Change It All



There is hard-working ahead, my friend. Ahead and inside. Begins the great inner fight, the true jihad that deals with breaking the neck of our meanness, our weakness, our pettiness. 

With what is coming, my sweet little thing, we better think big. A world is dying, only its leaders pretend they don’t know. Until the inevitable end, financiers keep on greeding amounts of money, and indeed politicians, lawyers, judges, journalists, surgeons and my plumber. One for all, all rotten! Good joke of Coluche, lost in translation.  A world is dying, a new world emerges. It will have nothing to do with this fucking one, or why change? Many financiers, politicians and plumbers would love nothing changes, or else for worse. 

But they are alone against the rest of the world wanting for a quick and complete change.  They have no chance, even if they fight harshly, claws and teeth. This huge revolution will not go without vertigo. The stair is high that we have to step all together, on the risk to stay on the floor of a dying world. To access this new golden age, everyone must change. Yes indeed, no joke. Change everything from top to bottom, this is the condition of survival. And it’s gonna be an impossible task without help.




    Change everything for a life that is worth living
    Change it all, change it all, change it all

    Michel Jonasz


Foreign aid – ie non-human – will be provided. Although most of us do not see, helping entities are already all around us, to avoid the worst. Call them angels or aliens, here is the fact. And they are too.

But they will not do the job for us. What kind of work? One that you and I should done on ourselves. Drop what is heavy, encourage what is light, what sings. Wear a smile inside, keep a dancing heart and sparkling eyes even behind a strong face. Those who remain in the gray will not have access to the multicolored worlds. And if only one brick fails, the whole building may fall. The opposition will come from our elite, and the obstruction will be imposed by finance. In this new kind of revolution, no question of eliminating troublemakers. 




We’ll have to convert them one by one. The task will be hard and long. But they are only one percent. We are almost all humans, we know what we want and what we do not want. How long will we continue to follow the deaf, blind and cold leaders?

Politics, finance, speculation, capitalism, liberalism, Realpolitik and all that shit lived.

Come a world where money does not make money. Wainting for a world without money. Do not believe that these achievements are utopian, illusory.

Illusion is rather the ignoble world where we live now. It has no place to be, and those who run it will be the last to admit it. No human being can enslave another, nor exploit.

And “others” will soon include the animals, too, for they have the right to live in peace just like humans. When speculation will be outlawed by People’s Choice, all the rest will come easily.

We do not have to worry about the collective future, but we must focus our efforts on this interior change we requested all and each.




Time has come of Self Revolution. That will embody two fundamental values of this new era, individualism and brotherhood. The first is dangerous without the second. All around the Big Blue Ball our children will mix their hearts, their dreams and their colours until any difference is normal. Backed by the fraternity, individualism will level differences, pointing out the obvious: we are all exactly the same. All the same. United States Of Earth.


In life there is no solution, there are running forces. Let us create these forces and solutions will follow. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

History is an agreed fable.
Napoleon Bonaparte