Karl Marx and his Double


The very serious Karl Marx holds the historical front, but what is he hiding behind him? His double utopian and delusional, colorful and green of rage. The world he expects is not for tomorrow. But for the day after tomorrow, who knows? I have always seen in him a philosopher of the 22nd century who had the misfortune to have been born three centuries too early. Or not to have lived 300 years… 


His life, his work

When I talk about living three centuries, it is not a joke. A biologist says that humans who will live several centuries are already born. I am quiet, there is no Karl Marx in the number. Musks and must-haves, of course. Macros, Macrons, those who speak for nothing. As usual, microns do not get the microphone.

And that’s what gets him, Uncle Marx. It deflates him — even if it’s not in his pictures. Coming from a wealthy family, it does not prevent him from suffering with the exploited, the forgotten of industrialization. All those without whom it would not have taken place. So he feels on his shoulder the control of great capital.See further For him, it is an awareness that will determine his whole life. Still young, he already sees how the poor, the low-ranking are being mistreated at the time of Balzac and Charles Dickens. In Victorian Europe, as in the present, being comes after having it. It is better to have money than to be grumpy without a penny. There was no union at the time. There was no retirement either. Workers are not living long enough.

Karl Marx, historian, European economist and revolutionary theorist, was born on 5 May 1818 in Trier, Prussia. He moved to Paris on October 12, 1843 and died in London on March 14, 1883. He is best known for his book Le Capital, published in 1867. As Charles de Gaulle was asked what he thought of the book, he would have replied: Capital? No interest…


What we see

Related to the Philips founders of the company of the same name, as well as to a family of merchants who owned vineyards in the Moselle valley, Marx was neither the son of a labourer nor a labourer himself, but we can see all the merit of living with his time. We also see that he does not choose to get rich. It was rare at the time, but even less frequent today, when we have only two social classes: those who have received everything in their cradle and who share the planet, which we will call planetarians.  And on the other hand, those who are not of noble birth and who have only two eyes to cry, who will be called the panétarians. If you’re not born, you got nothing.

Only two social classes! We see that our time would be more favorable to Marx who died in misery abandoned by all as well as a chimera. (source) Victor Hugo Ah sorry, I’m confused with Nikola Tesla.

We also see that it is not good to be ahead of his time, every day I bite my fingers, but it does not feed his man. Does it feed his wife? The proverb doesn’t say that. As an adult, the young Marx dabbles a little bit of clowning with his brothers — oh, no pardon, I’m confused with Groucho.

We saw some things! We could see more stuff but that’s enough.



Marx Theorist

“More than a century after his death, Karl Marx appears to be the first theoretician of scientific socialism — even if he is not the inventor of this expression, already used before him by Proudhon — and, as such, as the initiator of the contemporary international labour movement. However, the presentation of his theory has never ceased to be the subject of ideological struggles, so, ultimately, political.” (source)

It is true that he has been given all the credit, poor Karl. From Marxism-Leninism to the ecology of the extreme left, so many movements, parties, fringes, small groups have waved their banner that we end up knowing nothing of their thought and ideas. It is true that the dear man with mad hair signed a master book, The Capital, Das Kapital en v.o., which examines many ideological currents under the prism of various disciplines.

Karl Marx addressed both philosophy, sociology and the economic analysis of capitalism in the context of materialism and science. He applied, always in the materialist context, a critical analysis of the thoughts of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Hegel, Ludwig Feuerbach, etc. He therefore constructed a new study of societies called materialist conception of history. (source)

It’s bad timing, I’m not a materialist. Fortunately Marx has his double!


Marx Prophet

Within the ethical framework, he militates for the communist revolutionary project, that is to say a society free of wage labor, capitalism, social classes, states, and borders. (source)

This is indeed his great project. But on this last point, Wikipedia lacks precision. If Marx followed and accompanied the international labour movement, he was the first to write how illusory and dangerous it would be to create an island of communism in a capitalist world. Sooner or later, this isolated movement in a hostile world will be devoured, distorted, gauchi — well seen friend!

