Subtle Defenses


Protecting ourselves, ensuring the integrity of our auras and subtle bodies, thwarting false promises, resisting energy “borrowings” – these are imperative necessities for everyone, and vital for a healer. A little common sense and a few easy exercises can give us this immunity.


Test your clairvoyance

These borrowed energies are like pickpocketing, draining us all day long, especially in big cities. These false promises only need a little clairvoyance to dissolve into nothingness. We are all entitled to this immunity, we all need it.

To protect ourselves effectively, all we have to do is protect our physical body and its subtle envelopes, our energy coats, our vital shields. How can we adopt new reflexes, a more cautious attitude and, above all, a permanent awareness of our subtle protection? The following suggestions may help.

But first, I’d like to tell you about an old case that shows how an unscrupulous person can deceive millions of people. Common sense is the best protection against con artists. It’s up to each and every one of us to develop a critical mind in the face of all the scams that are multiplying, sometimes cleverly presented. They’re all odious, and I find them particularly shocking when applied to the spiritual realm.


The guru is wrong

I came across this page of a guru -again one! – who clearly did not understand the reasons why one falls ill, like the others. I found a very astounding statement that you will read later. A violent perfume of scam came up in my nostrils. So I wanted to know a little more about the gugusse and its supposed miracles. And frankly, I’m happy with the trip.

“SathyaSaiBaba, whose real name was Sathya Narayana Raju, called himself Sai Baba. Famous and controversial, this Indian spiritual master was born on 23 November 1926 in Puttaparthi in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.” I will carefully avoid the pun about his hometown that lends itself strongly to the language of Goslings, or Birds.

Wikipedia not saying enough, I turn to the official website of the guru and I read this: “The name of Sathya Sai Baba is known on all continents, ah good? He now has millions of kidding? He brings people salvation from obscurantism, atheist ignorance and religious misconceptions.” (source) 

It’s stronger than roquefort!

This is a statement that devalues this master terribly. Indeed, what does she say? Sai Baba brings salvation to people from obscurantism, atheist ignorance and religious misconceptions. What a program! Good for Christ …

We know right away what to expect in terms of charlatanism.



It’s becoming clearer

Why was it controversial, by the way? Sai Baba has been the subject of major controversy for sexual abuse or questioning his miracles since the 1980s, says Wikipedia. All right! It’s getting clearer.

And that’s not all. In his site, the blunders continue with a power and regularity worthy of admiration. Here is an excerpt from the site, so you can get an idea.

“After having been seriously ill (paralysis of the left side, cardiac discomfort, partial loss of vision, high fever and acute physical pain) from 28 June to 6 July 1963 – that is for 8 days – on 6 July 1963, Sathya Sai Baba returns to normal within seconds after spraying his left hand with water with his right hand and then rubbing his left leg with both hands. He makes the following speech in which he explains the reasons for these events and announces his reincarnation as Prema Sai.”

This world-famous guru (whom I don’t have the honor to know) doesn’t give a shit about the world. Apparently, abusing the gullible is his livelihood. First, he falls ill. Seriously, we specify. But why? He says so.

“God is the refuge of those who have no refuge, that is why I had to take upon myself the disease that would have struck a defenseless faithful. He should have suffered this terrible ordeal in addition to the four heart attacks he could not survive. So according to my dharma (duty) of bhaktsamraskshana (protection of the faithful from all evil) I had to rescue him.”  (read more)

My arms are falling off. Such nerve deserves the prize.


Abuse of credulity

This genius began by taking the name of a deceased guru who seemed honest. He was respected, at any rate, and was never accused of sexual abuse or false miracles. His name was Shirdi Sai Baba.

Shirdi Sai Baba or Sai Baba of Shirdi was an Indian guru, fakir and yogi, who taught in Shirdi (Maharashtra), born on September 28, 1838 and died on October 15, 1918. He is one of the most popular saints in twentieth-century India, for Muslims, Hindus and Zoroastrians alike.

See his noble face next to the dirty reel of the controversial plagiarist. You can read on his puffy features all the cowardice, egocentricity and self-satisfaction of beings without greatness. An operetta guru who certainly doesn’t deserve an entire article on this site. Patience, you’ll soon understand why I’m pointing the finger at him.




After his Christic explanation, in which the phony guru claims to take upon himself the pain of a patient he will keep for eight long days, what follows is even more tartignolle. The powerful guru is back to normal within seconds. That’s bullshit! I burst out laughing.

Eight days and a few seconds would have been more honest. That’s how long it took him to get back to normal! Unless it’s all an act and smoke and mirrors…

One wonders why crooks should bother, given that so many people just want to be taken in. Bankers, insurers, notaries, ministers and other famous swindlers should be inspired to start their own sects. I’m sure it could work, provided God is invoked. Mammon would do very well, they already worship him assiduously.

Incidentally, this proves that God doesn’t exist. Or if he does, he’s not really Almighty, as he led Moses to believe. Otherwise, he would long ago have punished the swindlers who claim to be him.

