Planet Vibration Rate

The vibratory rate of this planet has begun to climb 30 years ago. A slow climb, at first. By spaced spurts. It has become quite sensitive from the end of 2012. And in recent months, the effects of this increase are strongly felt, with reactions that vary depending on the degree of interiority and vibration rate of each people.

Clearly, it means: There is a seed of God in us. It is germinating. Do not miss this train. On facebook I found this text to which I subscribe … with some reservations. However, I submit it to you in copy-paste because it expresses with simple words the deep feeling of many beings awake or awakening. Yes, the times are close.

“2019 announces an exceptional assensional vibratory rate climbs and the vibratory rate will reach peaks as never before reached here so hang on because it will take off … find your way and made your exploit it despite the obstacles of this vampiric artificial matrix that will soon cease to exist … only the assended beings will succeed because the others will colapse hooked on this false matrix Umberto Molinaro or Fendt Laurent or Karine Bonner or Roch Sauquere and Rachel Fortun and Patricia Toche and many others are beings who have found their path their way of life here and so they work for the true matrix the true.In my case there are still external material blockages but just like them I found my way.

Always been without spiritual limit and when what I am what we are what are you going to materialise here high because the earth is at the top and its vibratory peak at each full solar moon because the earth is alive and energy just like us when all this divine will materialize it will be the end of the artificial matrix. At 8am the vibratory rate is at its highest level ever before. If you have headaches from tremors it is normal. Do not worry. I like You”

Here it is. This text is due to Richard Rey. I have serious doubts about it, not only for the spelling or grammatical errors. Why am I reluctant? It’s not about the content, I subscribe to it thoroughly. It’s more about form. There are some nonsense, like the “full solar moon” – hard to say what it is. But that’s not what worries me. Richard is much more direct than I allow myself. Perhaps he is right to be direct, he wants to be understood. And he’s doing it very well.

I have another point of view. The respect of free will, the need to check what one writes, and other habits that are probably obsolete but which I have the weakness to be attached. However, rather than detailing our differences, I want to highlight the similarities between Richard’s feelings and the approach of this site. Richard is right, something is happening, many of us feel it and are upset about it. Kind of a bug they want to find  …

Unfortunately this question of the increase of the planetary vibratory rate is still confidential, and systematically avoided by the academics. I still found this other text which specifies some points, without giving sufficient guarantees of reliability. It is still interesting.
“The increase in the earth’s vibratory rate is a sign that proves that we are facing a phenomenon from the cosmos, but before we go any further, it is important to understand what the vibratory rate is. Measuring the vibration of energy Everything in our Universe is energy and every thing that exists has its own vibration frequency, which represents the number of oscillations per unit of time.The unit of measure used to calculate the vibratory rate is the Hertz.

In the past, the frequency (vibration rate) of the Earth was 7.8 Hz. Since the 1980s, it has been increasing steadily, reaching 16.5 Hz in March 2015. And according to the “Space” Observing System “is just the beginning. What can cause such an increase? To answer that, we will have to distance ourselves.

Here are some interesting data recorded by NASA:

The magnetic field of the sun has increased by 230% in strengthen power? in intensity? in radiation? since 1901
Around the Moon has formed a 6000 km thick of sodiumcharabia!
Discovery of polar ice on Mercury
2000% increase in auroral brightness in less than 40 years in Venus
Global warming on Mars
Disappearance of a huge band of plasma clouds at the equator of Jupiter
Major decrease of the velocity of the equatorial jet of Saturn
Great change of brightness of Uranus
40% increase in the atmospheric brightness of Neptune
Increase of 300% of Pluto’s atmospheric pressure
410% increase in natural disasters in 30 years on Gaia as well as a decrease in its energy field.
We find that our entire solar system is disrupted.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that we are in the presence of a phenomenon from the cosmos and that we are currently in a region of space that has a much higher vibratory rate. And this is because our universe is in motion.” (Source)

As often the answer of scientists is next to the plate. But let’s move on, the stated facts are interesting. Still, it would be necessary to check them, which I am going to use one of these four. Very shortly. The list of urgent updates continues to grow. While my life expectancy is shrinking. Now I wonder if I did well to hire Goofy to answer my e-mails? He took Noah’s shuttle to deliver every e-mails by hand. Giving a warmer touch, he says.

There are many facts in this list. A bit too much to be honest? I have not checked the data provided by NASA, I leave it to the reader to make his opinion. The expression of these data seems to me scarcely scientific. NASA has not got us used to this clumsy language. What does it matter? In any case, there is change in the air, and our reactions diverge according to our spiritual reality, what I could call: quotient of interiority. We calm down, I laugh! This is a less questionable IQ than the other, although it is less easy to measure. Measure and spirituality do not mix.

Yes the vibratory rate of the planet is climbing, yes it accelerates, and yes one day or the other, the separation of the two irreconcilable planetary populations will be consumed. I think it is already well advanced, and social sites have played their role in the generalization of this awareness. How does this elevation manifest itself on the physical plane? The disorders that are felt are headaches, caused by a rise in energy that can not get through the fontanel. Remedy: wake up. The awake ones do not have this disadvantage anymore. The intensity of the headaches varies according to the degree of awakening, of course.

How to measure the vibratory rate of a place? With a simple pendulum, and a bovis scale that can be purchased on the web. Yes, that’s the method I use. But the unit of measure is not necessarily the bovis. Some measure it in hertz. The most important thing, it seems to me, is to experience it in our own body, our feelings, our perceptions, our feelings and our emotions. For once, let’s leave the reason aside, cut off our heads, listen to our guts. A source of wisdom springs up in us that the incessant chatter of the mind prevents us from perceiving. It’s changing.

What’s going to happen ? Very smart who can say it. I imagine a scenario like this: pure and simple separation of two humanities that have become incompatible. I had this dream where our planet gave birth to another earth, comparable in all respects, so that the evolution towards the light continues on this new arch. I saw that the resources of the big data collected on our backs for several decades would be used for the formation / information of this new world – or to create a copy of the new world for the use of the old world. The copy must be completely consistent so that the illusion is perfect. I will tell you soon this strange and penetrating dream.

How to prepare? The simplest in the world. By taking refuge without regret or cunning in the open arms of positive thinking. Our thoughts create the world. If you darken, sorry to tell you that you are getting this black on you and yours. And the further you are on the path of enlightenment, the more your thoughts are pregnant, the stronger your negative imprint. Be light, travel light, do not bother. Castaneda recommends that the warrior erase his personal story. It’s now or never. All over again, you do not want to go in your old clothes? It’s a matter of getting your mind back, getting rid of the old, cumbersome Adam once and for all.

You have noticed that this page inaugurates a new chapter devoted to planetary awakening. Other articles will follow. They will feed as always my observations, but also your reactions that I wish many and constructive. This chapter is ours, let’s build it together.

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.
Helen Keller