In what way is he not an outdated philosopher, but a genius to come. What does he call his vows? A world free of capitalism and class struggle. A world where money would no longer be an idol, a religion and the adjustment parameter of all politics, however social they think they are.

From this angle, I declare him to be the coming prophet and Christ of the next century. This only engages me, and still, not completely.



In the photo

Karl Marx is showing off a bit. Would he think he is Napoleon, who left his native Prussia to live in Paris. No, because his hand does not rest on a stomach ulcer, but on his wallet. A good point for him. He feels on his shoulder the control of great capital, blue as death. Between him and his double, we see a ghostly, disheveled, unreal figure. It announces the coming of a Jewish prophet, still one, that Karl Marx will not fail to become in future times. Marx and his double despair of seeing their utopia take shape, as long as the stock market, speculation, the rich elites, and those who protect them in the hope of joining them reign supreme. No communist island in a capitalist world. Yet this is what Russia tried to do in the last century. Like Cuba, Albania, China and other utopias.


Announced failure of communism

What remains today of those attempts doomed to failure by Marx himself? Nothing. The USSR is no longer, Russia cultivates rogue elites who gorge themselves on capital, Cuba is free as its cocktail, Albania has opened its borders to wealthy tourists. And China… Ah China and its 6000 years of history! It has experienced revolutions, disturbances, overthrows of leaders, regime changes!

But in this very old country where tradition stretches on, ideologies do not last, especially when they come from elsewhere. Phagocytized by eternal China, foreign ideas are digested and transformed in a few decades to become Chinese good-dyed. Like everything that is digested and transformed, not much is recognized. Forgotten the dazibaos of Mao Tse Tse. On the walls of the big Chinese cities, one can read: ENRICH YOURSELF. Here too, communism lived.



Karl and Double

Marx’s double is not yet born. It will come, already it emerges from the limbo where Karl left it. Marx’s double is a crazy idealist. A Christ too, no doubt. He will bring to the poor world the peace of which he yearns.

“I don’t think so,” said the Double. “We must burn the capital!”
-Don’t listen to him, sob Marx. He is my Double, duplicity is his nature. Capital is my most finished work. It must not be burned.
“It is therefore you who invented capital, its turpitudes, its injustices, aberrations and subtractions.” For such infamy, you will perish at the stake. For I am Hashem your god, under your feet the earth will open, you will end up engulfed in Sheol.

This apocryphal dialogue is doubtful, it seems that it was added to the original proclamation under 127th codicil and must therefore be rejected.

A Double View

Thus was born the Double. He says:

Soon silver will have no more value than gold. Lead and clay will become the new stallions where you will put the rich’s stomach. Each in turn. They will become the only poor in this new world with no money, no dime, no coin, no credit card since it is not yet invented. Work will be banished. In its place and use, each one will do his best to produce works, pieces of works, creations and realizations. The economy will no longer be useful because there will be nothing left to save. Time will pass without comment, so we can permanently delete the weather report.lost in translation The rabbits will be our guests, they in the plate, we in the fork. 

Anyone with a passport will have to pass the port. The others will do what they like.

In the transitional phase that will precede the advent of the new way of life, the money will be distributed equally to each and everyone. A single, fair monthly wage will be given to each newborn. In exchange, people will do what they want. Plowing the land, sowing eggs, harvesting hens, fermenting wine, raising the temperature and other major obligations will be carried out at the source. I asked the source what it thought, and the source agreed.

Books will be burned unless they are illustrated. The illustrations should be cut out carefully to keep them at a constant temperature under controlled humidity. Those who wish to keep their books will not be bothered or prosecuted, unless they so desire. Those who burn the books will in turn be burned, under the law of reciprocity I just invented.

Concerning all the other areas of human activity, I’ve no opinion.



Karl nods

I’ve read everything, I like it. There’s no reason, that’s what I like. In the meantime, I’m going to burn the Capital, because it doesn’t contain images.

As a result, under the law of reciprocity invented by his double, Karl was burned in the strike place on March 14, 1883.
Or “instead of a strike”? Or “to the ice of Trier”? Let us specify that the manuscript was burned, which makes it difficult to read.


A life without examination is not worth living.