Our Lady of Alcor


Luck smiles on the bold. I found this document of fabulous seniority. It comes from protohistory, an uncertain period, largely unexplored: writing was not invented, our historians say. They deceive us and deceive us. This text came to me through the Wolves, through the astral path. So much for the Akashic Annals…


In astral everything is clear and direct, no need for translation. This is the reign of immediate knowledge. Everything is easier, more immediate, clearer. Intellectual and sensory faculties are at their peak. Nothing escapes you, you’re not worried about anything. By going back and forth between this world and the other, the astral, I must say that it is more difficult to live here, human among men. Rabbit in the middle of the fawn. I prefer a hundred times to be Wolf among the Wolves and lead the flying pack to the blessed land of the stars. This dialogue between Our Lady of Alcor and Holog, an employee of Terra, would not have been less than 80’000 years old.



Star Ra / Planet 3 — From Holog, sub-plumber to Our Lady of Alcor

The 11 borer of the present kalgh, an incandescent meteorite, came close to Ter Ra. Ten times more massive, set on fire, the meteorite passed so close that all the forests burned. Then the meteorite exploded. The blast of the explosion was terribly destructive. An earthquake ravaged two of the six continents. Losses to Lulus have been considerable, if not total, in the area under consideration. The material damage will take a lot of bourrizs — maybe a whole kalgh.

A heartbreaking spectacle, my Queen. But you will laugh: that is not all. After the explosion, through smoke and dust clouds, the gigantic meteorite reappeared. Black as night. Its fire had extinguished. Then she sucked all the water from the planet. As if attracted by a magnet, the waters of the oceans rushed towards the meteorite. From the seas, lakes, ponds, rivers and streams, this huge black thing sucked everything.

Then began to pull out of the ground all that remained as liquids. And through the ocean rifts, from the bottom of the dry lakes, from all the cracks and fissures that criss-cross the planet, torrents of mud from the underground aquifers began to spring forth. After the waters, the liquid lavas also rocked from the ground into huge clouds of water vapor.

And everything stopped. The meteorite disappeared instantly. Its image faded from the ultra-long-range radar screens. It had to exceed 400vl.400 times the speed of light Few meteorites are capable of this.


AmaAna’s daughter of Alcor to the Jack of Aorn

Cut the crap, minion! I know! Ter Ra is entirely your responsibility and you ass-combs you took the comb. You know very well that it is not a meteorite! No, it does not make me laugh. Your planet has been attacked and badly damaged in spite of your stupid radars, which cost me a fortune.

And after this crushing defeat, this ruinous failure in LuluThe humans are then called Lulu Hamelu as in equipment, instead of coming to announce it to me himself, this dog of Aorn sends me the wagon boy? What a shitty mess, guys!




From the sub-plumber to Goddess Ama, Queen of Ur, Blue Pearl

This immediate departure of the comet cut off the attraction on the liquids. And all the waters fell on Ter Ra with such violence that everything that had not been destroyed before has returned the soul and the body. Lost body and well. Drowned, swallowed, washed, sponged, you would have seen it as we saw it, behind the screens of the mother ship which gravitated at less than two parsecs.the parsec is the distance covered by the light in 1 second

I’ll pass you the rest of this sad natural phenomenon. Allow me to insist, my Queen, this is not an attack, it is an ultra-light meteorite comet. And I’m not the last one here, being a third-basement plumber, I swear to God I’m not a minion.



Ama of Alcor to the Aorn Jack of Arms

Sub! Sub! So down under sub you are! Go get me your chief right away, you asshole! Sub-moron!!



From the sub-plumber to Our Queen Ama of Ur

King Aorn? In person? I’m not allowed to do so! King Aorn himself???



Ama of Alcor to the Underjack

Who else? Hurry up, you subzero!


*         *


Let me interrupt this instructive dialogue for a parenthesis that is no less instructive. The underling is under-informed. He underestimates the intelligence of his queen who has had enough. Already the size of the space object far exceeds that of meteorites. Then the meteorites are not incandescent. It would be more like a comet. But an exploding comet does not reappear after the explosion. Queen Ama of Ur is right. It’s an enemy craft that has control of space-time. It’s an intersectional aggressor. An intruder who signs his superiority and clearly shows his warlike intentions.



The world’s largest meteorite was estimated at nearly 70 tons when it arrived on Earth. Known as the Hoba meteorite, it is the largest natural iron block on our planet. Since its fall in Namibia about 80,000 years ago, erosion, scientific sampling but also acts of vandalism have reduced its mass to 60 tons (still!).

80 thousand years, funny, like this dialogue. If it happens, this meteorite… No I’m kidding. Ama will exterminate me. Hope she didn’t hear anything! The continuation of the dialogue brings nothing new. The former gods, Alcores or Earthlings, are unable to trace this hyper-speed vehicle. But wait, it bounces!

What I saw

I’m telling you what I saw. I know, I was in astral, let’s say in crazy. Okay. But this is not a Xavier-style hypopothesis, as my friend Stef Kervor used to say. It’s all that’s real. And not at all hairy. I have every reason to believe that this happened a long time ago. If it happened, it will happen again. Saying when is something else.

The gods use very few algorithms. A few equations are enough to plan world history and our individual stories — all holograms of great history. The only one, the real one. But this one, to know it, you have to give up the rational mind to give free rein to the intuitive mind, my specialty.

Hologram: fragment of a whole in which the totality is reproduced in smaller. If we cut a hologram in half, each half reproduces the entire initial hologram.


The Immense

How can the near destruction of a tiny planet on the edge of the Milky Way disturb the big bosses, the ones I called the Great Gods of the Galactic Center? I don’t know. What do I know? Ama, Dana, Ann or whatever her name, the first goddess of Alcor in Big Bear, patron saint of the Earth and first responsible for its development, was summoned to the Galactic Center. Whistled like a common bonniche. And for the Immense, that’s just what it is.

You can be sure that the news really pissed her off. She didn’t even think it was possible. We know they exist, but honestly no one here gives a shit. They never got involved in our affairs. They are so great, so powerful, so far away! The goddess was persuaded to be invisible, inaudible, imperceptible to them. With its size of 4 meters, it may seem overwhelming to humans that we are. But it is a hundred thousand times smaller than the Immense. And the latter are a billion times smaller than the astrophysicists who created the Big Bang in their lab…

Our Lady has no choice. She will cross the Oceans of Heaven. She will go to Pannkottt. It will travel to the capital of the TSE – Three-hundred-billion Star Empire. It will know the frightful attraction of the Great Black Hole that gives its spiral shape to our galaxy. One day it will have eaten it all… The goddess hates this thought. She has no desire to meet these phenomena, some of which have a bigger head than the sun.


upcoming: Oceans of Heaven



Things take only the importance we give them, and people only take that they rob us.
Friedrich Nietzsche