In any case, we understand better the accusation of false miracles. He seems used to it. Everything about this sad sire is false. Strange that he escaped prison. Even stranger that he should have a university named after him in his hometown, you know, Puttaparthi. He’s gone too.


Intent healing

I just wanted to show the mischief of false gurus, and illustrate what happens when you become a healer. We take the disease of the one we want to cure, and we keep it to ourselves.

This mistake is too widespread, and not only among divine gurus! There are more benign forms of this extreme negative empathy. Eight days of illness! Why didn’t he stop it before?

But whatever the severity of the affection that refers to the healer, I insist, it is totally preventable. I made that mistake myself when I first started healing. I sucked the pain out of my hand and carried it up my arm to the elbow where I blocked it. It tingled a little, never very long. Normal, this pain was not mine, just a facsimile. It made no sense to me, and no reason to be.

Then I had the idea of locking it on my wrist, and it worked. Why hadn’t I thought about it earlier? These small fleeting pains in the hand continued to annoy me. I finally understood how to remove the pain without taking it, without sucking it, just by laying hands over the physical body, without contact with it. I was already doing this for serious diseases, so why didn’t I think about it for sores, joint problems, osteoarthritis, etc?

Now it has become my usual way of healing. I also work remotely, with the same efficiency. It is by the intention that I work, not by the hands. Although? …



60 years of healing

I learned the hard way, but rest assured, I probably wasn’t divine enough to inflict Sathya Sai Baba’s strange punishment on myself! I only did this for minor injuries. Not for cancers or other lethal diseases, which I healed by intention, without touching the patient. And above all, above all! Without inhaling the disease.

This is how I patiently tested recipes and perfected effective protections, which I can now pass on to healers, carers, therapists and carers… who are experiencing or may experience the same difficulties.

I’ve been healing for sixty years, and while I may have been a ninny in my early days, I now heal through empathy, with intention, by placing my AP(assembly point) on unconditional love. With this intention in place, I let the energy do its work. In all these years, I’ve never been accused of a false miracle. Nor of sexual abuse, need I add?


Sick healer?

There’s another experienced healer here in Erquy, our friend Jean. We’re the same age. He knows as well as I do that true healers don’t get sick. With a few exceptions… It’s true that I’ve had a few run-ins with a whole herd of archons who cling on to my heels in the vain hope of getting my bacon. They can kiss my ass!

Despite their relentless attacks, I’m holding up just fine, thank you. And thanks also to those who wrote to me, very touched. But I’m fine. I’m never ill, never have been, and I expect to die in good health in a century or two.

If I stopped picking on the archons on this site and on their turf, their annoyances would cease as they began: in total indifference.




Okay. enough about me. I would now like to mention a subject that concerns us all: how to protect ourselves from psychopomps and from all the punctures that are carried out, without our knowledge, on our energy body.

In ancient Greek, psychopomp (ψυχοπομπός/ psukhopompós) literally means “soul-leader“. In Greco-Roman mythology, a psychopomp god is conducting the dead souls — without being pronounced on his nuisance or benevolence.

In bio-energy, it is different: psychopomps are visible or invisible beings who pump our subtle energy. They may be entities that only the enlightened and the seers can discern. They may also be ordinary people, or evolved animals. Some plants are also capable of this feat. Places that vibrate negatively on the bovis scale will have the same effect.

The best way to acquire precious powers is enlightenment. Every awakened person quickly becomes a seer-healer. This is when a four-day internship can be a great help.


The assembly point

The awakened will learn to manage the imperceptible movements of his assembly point (AP). With experience, he will be able to position his AP on empathy, or on the contrary on armor lock.

According to Castaneda, the sorcerer-healer can give new assembly point positions to whomever he wishes. I myself have received and offered these kinds of gifts. If they’re offered to you, accept them. They are priceless. Sometimes you can receive them unknowingly, and discover them years later, when you need them.

Anything a powerful person gives you is a priceless gift. Beware of wasting these precious legacies. How can they be wasted? By misusing them. By not taking care of them, by not using them. By not believing in them, which amounts to the same thing. Believing is the basis of all magical action, and healing is one of them. But always remember to believe without believing. When I say that these gifts are priceless, I mean that for the receiver as well as the giver.



Only love heals

Giving is the foundation and fulfillment of healing. The gift of love is the alpha and omega. Without unconditional love, nothing more than improvement will be achieved, never complete remission. That’s the way I’ve always practised, back when I was still healing. Nowadays, I devote myself to awakening through individual courses, which are absolutely exhilarating.

Another thing: how can the gift of healing be misused? By monetizing it, for example. Healing is a gift, and healing must be given. Otherwise, the gift is lost.

I know of only one exception, and it’s a big one: Edgar Cayce. The unbelievable influx of sick people in front of his farm forced him to ask for a small donation.


The hands of love

As tantrism teaches, massage is the very expression of give-and-take. There is as much pleasure in massaging as in being massaged. If that’s not the case for you, my masseur friend, change professions. You’ll never be a good masseur. This is a discipline where technique is secondary. It’s all about the hands of love. Here again, beware of courses lasting just a few hours or a day: duration and quality are inversely proportional to the fees charged.

