woman altogether. A long eclipse would begin for Lilith the Black. Eve the White remained alone, the Great Goddess took other appearances… She first became the blue God, the sweet and smiling god of love, which is called Krishna, and which is still revered in the Indian subcontinent. He cultivates gentleness, he is a courteous warrior. He has many emulators, from the Smurfs to the Navis of Avatar, who embody these same qualities of sweetness, harmony, natural happiness and sacred carelessness. The blue blood is everywhere a way to name the nobility, supposed heiress of the disappeared race of the Blue Lords. Times have changed again, it’s a habit.


The Green God

The Goddess became the green God like the plant, manly and full of sap too. Clothed in vine leaves, it takes root in the earth, it is the impetus of all that grows. Like the Elohim, we see in him the father of the elementals. His name is Bacchus or Dyonisos, mad with intoxication and games of love. He embodied the spirit of nature for Greco-Latin antiquity. His emulators are the little green men of Mars or the Green Giant of General Food. In northern Europe, the Goddess became the Horned God, the hunter, as hot as the sun, as dark as death. They called him Cernunnos, Pan or Merlin.

In this erotico-magical form, the Goddess is still honored by the shamanic peoples, Amerindians, Aborigines, Papuans etc. Thus, the horns attached to the headdress are the sign of her magical powers. Antlers of deer or elk, horns of auroch or bison are subtle antennae, as seen in the arcane The Devil. Pan wandered around the world in search of magic and adventure, but always the desire brought him back to the Goddess, he was constantly revolving around her. Thus Merlin, by dint of turning around Viviane, ends up falling into the pond of Comper where he still sleeps, enchanted enchanted in a crystal coffin, waiting for the glorious hour of his return, when the banner of the new ArthurOu of an Arthura? Go find out! will float on the empire of Europe.



The Horned God

Goddess and God, masculine and feminine principles, birth and death attract and repel each other, always in motion. And goes the Horned God, frantic with desire, endlessly seeking the innumerable Goddess. The Great Mother gives birth to him, child sun, on the winter solstice. In spring it is the sower and the seed, it grows in the growing light, green like the young leaves. Priestess, she initiates her to the mysteries. In summer, when the day is longer, they unite and the power of their passion contains the world. But the figure of God becomes less clear as the sun weakens… Until finally he sacrificed himself, when the wheat was harvested, so that everyone could be fed. She is the one who harvests, the belly of the earth, the one to which everything must return. During the long nights and dark days he rests in his body.

In dreams he is the master of death who reigns over the land of youth, east of the gates of day and night. His dark grave becomes the cauldron of rebirth, for in the middle of winter it gives birth again. The cycle ends and begins again.  The wheel of the year keeps spinning. Love is polarity, the force that unifies the universe. The world was not created at a specific time. Creation is done at every moment, The continued creation is a concept of the philosopher Malebranche, disciple of Descartes for every living being. It also manifests itself in the cycle of seasons that turns the wheel of the year.

Death is not the end. It is a stage of the cycle, which leads to rebirth. After death, the soul remains in the “land of summer”, in the land of eternal youth, where it is rejuvenated and renovated to prepare its return. Soon she will leave the gold of summer for the waters of the Lethe, the river of oblivion. Thus washed, the soul can be reborn. Without memory.


The Two Sisters

Rebirth is a huge gift from the Goddess, which is manifest in the real world. Life and the world are not separate from the Goddess, life is a great wonder. And death is her twin sister. It’s not scary. Only the physical, chrysalis envelope of the soul disappears before a new life. If pain and pain exist, they are part of learning, and are avoided by those who do not cure it, or who no longer need it.

Age is not the least part of the cycle of life, it is the time of wisdom. Obviously, illness causes suffering, but it is not inevitable. When the inner healer functions as he should, the old age is not miserable. In the life of a humanity, old age is the time when men find the Great Goddess.

Civilization feels its near end, oblivion already buries it while will be reborn, full of sap and oblivion, another humanity ready for the adventure of another world.  And these new first men, naturally, will thank the Mother Goddess who gave them life in her round belly, like a big quiet ball, suspended in space.


Kwan Lin

I greet you Gaia, full of grace, the Spirit be with thee, blessed art thou among all lands and Adam, the fruit of your womb is blessed.

Adam, this is us, the whole human people. This fifth humanity that owes everything to the Great Goddess Ana, Anna, Ama, Ann etc. The real one, the true one. The names of the goddesses don’t matter, their reigns are nothing. Only the Great Goddess counts. There is only one, she was there before the beginning, she remains there still and for a long time.

A first version of this article was edited in Mai 12, 2008. This one fits my today’s understanding. A new version may burst out any time. Eden Saga is alive and well, so I am.



Free will comes from ignorance of the real causes that make us act.