Golden Love


Ana awakens to love. Wherever she goes, the light accompanies her. She is gentle and the force that goes. Love that embraces and the arm that punishes. The new Mother Goddess radiates this total gift of self. Her unconditional love seeds a whole part of the galaxy. For Alcor as for Ra, a golden age begins that will last six eternities. The reign of Ana will be blessed by the nations, her memory will embellish the traditions.

Or Heure

Gold of love, ordeal. Gold of Ur, Urgeld. Horror? Dawn.French aurore The golden age? What do we know? The golden age left us so long ago. The golden age is forgotten. Transvestite. Simulated. Denatured. Praised. It sucks. We don’t know. We imagine in a vacuum. In a blur. The golden age and Our age. In the darkest part of kaliyuga, humans twist their hands. How do you imprint the exquisite sensations of a world and its stars possessed by love? The soul that comes from Ur. Our Ur.


Âme Our

Ana aime, Ana aima, Ana aimera. Ana loves, Ana has loved, Ana will love. Past, present, future merge into Ana. Carrefour, hub, rendezvous, point of contact, reference, solution, invention, inception,act of inseminating thoughts in the consciousness of a third party Ana is the key, the lock and the open door. What Ana does, no one undoes. Ana is our mother, our sister and our daughter. Ana could be our wife, our mistress and our whore.

Love is one and indivisible. If there are a hundred thousand ways to love, there is only one love. It is Our in the soul, not death in the soul. Golden Soul to death, Amor the Our Soul. Ana the Bear.Ursa Major Ana is Our. Always. By all the fires of love.

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Ama Gao

Ana queen of this corner of the world, great goddess of my booty, brilliant inseminator of concepts and impulses, wife of few and mistress of many, daughter of none and mother of all, Ana my queen, my godmother, dearest Ana, I love you.

Ana was Ama as far as China. I spent one year in Macau. Near the China Sea, there is a small historical temple. When the Portuguese had landed there a few centuries ago, they wanted to know the name of the place. An old Chinese smiled at them. He understood that they were asking for the name of the temple. He replied: Ama. It was the temple of the great goddess Ama that created heaven and earth.

Then the Portuguese named this place Ama Gao, the port of Ama. Then Ama Gao became Macau. In Cantonese, the language of Macau, ama means nanny. The word is still in use today. In any case it was in the 1970s.


Single girls

The Portuguese had received the peninsula as a reward for a feat of arms. They had rid the China Sea of its pirates. To the brave Chinese who told me the story I asked if the pirates had really disappeared from the China Sea. He replied “They went ashore”. They just showed up. Today the pirates have set foot on the peninsula of Macau, place of all traffics, including slaves, children and adults.

Ama is the daughter of Ana the virgin. Yes, the eternal virgin thousand times mother remained inviolate. Her inner sanctuary no one desecrated her. She gave birth to girls, only girls, like all those female babies that the Chinese in communist China sacrificed because the law allowed them only one child. They wanted a boy. If a girl showed up, whew! Soon born, soon killed. Like kittens of a bulky litter.



Ana Gaë

Often likened to her mother, Ama was the second Great Goddess of Terra. The third, still self-generated like her grandmother and mother, inherited their two names. Her name was Ana Gai. Long after her reign, a people of our present cycle, the ancient Greeks, named her Gaia. The name remained, sometimes in the form of the diminutive G or Gé. Goddess of the Earth, she eclipsed her ascendants. His name is found in the word geography, description of Ge, the Earth.

Ama Gao, Ana Gaë. It may be that the word gao, the port, is not the origin that the Portuguese claim. Etymology has no science but the name. Sooner or later, the truth blows away the dusty rhetoric of academics. The human sciences, turned inward, cultivate a false vision of our origins and our distant past. As long as they remain daughters of error, how could they find the slightest truth?

Honest researchers, no matter how much credible evidence, consistent facts, disturbing studies, verifiable hypotheses, will long run up against the dictatorship of the single thought.


Ana reproduces herself. Like all the girls in her line, she can produce eggs that she fertilized herself. How is that possible? Humans don’t do that. Archaic Reptilians did.

Ana is quite exotic in the eyes of our contemporaries. Its skin is scaly and its angular features evoke in our eyes those of a dangerous animal. Because Ana is reptilian. Reptilians have round, eyeless eyes, fixed, always open. Their features are sharp, sharp, sharp. Humans have eyelids that can mask the look, an oval face, regular features, soft, rounded. The rest of the body is substantially the same, except for the skin.

Without the Reptilians, our masters, our creators, we would not be here. We would never have been born. The Reptilians are more powerful than we are. We only have our soft and fragile skin, they wear solid armor that is resistant to arrows and even bullets! We live for more than a century, they live for millennia. We are aggressive, not them. Ana is not an animal, but a goddess. Nothing dangerous in her happy angel character.



Mother Goddess of India

I’m showing here a representation of the Mother Goddess from ancient India. The reptilian features of the Great Goddess are particularly marked here, which is not surprising. The abundant culture of India is one of the most authentic. Like the Celtic-Nordic tradition from Hyperborea, India is the direct heir to the archaic civilization of the North Pole, that is to say to Hyperborea, base of the former gods, our creators.

This polar origin, the Indian scholar Lokamanya Bâl Gangâdhar Tilak masterfully demonstrated in his major work Polar Origin of the Vedic Tradition, published in 1903. I will soon devote an in-depth study of his visionary work, which earned him imprisonment for scientific heresy by the British authorities, tolerant and moderate as always …

Golden Age Matriarchy

Ana, a reptilian, born without a male, mother goddess of Terra, queen of Ur, pagan virgin, mother of all holiness, reigned three hundred thousand years.
Ama, a reptilian, born without a male, daughter of Ana, mother goddess of Terra, reigned two hundred thousand years.
Gaia, reptilian, daughter of Ama, mother goddess of Terra, reigned a hundred thousand years.
Thus ends the golden age which lasted 600 thousand years.
End of the age of love.


Silver Age Matriarchy

Hathor, humanoid, mother goddess of Terra, daughter of Gaia, born without male, reigned thirty thousand years.
Isis, humanoid, mother goddess of Terra, daughter of Hathor, born without male, reigned twenty thousand years.
Hera, humanoid, mother goddess of Terra, daughter of Isis, born without male, reigned ten thousand years.
Thus ends the age of silver which lasted 60 thousand years.
End of the matriarchy era.



Our Virgin Mother


The Matriarchs


Anything that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
Friedrich Nietzsche