Another use of the gift of healing is to be avoided: offering one’s services. Healers are not allowed to advertise, as their activity is not a recognized profession in France. What’s more, it’s impossible to obtain a lasting cure from someone who hasn’t asked for one. Always exchange. Without this balance, there can be no satisfactory result.



The refusal to heal

Some patients, often unwittingly, refuse to be cured. They don’t mind being treated, as long as they remain ill. There are more of them than you might think. Some people cultivate their cancer, making themselves the focus of attention. Their life is so empty, and they feel so devoid of interest, that they want this serious illness to make them feel pitied, cared for at last, pampered and surrounded by an affection they’ve never received before.

It’s her choice, let’s not judge her. Every choice is infinitely respectable. Be careful not to go against it. The patient’s free will is always stronger than the healer’s, however powerful he may be. No one can do anything about the will of others. The healer does not moralize, nor does he seek to impose his point of view, theory or belief. He respects the patient’s free will and faith. He is not mandated to change anything in another person’s life. Otherwise, he’s no longer a healer, he’s a guru. And you know what I think.


She spoke Elvish!

In the words of Castaneda, here’s a story of power that happened to me some fifteen years ago. A witch from the tropics visited me from the southern hemisphere. She wanted to be initiated into the Little Mysteries, otherwise known as Arcane XIII. She had traveled several thousand kilometers to see me, so needless to say, I received her well. However, I soon realized that she hadn’t come for that. The extent of her powers showed that she’d long since outgrown that stage. So what did she want from me?

After three days of repeated failures, I instigated a debriefing. That started it all. Anger seized her. “I don’t give a damn about your arcane XIII! Silly pranks! That’s not what I want from you!”

Okay, so what do you want? By way of reply, she starts speaking in tongues. I recognize several of them in passing, and then there’s elvish, real and true, with the sounds of the Lord of the Rings movie. The craziest thing is that I understand everything. What’s more, I answer him in that language. A dialogue begins. I’m here for an exorcism,” she confesses. Wait a minute? Exorcism!?!? I’ve never done anything like this, I’m neither a priest nor a parson — although I came close. All I know about it is from the film of the same name. In fact, I’m not even sure I believe it. Real life is far removed from horror movies. Thank goodness for that!



Out with the devil

My refusal provokes a terrible fit of rage in her. Thirty-five kilos soaking wet, she suddenly outweighs me by a good head, her build becoming that of a body-building trucker. She starts screaming. Without a moment’s thought, I do something I’ve never done before and will never do again: I slap her as hard as I can. And then I see a monstrous entity fleeing from her body and hurtling through the closed window. Out with the demon. The tropical fairy is slumped on the sofa, breathless and trembling.

I examine her cheek: there’s no trace of bruising. Come on! Given the force of my blow, I was expecting an apparent wound, a fracture or what have you? Nothing. The poor thing is shaking all over. Tiny and fragile, she looks three years old. Her former strength is but a memory. She sobs for a long time, enough to empty a box of Kleenex. At last she asks me, in a tiny voice I don’t recognize: “Is he coming back? Will he come back?

She’s talking about the demon inside her. I open my mouth to answer her, but the voice that comes out isn’t mine as I hear myself say, “No, he’s gone for good. He’s not coming back unless you ask him to.” Always the omnipotence of free will. It’s our insurmountable limit.


Closing all nine orifices

The following night, I expect the worst. The demons’ wrath is frightening, and no matter how powerful we are, we’re no match for the unseen. That’s why I recommend invoking no one. To invoke is to open a breach in free will. Demons are just waiting for that.

I bard my intention and with great care I close all the orifices of my body. Count them carefully, we have nine. Male or female. Two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, a mouth, sex and anus. The navel doesn’t count, it’s blocked. As for the pores of the skin, we forget them in this protection.

To close our nine orifices, we need to feel our subtle body, because that’s where the closing takes place. How can we do this? By the sheer force of intention. To be on the safe side, you can draw an additional sphere of protection around yourself. Or around the place where you live, in case of serious attacks.

To protect yourself from undesirable entities, always remember to close your body orifices. After a healing, do it. When you’ve been through a dark period, do it as soon as you’re back in shape. In a haunted house, or one with a serious geobiological imbalance, do it again.


The cubic centimetre of luck

Always remember to protect your energy – it’s precious. If you’re willing to share it, that’s fine. But if you sense a psychopomp or a pain in the ass coming your way, don’t let it rob you. You’re not self-service.

And if you can’t protect yourself, an energy deficit is the likely cause. Recovering your full energetic potential is easy when you resource yourself in a powerful place. It was with this in mind that I set up my place of power in Erquy, Celtic land.

During a four-day individual workshop, you’ll receive two reki sessions to increase your perception of the subtle bodies and auras. In this quiet, powerful place, you’ll be able to practice controlling the assemblage point, the ultimate key to subtle protection.

Places are scarce. Make the most of your cubic centimetre of luck today. Come and stay under this roof that’s just waiting for you.


This article repeats and completes a previous one, posted under the title: The healer’s protections.


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